Protect our primary school from Ocado depot

by NOcado in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Protect our primary school from Ocado depot
We did it
On 15th July 2023 we successfully raised £20,060 with 158 supporters in 59 days

To stop Ocado from using a legal loophole to open a 24/7 distribution depot the other side of the playground wall to Yerbury Primary School

by NOcado in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

This community is extraordinary. If there’s one good thing to come out of this nightmare it is the threads of kinship and support weaving their way through every kitchen and classroom in this wonderful corner of London Town. We made our initial target and are now raising money so we can have support from lawyers throughout the appeal process. None of us are barristers and we will be going head to head with Ocado’s expensive legal team. Again, we can’t thank you enough for your support.

The NOcado campaign is a community grassroots group fighting a three year and counting battle to stop Ocado and M&S from opening a 24/7 delivery depot beside a primary school, a park and densely populated housing. The online giants have abused planning loopholes (CLEUDs) rather than put in a planning application. They are attempting to claim a similar previous usage of the site, which would enable them to open immediately and without scrutiny of the impacts on the health and well being of the local community. They would be able to operate intensively without the usual restrictions that would be imposed on a major urban development should it be approved (and these are people who thought next to the nursery playground was a good place for a smoking shelter).

Despite being refused three times by the council and losing a high court battle, they are now appealing the last two refusals to the Planning Inspectorate. Ocado have unlimited resources and access to lawyers, we don't. Access to the law should be fair and equal, but to continue to protect our children and community we need your help. Please donate to help us have our say at the appeals

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