by Prom Kween in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

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The award winning, 5 star musical needs a hand from some fabulous friends to pave the Fringe with glitter and celebrate diversity!

by Prom Kween in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Book & Lyrics by Rebecca Humphries

Composed by Joanna Cichonska

Additional Music by Tim Gardner 

'funny, political and life-affirming at the same time, a delight from start to finish.’

 ★★★★★ Evening Standard

Based on a true story, 'Prom Kween' tells the story of Matthew; the first ever non binary kid to win the coveted title…..and the bitches who tried to stand in the way. It's our coming of age spoof musical for those who hit that age years ago. It's got it all; the jocks, the nerds, the mean girls...and RuPaul. Obviously.

Part parody, part homage to the American High School genre Prom Kween salutes and satirises modern day America and its’ unbelievable polarisation. This is a country whose highest rated reality programme is about Drag Queens, while the President is……well, do we really need to go there? Meanwhile, Hollywood’s turned in to one big sex party. There’s a lot of material to work with.

'But despite its sparkly vibe, the show makes some serious points about otherness and accepting people as they are - while hilariously ripping the hell out of high-school musicals'.

 ★★★★★ The I newspaper

Prom Kween celebrates the country's contradictions...while obviously ripping it to shreds. It's a show for any kid who took their glasses off and still didn't look ‘pretty'.  Any kid who couldn't understand why being a bitch made boys like you. Any kid who questioned what it meant to be beautiful. It's a story of falling in love; with who you are. Think Grease meets Drag Race meets a Trump rally with sequins. Lots of sequins.

Since the very beginning, we have sought out collaboration with those who identify as non-binary, and have also raised money for Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre; a charity that supports, educates and inspires the young lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans community and non binary of London age thirteen to nineteen. By getting Prom Kween to a wider audience, we are able to further engage people with the community, and hopefully do a bit of teaching without preaching.

Last year we won some awards

                          The Stage Award of Excellence                                                                 Three weeks Editors Award

Very cleverly written and performed with real class, if you can stop laughing (and dancing and singing along) you’ll see a beautiful and inspirational message hiding behind all those dazzling sequins. ★★★★★ Theatre Weekly

Full of surprises, triumphs, and surprisingly touching moments that wholeheartedly celebrate inclusivity ★★★★★ Everything Theatre  

Unashamedly proud of its identity and genre, and how it completely owns it ★★★★★ A Younger Theatre

A barrel of energy and laughs and a celebration of otherness and acceptance. ★★★★★ West end Wilma

Very camp, very snappy show tunes. Full of pithy jokes, on-point pop culture references and superb surprises, ‘Prom Kween’ is a life-affirming musical ★★★★★Three Weeks

the most fabulous shows in Edinburgh this year as well as one of the most genuinely uplifting. ★★★★★ Grumpy Gay Critic

Sharp, satirical and bursting with heart. ★★★★ The Stage

Excellent entertainment providing a refreshingly feel-good anthem for the youth of today. Loved it! ★★★★ Musical Theatre Review

It's a show with heart and soul, and a serious celebration of being who you are. We won't be hearing the last of this queen of a musical. ★★★★ British Theatre

A mix of hilarious one liners and off the wall cameos ★★★★ Broadway World

A cult hit and a half  Whats on Stage

Favourite of the Fringe Bechdel Theatre 

A must see show Theatre Weekly

Part of the Unmissable shows to see at the Fringe To Do List

We’re out to prove that serious issues don’t have to be taken so seriously. That irreverence doesn’t have to be a dirty word. That politics and a confetti canon can, in fact, go hand in hand.

But, in order to spread our message of acceptance, love and inclusivity…….we need some good old fashioned dollar.

The  Money:

We believe in this project, and since it’s creation have invested our own time, finances and love into it. Our aim has always been to spread it’s message to as many people as possible, and seeing the positive repercussions of that has driven us to give it this next outing.

For this stage, we just need a bit of help with something vital.

What will it be spent on?

-We want to pay every single creative involved a proper wage. We’re not in to fancy props or fancy costumes. The quality of the show has always derived from the people involved being absolutely fantastic, and being treated as such. This means proper wages for a creative, rehearsal and performance process, as well as accommodation and travel to and from locations.

These creatives include:  

-5 actors

-A musician

-A director 

-A producer

-A lighting designer 

Raising £2,500 will bring us a step closer to being able to pay each of these departments the wage they deserve. 

Who we are:

Rebecca Humphries - Writer, director, actress, no stress

I'm a graduate of LAMDA drama school and depending on how you look at it either a ‘multi faceted talent’ or ‘contrary Mary’. Since graduating I’ve appeared in plays at the National, RSC, Donmar, Royal Court, Old Vic, Hampstead Theatre and on Radio 4, and have been in shows for the BBC, Channel 4, Comedy Central, and ITV. I also had a brief career as a stand up comedian; my musical comedy show ‘Dizney Rascal’ sold out its’ Fringe run in 2014 and won two musical comedy awards the following year (Judges 1st Prize and Audience Favourite. Honey.) 


2 years ago I found this story about Prom Queen Matthew Crisson while scrolling through Teen Vogue (aged 29) and knew this was the musical I had been dying to write. I’m incredibly proud of the show, and overwhelmed at the effect it had on audiences at the Fringe last year. It’s since been updated, rewritten, and I have high hopes that this year it will be even bigger and better. 

Aine Flanagan - Producer 

 I set up my company nearly 5 years ago, with the hope I could help create accessible fabulous theatre which could bring topics which mightn't always be seen on stage to the masses. My previous shows include Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho / Gameshows / Club nights by Jon Brittain and Matt Tedford and How to Win Against History by Seiriol Davies. When Rebecca approached me about Prom Kween, I just knew I wanted to be part of the story. I believe it is so important for stories like this, centring around love and acceptance to be brought to the Edinburgh Fringe and then from success there, hopefully tour around the UK and then the World!! 

The characters:


Matthew is an everyperson. A non binary kid living in a country with so many issues surrounding what is acceptable, Matthew sometimes feels like the only person who’s not completely crazy. And, in the context of the show, Matthew is sort of right. Our intention with Matthew was always to present a non-binary character as the norm…..someone that would ordinarily be doomed to play a supporting role ('kooky best friend’ anyone?!) brought to the forefront without a big fanfare.

Matthew is played by 4 actors, 2 boys and 2 girls, who constantly swap with each other throughout. This is partly in order to highlight the fluidity of Matthew’s gender, partly to represent how Matthew, at 17, isn’t quite sure who they are yet…….but also because it’s fun.


Lexi is the most popular girl in school. She is part Regina from Mean Girls, part every bitch you ever knew growing up. She has no redeeming qualities. She will probably become president.


Trey is the captain of the football team. He’s Lexi’s boyfriend. He’s everything you’ve ever wanted. Yes, even you.


Binky is Matthew’s dorky BFF and one of the best people who has ever existed. One of those total nerds who just own it. #bemorebinky


Matthew’s Dad is the kind of beer swilling, WWE-watching, Homer-Simpson style Republican that just kind of doesn’t get it. His views are gross but somehow you never feel they’re completely formed of his own free will.


RuPau is RuPaul.


Cher is Cher……but to the power of Cher.

 With your help and donations, the important message Prom Kween brings of acceptance and love will be able to reach wider audiences. Help us spread that message!


The Prom Kween Team!x


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