Project Waterfront

by Newark Sea Cadets in Newark, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Project Waterfront
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To build a state-of-the-art waterfront facility for Newark Sea Cadets, fostering leadership, education, and maritime excellence.

Project by Newark Sea Cadets

Project Waterfront

As we bask in the glow of Newark Sea Cadets' recent triumphs, we find ourselves standing at a pivotal juncture. Our current home, witness to our successes, can no longer contain the boundless potential and ambition that courses through our Unit. It's time for a transformation—a new chapter that not only shapes the destiny of Newark Sea Cadets but, more profoundly, charts the course for every young cadet in our care.

Our Story: A Triumph and a Crossroads

Newark Sea Cadets, once teetering on closure in 2021, is now a thriving Sea Cadet unit. Rising from 8 cadets to a flourishing unit of 41 with a large waiting list, our commitment garnered recognition as the Best Unit in the District (out of 8 Units) for two consecutive years. Celebrating triumphs in our current premises, we stand at a crossroads. Bursting with energy and ambition, we've outgrown our space. Project Waterfront signifies more than a new building; it's a symbol of progress, potential, and the unwavering commitment to Newark's cadets. 

Vision: Defining Futures, Unleashing Potential

Our vision is bold yet simple - to construct a new, purpose-built hub that transcends the limitations of our existing space. This new chapter isn't just about bricks and mortar; it's about unlocking doors of opportunity for every cadet. We envision a space that nurtures aspirations, cultivates resilience, and empowers young minds for a brighter future. 



Why We Need Your Support: 

As we celebrate our successes, we recognise the urgent need for change. Project Waterfront is the vessel that will carry us into this new chapter, where we break free from the constraints of our current premises and open doors to a world of possibilities for the youth of Newark.


The Need for Project Waterfront: 

Our successes, celebrated within these walls, echo beyond the Unit. Our current premises, while witness to our triumphs, can no longer contain the energy, the ambition, and the potential that fills our Unit. We have simply outgrown it. The time has come to transcend these confines and embark on a new chapter—a chapter that defines not only the future of Newark Sea Cadets but, more importantly, the future of every cadet under our care.


How We'll Achieve It:

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: We will construct a purpose-built facility, equipped with classrooms, training areas, and dedicated maritime spaces.
  • Educational Empowerment: We'll enhance education through maritime-focused programs, bolstering skills and knowledge for a brighter future.
  • Maritime Excellence: The facility will become a hub for maritime activities, offering hands-on experience, fostering a love for the sea.
  • Technology Integration: Embrace modern technology for enhanced learning experiences, ensuring our cadets are prepared for the challenges of the future.
  • Community Collaboration: Forge partnerships with local businesses, educational institutions, and community leaders to create a network of support for Newark Sea Cadets.

Phases of the Build:

Phase 1: Pre-Planning & Initial Surveys

  • Estimated Cost: £100,000
  • Activities:
    • Initial site surveys and assessments
    • Environmental Agency Survey
    • Groundwork Survey
    • Preliminary architectural planning and design
    • Full Planning Application fees
    • Legal and administrative expenses

This phase is crucial for laying the groundwork before the main planning application. It covers initial surveys, necessary environmental assessments, and fees associated with architectural planning and the planning application process.


Phase 2: Infrastructure Development

  • Estimated Cost: £150,000
  • Activities:
    • Further architectural planning and design
    • Basic infrastructure development (roads, utilities, foundation)
    • Acquisition of the designated area
    • Legal and administrative expenses
    • Initial groundwork and site preparation
    • Community engagement and awareness programmes

This phase focuses on the essential groundwork required for the subsequent construction phases. It includes more detailed architectural planning, infrastructure development, and community engagement.


Phase 3: Building Foundation & Framework

  • Estimated Cost: TBC
  • Activities:
    • Construction of the main building foundation
    • Framework development
    • Installation of basic utilities and technology infrastructure
    • Compliance with additional construction regulations
    • Quality control measures and safety standards

This phase marks the beginning of the actual construction, covering the foundational aspects of the main building and the framework for subsequent development.


Phase 4: Full-Scale Construction & Completion

  • Estimated Cost: TBC
  • Activities:
    • Full-scale construction of the main building
    • Creation of specialised spaces (classrooms, recreational areas, offices)
    • Installation of advanced utilities and technology infrastructure
    • Interior design and customisation for specific activities
    • Final compliance checks and safety standards
    • Project completion and handover

This final phase involves completing the full-scale construction, including specialised spaces within the main building. It encompasses all the necessary elements to finalize the project and ensure it meets the highest standards.


Why We Need Your Support:

Your contribution fuels dreams. By supporting Project Waterfront, you're pledging in the potential of Newark's youth, providing them with opportunities and resources they deserve.

A mock up of what the new building could look like.



Proposed layout of the grounds.




"Newark Sea Cadets has been my second home. Project Waterfront isn't just about a new building; it's about giving us the tools to dream big. It's our passport to a future we never thought possible."  - Able Cadet Lucas Yeomans

Join Us on This Journey: 

As we embark on Project Waterfront, we invite you, our community, to be part of this transformative endeavor. Your support is not just an pledge; it's a commitment to shaping the future of Newark's youth. Together, let's build a legacy of leadership, education, and maritime excellence.

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