Preventative dentistry in rural Nepal

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We are raising money to fund a dental project which aims to prevent oral disease in Nepalese children.

by jakane in Plymouth

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We would use this to purchase oral hygiene products, when we are in Nepal, to donate to the local villagers. 



We are dental students raising £500 towards our project to travel to the foothills of Annapurna, Nepal, to provide a preventative oral health care programme for Nepalese children.

We are Josie and Sarah, current dental students, keen to combine our love for travel with our passion for people and health. Our aim is to to make a difference to those who need it most!

Next summer we are taking our dental skills to the Nepalese lake district of Pokhara, and further, where we will reach villagers who perhaps have never seen a

 dentist in their lives. We will be travelling with the company, WORK THE WORLD, who famously organise electives and experiences for students in all aspects of the health care sector.

There are approximately 500 dentists working in Nepal, of which 80% are based in the capital city of Kathmandu. This leaves a small minority in rural areas and smaller cities, such as Pokhara. For many people, the long journey to access a dentist is only necessary when dental pain becomes unbearable. At this stage, the prognosis for the tooth at hand is usually negative and will more than likely lead to an extraction. We aim to translate our new age of preventative dentistry to developing countries, beginning with Nepal. The purpose of our travels is to assess the oral health needs of Nepalese children focusing on preventative care as opposed to the traditional clichéd treatment which a dentist provides.

By taking some simple preventative measures from a young age, it may not need to reach the point where a tooth needs to be pulled out. The first point of call is to carry out a basic oral needs assessment to establish common dental pathologies and diseases, in Nepalese children.

Following this, we plan to promote the methods of preventative dentistry, inadvertently reducing susceptibility to dental decay. It is also important that we educate local health care providers.

We would really value your help; any money contributed will go towards essential materials and equipment for our project. Anything additional will be pumped back into the community in the form of products. Please see our reward pages to find out what is in it for you, alongside the confidence that your money has contributed to improving the general health of less fortunate people

We are aware that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, but we have an opportunity to positively contribute to these people’s lives. Although this is a small project, we do hope to expand in the future. But first and foremost, our goal is to help build a strong foundation by means of preventing dental disease, starting with Nepal.



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For a £50 donation, it would be our pleasure to invite you along to a presentation evening where we can share with you personally our experiences, data and conclusions. We will also be thinking about our project projection, how we hope to expand in the future. Don't forget your postcard and small gift too.

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