Princess Freesia New Album - Return To Pleasure

by Lija Rolavs in Brighton, Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom


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I've written my new Princess Freesia album and I need your help to record and release it! Come and join in on my Return To Pleasure!

by Lija Rolavs in Brighton, Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom

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Well goshgasms, any extra coins that you're so generously offering to me will definitely help me to continue to live and create more cosmic musical output during these very uncertain times that we live in, haha!

Princess Freesia invites you to her Return To Pleasure…


My goshgasms… it’s been a bit of a bloody while since I’ve released a Freesian “Han Solo” audio journey for you, but I have some VERY HOXXXY NEWS… I’ve been whittling and chipping away for a while now on a brand spanking new Princess Freesia album, and I am THRILLED to my NAUGHTY KNICKERBOTS to announce the launch of the crowdfunder for my next album… Return To Pleasure!

The sonic shape of this album is being tailor made for MMMMM, OOOOOHHHHHH, and A LOT OF AWEGASMIC BLISS FOR YOU! It’s got the signature Freesian sounds you know and love, but with the added perks of owning a brand new MacBook as my hardware ally and the latest version of my music programming software as for years I had been stuck using old outdated sound banks to create my stellarsonic visions, but thanks to a very special lady who swooped in and helped me to upgrade my studio setup, I am now in the very privileged position of creating new cosmic song soundscapes for you! I am so deeply grateful for these kindnesses as they allow me to gift you more goodness which is what I’m here on this earth to do, so I am so VERY EXCITINGLED to begin the next chapter of my Freesian fricklewood forest adventures and I would be DELIGHTED if you would join me on the merry making musical way! 

For me, making music has and always will be about delivering a signature stellarsonic shiver; it’s something erotically EARGASMIC I enjoy crafting that I hope will embed a sense of Freesian freedom and luscious lovelight upon your heart, mind, body and soul… I want you to FEEL GOOD and I want you to enjoy immersing into my world of writhing wetness within the pleasure treasure trove cove, you know what I mean eh??!? Together we can embark on a new XXXpedition into hidden risqué realms and forbidden Freesian fruits, where pleasure is The Most Divine and that means YOURS TOO! 

As many of you know, I am a full time musician and creative, however I work predominantly from home as I also have a chronic autoimmune disease called Hashimotos which can be quite energetically depleting and so it is therefore easiest for me to manage projects from my home base - which makes my working life MUCH more productive. I try not to let my disease hinder my princessly progress though and I live to weave and whizz up new sounds for you, so in helping me to raise enough money to keep the realities of life ticking over as I work on this album, you are greatly assisting me in being able to support myself in all departments (mind, body, creative spirit) throughout it’s completion. This will also work to help me to make it the very best that it can be in my staying healthy and focused on the music - and this means that I will be able to remain 100% committed to the process. Without your support, it will take me much longer to complete and I am raring to go so let’s do this HOXXX!!!!

I have also been sharing a studio space with my fellow wonderfully talented producer Mister Soulpersona, but inevitably we are having some issues juggling studio time around each other’s working schedules as we have been heavily involved in our own projects of late and sharing a studio is rapidly becoming a non-viable solution… so to that end, I also need your help in raising the funds to buy myself my own sound card, more hard disk space, and a specialist vocal device amongst other items so that I can continue to record my vocals with my own separate studio setup - and the money raised to cover these production expenses that arise during the making of an album. This alone would make a TREMENDOUS difference in the volume and speed of my creative output as being able to record whenever I want will in turn produce a more fluid, less time-constrained and fully operational album progression for me in delivering those eagerly awaited tracks! Honestly, it will completely revolutionise my way of creating and giving more music which is a HUGE help that cannot be overstated ENOUGH!

In exchange for your beautiful stellarsonic support, I can assure you that you will not go unrewarded along the way as in addition to the album release that you will receive, I have on offer an amorous array of delicious items in the form of perky bums - erm, I mean campaign “perks” that will help me to raise the funds I need AND gift you some further Freesian funness to enjoy consuming, so please do have a look at my campaign’s item listings and see what tickles your fancy pants, haha! ;)

Oh, and if you’re new to these Freesian Fields and want to see what kind of retroriffic operation I’m running, then please feel free to have a look at my Bandcamp profile (and that of Soulpersona who I have done MANY collaborative albums with!), my Princess Freesia YouTube channel, as well as my social media presence (hint: I have a PF fan page on Facebook and a pretty colourful Instagram profile too!) where you can discover my handy candy! ;) 

Once this album has been funded I would like to aim for release in February 2022. This gives me the appropriate time to ensure everything is peaches’n’cream on all fronts and so that I can deliver those flavoursome Freesian fruits to you FRESH! 

Lastly, I just want to thank you so kindly for having my back and helping me to continue realising the dream I’ve had since Freesia’s inception - to bring more lovelight and HOXXXbeams into this world as we really truly need it now more than ever. Let’s come together and make our RETURN TO PLEASURE!

Sending you all my Freesian kisses and stellarsonic sweetness my dearest frond friends! :)


Special Note: I really wanted to release a physical copy of this album on CD or vinyl, but unfortunately recent postal charges to the EU have made this impossible to navigate successfully at this time. If this changes then I would love to make this happen in the future. Thanks for your understanding and continued support! :)


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Personalised Princess Ringtone

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Handwritten Lyrics - A Song Of Your Choice!

A set of handwritten lyrics to a song of your choice from my back catalogue - or if you’d prefer, you can let me choose the song for you to own forever sealed in princessly paper format! Will be signed and also includes postage and a copy of the album digital download

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