Project ReMAKE

RCN 1198999, London

Project ReMake is a simple entrepreneurship training programme for formerly incarcerated people. The 8- week programme teaches basic business skills, helping them to build, launch and sustain self-employed businesses. The project was inspired by a similar programme in the USA, operated by Stanford University – Project ReMADE. Our UK programme is following much of the same style and features of the US Stanford Programme, but is independent of it. We work alongside universities to convey their ethos of support, learning, camaraderie, and motivation. Very few of our participants have attended a university; this course allows them to become part of the university community and be mentored by students and a faculty.

Our programme takes place online in partnership with universities such as Queen Mary University London or University of Bradford and many others and is held one evening per week for 8 weeks. Those who successfully complete the course will be put forward for internships with Capita Plc. 

Typically, we take 15-18 ex-offenders (called entrepreneurs) who work with student and business mentors to formulate their business idea into a business plan and at the end of the course they present to a group of investors who give feedback and help in establishing the business.  At the end of the university programme, there is a graduation ceremony which is significant for many people who have never graduated from high school.

We work with referring charity/third sector partner organisations to attract our participants. We work with a clearly defined syllabus which has a combination of classroom study and industry support.