Pride in Saltash

by Cornwall Pride in Saltash, Cornwall, United Kingdom

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Support Pride in Saltash! Pride: Creative! Raising awareness, in sharing solidarity in Love Is Love & Peace

Project by Cornwall Pride

We need your support to bring a free and accessible Pride in Saltash this year it is on May 28th! as Prides 50th Anniversary!

It's been a tough time and is still a tough time for so many people, so we want to bring communities together & share the message of zero discrimination & peace!


Why support a Pride in your town?

It is difficult to convey the struggles of the LGBTQ+ community and marginalised people in Cornwall. From direct and indirect discrimination, we are at least 100% more likely to have mental wellbeing challenges, to increase in hate crime towards marginalised communities, to many in the community not feeling safe within "ordinary" environments. For many in our community this could be the only public event they attend and feel safe.

 We all want to be accepted, loved and to have fun, but when you can't feel like your true self you find it hard to find an outlet and like-minded people. We also know the challenges around public transport and places to visit in Cornwall, as it becomes increasingly isolating due to new financial challenges.

Our vision is to create a Pride in Communities that will bring marginalised communities together, building healthy relationships across an incredible integrated society, where everyone brings happiness in learning about everyone's difference.

We wanted to create a Pride for everyone to feel warm and welcoming to all, and a moment that would make a difference to people's lives. There are too many people around that were struggling alone, unable to find support.


How much will it cost?

Pride in each town will cost £10,000 of which we are working towards securing funding for future sustainability. We have set our target for each town at £10,000 and have added volunteer time to launch the campaigns.

Three ways to get involved

1. Pledge money for Cornwall Pride

2. Spread the word. We need to reach as many people as possible and tell them about this fantastic community project so share the page on your social media pages.

3. Can you help with partnerships? If you are a local business, or know someone with one, get in touch and play a part in what we are doing. This is a community effort.

Where are all the Prides in Cornwall this year?

With a lot more excitement for everyone! The dates for this year in 2022 & as the 50th anniversary of Pride in the UK with your help we are bringing 11 community Cornwall Prides to the whole of Cornwall in May, June and July!

Falmouth - May 7th
Newquay - May 14th
Penzance - May 21st
Saltash - May 28th
St Ives - June 11th
Truro - June 18th
Bude Pride - June 25th
Camborne - July 2nd
St Austell - July 9th
Bodmin - July 16th
Redruth - July 23rd

Cornwall Pride, now a charity registered 1191003, builds on the success of the last 15 years as a shining beacon of visibility and awareness of the LGBTQ+ and marginalised communities across Cornwall; however, we recognise that while visibility is important, it will take much more to make our Duchy a better place for LGBTQ+ & marginalised people to grow up, live and work in our beautiful Cornwall.

With you, we will bring Cornwall Pride to your town.

Money raised goes towards ensuring Cornwall Pride is able to continue to deliver its charitable objectives and support the LGBTQ+ community. Our aim is to develop a sustainable future for “Prides in Community” and secure 2023 onwards.




Cornwall Pride, is open to all, open to new ideas, and most importantly we know we have to work together and collaborate to support our communities.

 We bring a safe space within towns to openly and safely open conversations across all communities to bring us all together. To open and facilitate conversations and build friendships and connections.

We build peer to peer social support for communities that do not access mainstream support.

 We bring organisational and educational training, to support people further learn and understand about zero discrimination.


Growing up and living in Cornwall as part the LGBTQ+ and marginalised community it is tough living in rural Cornwall. It can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness this is more difficult for communities hiding who they are.

 We understand how unemployment or low paid seasonal work, a lack of amenities, communal meeting spaces, deprivation, local transport challenges are all factors that contribute to fewer prospects and lack of hope for people in Cornwall, and we want to help. We also recognised that there is a demand dedicated support for communities are currently not met by statutory provision and we want to raise awareness that we are all here and can learn from each other.

Our goal is the community coming together help increase individuals self-confidence, self-worth and broaden their horizons. Long-term, our aim is to reduce isolation issues, increase cultural experience, improve mental health, help build health relationship, build resilience leading to a better quality of life.


Roger Taylor, Drummer from Queen (Cornwall Pride’s Patron)

“It is indeed with great pride that I support with all my heart the excellent efforts of Cornwall Pride in their celebrations and endeavour to gain wider acceptance and generally open people’s minds, so we are all able to freely revel in our respective differences and fully support Cornwall Pride.”

  Dawn French

“Of course Pride should be in Cornwall. We don’t want to miss out on any joy!”

  The CHAOS Group

“Working with Cornwall Pride opens up hidden conversations and will allow us to sign post participants to support that is centred around them. This takes away the shame of sharing intimate information with people who have no experience or insight into issues faced.”



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