Promoting Jews at the 2024 Edinburgh Fringe

by Philip Simon - Jew-O-Rama in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Marketing "Jew-O-Rama", the Jewish compilation stand up show, to help promote Jewish comedy at this year's Edinburgh Fringe.

by Philip Simon - Jew-O-Rama in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

For the past 8 years Jew-O-Rama, the Jewish comedy compilation show, has been a staple part of life at the Edinburgh Fringe. Given the current situation in Israel and Gaza, we weren't sure if the show should go ahead this year, but after much consideration we decided it was more important than ever to not just hide away. We want to place Jews and Jewish comedy front and centre throughout this incredible city.

Therefore we want to invest in a really noticeable presence on the streets of Edinburgh. We are already working with the official suppliers of all the on-street marketing at the Fringe to ensure we have banners and billboards in prime spots around the city. Doing this will enable the show, enjoyed by thousands of Jewish and non-Jewish audience members over the years to say, loud and proud:



We always like to pay our acts, so any additional funds will be used to increase the money we're able to spend. Each day we have various comedians who perform on the show on a rolling basis (don't worry, there is always at least one non-Jewish comedian to offer balance). This gives them a platform to advertise their own shows, bringing even more Jewish comedy to audiences throughout August.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£20 or more

Photoshopped Jewish Partner to Keep Grandma Happy!

Fed up being pestered by family to settle down and find yourself a nice Jewish boy? Worried your grandma won't believe you really have that girlfriend in Canada? Let us mock up a photo of you with a suitable partner to get your family off your back. (All photos PG...PG!)

£10 or more

Blame Us for Missing a Family Simcha

Fed up with having to attend simchas or family gatherings? Wouldn't it be great to know that you can use us as the reason you couldn't be there. You can even call on us to formally back up your story if your mother's out for blood and needs us to verify you were reading to sick children, helping the elderly with their (kosher) groceries, or training to be a rabbi! If they're not happy, then we're just a strongly-worded email away!

£15 or more

Eternal Entry into the Book of Life

Every year during the High Holidays we're given a chance to secure our place in the Book of Life, recording those of us who are "righteous before god". Using our hotline to the big boss we'll make sure you have an annual Get Out Of Jail Free Pass. You'll get a certificate, but there's no need to show it or anything...we'll know.

£30 or more

Personalised Cameo Video Greeting

What could be more enticing than a personalised video greeting from someone you've probably never heard of?!? Well, now's your chance to find out, as we'll record a special message just for you.

£50 or more

Personalised Limerick

I've always loved the more creative & humorous side of writing & for my wedding I wrote bespoke limericks for every family. Over 100 in total, all beautifully personalised & a perfect memory of our special day. With just some very basic information about the recipient, I will write a funny and clever one-verse limerick that will be set on a decorative backing and sent to you electronically to keep forever.

£250 or more

Launch a Shul campaign in your name

Worried you're not involved enough in the services at your shul? Then we've got you covered as we'll start a campaign and do everything we can to get you one of the following roles: Chatan/Kallat Torah Chatan/Katan Bereshit Eshet Chayil (or however your shul names it) (Obviously it would really help if you were Jewish for this one!)

£500 or more

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Prime Advertising on all Jew-O-Rama Marketing

Ok, so here's the biggie! The only one of our rewards that's limited in number. Your chance to support the Jewish community & also get some prominent publicity for your business/organisation. We'll feature your logo on our poster that will be plastered all over Edinburgh, as well as appearing on our posts across social media. We'll also give you a daily shout out at all our shows at the Edinburgh Fringe to further maximise your exposure.

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