Let's Put People at the Heart of Politics

by Open Britain in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Let's Put People at the Heart of Politics


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Let’s put people at the heart of politics! Demand a fairer voting system and the end of First Past the Post.

by Open Britain in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Join Open Britain in demanding a fairer voting system and the end of First Past the Post. We are ready to give this everything we have got - if you want to join the fight for a #ProperDemocracy chip in below.

Our democracy is under attack right now

Boris Johnson’s government has launched a deliberate and calculated attack on our democracy:

  1. Limiting our freedom of speech by criminalising protests that are “too loud” in the Policing Bill 

  2. Silencing democratic opposition by preventing people, campaign groups, and trade unions from working together 

  3. Suppressing the voice of millions of marginalised people by trying to make voter ID mandatory in elections 

Our voices are being drowned out instead of heard and it is clear that business as usual just isn’t working. The longer we leave it, the more damage will be done. 

This is urgent. Boris Johnson’s government is taking away our voice right now.

In just the short time that this Crowdfunder has been running, Boris Johnson’s government has undemocratically snuck an amendment onto the Elections Bill that would make our politics even less democratic in the UK. 

This amendment would mean that mayoral, and police and crime commissioner elections would take a step backward and move from a more proportional Supplementary Vote system to the archaic First-Past-The-Post system. 

One of the reasons they gave? The electorate is too stupid to understand a fairer voting system: 


We know that If we are going to tackle any of the biggest challenges of our time we need a fair and modern democracy that puts people at the heart of it. One that ensures every vote counts and every voice is heard. 

Out of 27 developed countries with democratically elected governments, only 3 countries still use First Past The Post. As the world moves towards a fairer democracy, we are the only ones moving backward towards less democracy.

This is our chance to create a real democracy.

It’s time to take things into our own hands and to demand change. Thanks to you, we have already started... 

  • We are growing a movement that will make those in power sit up and take notice. Open Britain is already hundreds of thousands of people strong and thanks to your support we are able to get our message out even further. 


  • We, the people, must decide what should replace First-Past-The-Post in a post-Brexit, post-pandemic era through. And thanks to your donations we have already started to put our plans in motion. Our call for a People’s Assembly has already gained the support of parties and MPs. With the help of your donations, we are working with partners across the democracy sector to take this forward. 
  • Once we have a democratic system chosen by the people we will turbocharge our efforts to build support and secure a majority in parliament that supports a new politics that works for the people. 

While we will be working towards the only long-term solution for our democratic deficit, right now we have a fight on our hands. 

The government is making decisions right now about the future of our democracy: from the Policing Bill, to the Voter ID Bill - we are campaigning to ensure that the people are not silenced but are heard!

We can do this, but we need to act now

Over the past few years, our Open Britain campaigns have unleashed the power of democracy. Our activists have taken to the streets in their millions, written hundreds of thousands of letters, and you made your voices heard. We have changed legislation and changed minds and we can do it again.  


Now is the time to turn talk into action. We are ready to give this everything we have got and stand toe to toe with the Government's media machine but we are a grassroots movement. The more donations we get, the more we can do. Join our fight for a #ProperDemocracy by chipping in whatever you can.

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