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Tackling climate breakdown is going to take everyone. Help us fund the climate initiatives unlocking citizen power

by Climate Majority Project in United Kingdom

 New stretch target

The initiatives and social changes that we need to respond to climate chaos are limitless. With further support, we will continue investing in promising projects and people who are devoting their lives to protecting life on earth.

Your support will help us fund more initiatives


The Climate Majority Project is about taking action together. 

Your support will help identify, resource and fund more high-impact initiatives that demonstrate mainstream, serious climate action.

We focus on ambitious solutions with potential to ‘move the dial’ – by getting more citizens involved in shifting public awareness and using their power to create change.

All members of our first cohort have gone on to raise up to 10 times more funding from other sources following our crucial seed funding - allowing their reach and impact to expand dramatically.  

Every contribution matters, no matter the amount.  

Our initial target of £25,000 could fund three new initiatives, reaching thousands of citizens. With your help, we're aiming even higher— to help countless people find their part to play in real climate solutions.

Thank you.

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More about our mission


Time’s up 

People everywhere are waking up to the realities of the climate crisis, with extreme weather events becoming more frequent and devastating. Governments are failing to act but a rising tide of worried citizens want change.

It’s time to step forward

The system change we need to avert climate catastrophe needs public commitment like we’ve never seen. Not just activists: everyone.

The Climate Majority Project is working to help unlock this collective power and help mainstream climate action to grow.

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Our observations

1. Climate chaos is undeniable 
Across the globe, heatwaves, floods, and other climate disasters are wreaking havoc. Evidence of environmental breakdown is overwhelming, and people are realising that it’s worse than we’ve been told.

2. Governments' inaction
Despite mounting warnings, governments aren’t taking decisive action to respond to the climate and ecological crisis. And they won’t, until a majority of citizens stand up and demand it.  

3. The rise of climate initiatives 
Individuals and groups are taking matters into their own hands - creating environmental initiatives in their communities, in their workplaces … wherever citizens have power.

4. We’re going to need each other
While millions of people want to take part in climate action, alone the path forward is often unclear. Together we can face the truth and turn anxiety into action, finding our part to play.


Our mission: helping empower the Climate Majority

1. Communicating climate reality
We work to amplify the truth about the climate crisis through compelling media campaigns that can inform and inspire more people to use their power.

2. Bringing together “Unusual Suspects”
Climate breakdown affects everyone.  We bring together surprising allies to promote cooperation on climate beyond political and social boundaries.

3. Empowering citizen action
Everyone has a role to play in protecting life on earth. We support individuals and groups to strengthen their passion, skills and connections and to ‘find their work to do' in their communities, workplaces and professional networks.  

4. Funding and enabling citizen climate initiatives
Our Incubator invests in impactful citizen-led solutions that can inspire mainstream participation. We provide funding, resources and expertise, to help them grow and multiply. (There’s more info below).


Recent Work

Launch and Founding Statement: unusual suspects

We brought together an unusual coalition of household names across a wide political spectrum - from Swampy and Chris Packham to Tory Peers Lord John Randall and Lord Deben (former head of the Climate Change Committee).  25 prominent figures signed our Founding Statement, calling for mass citizen action that goes beyond political divides. 

The message has since been reported by media outlets from the BBC Newsnight and  the Daily Mail to Good Morning Britain.  



Upcoming Activities

We're committed to furthering strategic collaboration throughout diverse fields that reflect the urgency and creativity required for systemic change.  Along with Volunteers, Collaborators and Partners we’re  organising working groups in Media, Workplaces, Mental Health, and Local Community Action and more.

Stay tuned for an exciting new book and short film.


Incubator: First Cohort

In the last year, we have supported four initiatives to achieve lift-off with seed funding and strategic support. Representing a breadth of system change approaches, all have gone on to secure 3-10 x more funding, and grow their reach and impact.

Lawyers for Net Zero

Lawyers for Net Zero engages general legal counsels of major multinationals — individuals with extraordinary unseen influence in society —  to accelerate transition. They support in-house lawyers to use their uniquely powerful positions to deliver significant and rapid climate action.

Founder and CEO Adam Woodhall was awarded LexisNexis Legal Personality of the Year (2023) for his work with Lawyers for Net Zero. The initiative has worked with over 100 in-house lawyers through their Leaders Programme, including the global GCs from Rolls Royce, WPP, BUPA, Centrica, National Grid and Specsavers.  

Community Climate Action (CCA)

Based at iFarm in the largely conservative county of Suffolk, Community Climate Action organises climate action at the local (parish council) level - including writing and implementing ambitious local net zero plans via a replicable process. Community Climate Action also creates a space for rural conservatives who care about stewarding their land. 

In a year, this initiative has expanded their reach from 3 Parishes to over 100 (most of Suffolk county). But their greatest success has been to engage very different and more conservative communities than those normally engaged in local climate action.

MP Watch 

Many of our MPs are unaware of the urgent need for action before irreversible climate tipping points are breached. There ARE policies to address the crisis, but they aren’t being implemented fast enough. MP Watch groups scrutinise our representatives so constituents can hold them accountable for their crucial responsibility on climate. A new way of engaging in politics as active citizens.

MP Watch has accelerated from 3 to 36 local initiatives in 6 months, and plans to surpass 100 by the next election.

Wild Card

Since 2021, Wildcard has challenged high-profile landowners in the UK to take responsibility for British nature by rewilding their land. These petitions start by addressing three major landowners: the Royal Estates, the Church of England and the colleges of Oxbridge, inviting them to step fully into their role as traditional stewards of the land, and national leaders - by rewilding and restoring this nation’s depleted habitats and carbon sinks. 

Wild Card has succeeded in opening negotiations with the Crown Estate, and the heir to the throne has committed to rewilding some of his most ecologically precious lands based on their work. 


To keep on growing, scaling and replicating many vital projects like these, we need your help. Your gift today can make an amazing difference.



Our passionate team brings a broad range of skills to this initiative - putting heart and soul into making its mission a success. Meet the team


Funding to Date

Previous funding has come from private donors, without any restrictions or political affiliations.


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