Project Phoenix

by The Women's Association in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Project Phoenix

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Project Phoenix empowers girls to reclaim control on social media by creating a confident, compassionate, and self-loving community of girls

by The Women's Association in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Our initial goal will enable us to impact 500 girls in total, but only 100 girls can attend the main event which is a 5-day retreat. With more money, we can increase the space of girls on the retreat. 


The Women's Association exists to reveal and remove barriers that prevent women and girls from making their dreams a reality. As such, we work with girls, women and leaders of organisations to address the barriers in education, at work and in wider society.


Off the back of The Women's Association, we launched The Girls' Association in 2021. Our mission is to work with organisations and leaders to ensure that every girl has the information, access, and support to make their dreams a reality. 


The Art of dreaming, especially for young girls, requires an internal awareness of their aspirations and identities. In a world that often imposes limitations, many girls are fighting to keep their childhood dreams alive before they even get started because society piles on expectations and hurdles.

This struggle is exacerbated by societal expectations that place numerous hurdles in their path. In recent years, the introduction of social media has further complicated the landscape for girls, prohibiting their ability to dream freely. The constant pull of social media in different directions has a significant impact on their confidence and mental well-being, stifling their individuality and uniqueness. 


Project Phoenix carries a deep symbolism of rebirth and renewal. It reflects the process that the girls are going to undergo—shedding negative influences, rising from challenges, and emerging stronger and more resilient. 

Project Phoenix was created to address this issue by offering girls aged 15-18 a transformative experience designed to confront the pressing mental health challenges that they face. It recognizes the corrosive effects of social media on their self-esteem and overall well-being. Project Phoenix offers support by creating an ecosystem that exists outside the confines of social media where girls can authentically be themselves and embark on a journey of self-discovery within a like-minded community dedicated to mutual empowerment.


We are raising money to host 3 major events across 2024 impacting 500 girls, with the main event being the retreat. 2 of the events will be a 1-day program which will give us the ability to impact more girls. 

At the heart of Project Phoenix is a 5-day retreat, a beacon of hope amid the relentless pursuit of perfection perpetuated by social media. During this retreat, 100 girls find respite from the suffocating pressure of unrealistic standards. In this offline sanctuary, they can rediscover their true selves, free from virtual expectations. This escape empowers them to rebuild their self-esteem, bolster their confidence, and reaffirm their self-worth, ultimately granting them the freedom to dream.

Each year and with more funding, we look to increase this number. 

We want to make sure that as many girls have access to Project Phoenix and as such we will not be charging girls to take part in any of the events or the retreat.

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