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by Positive News in London

We did it
On 8th July 2015 we successfully raised £262,922 with 1526 investors in 30 days

Positive News is launching a Community Share Offer. This is your chance to become one of our owners and help change the news for good.

by Positive News in London

Thank you co-owners! Together, we will change the news for good.


Dear co-owners,

Today, we’ve made history together. We’ve shown the world that an alternative model for media ownership is possible. We’ve highlighted the demand for a more positive media. But most of all, we’ve exposed the power of people coming together to make things happen.

30 days, 1,525 people, 33 countries, 303 cheques and more than 1,200 online investments led us to a total of £263,422 raised by 6pm GMT this evening. Since meeting our original target of £200,000 on Friday, nearly 400 new co-owners still decided to join. To say that your ongoing backing took us by surprise is an understatement; we’ve been overwhelmed by your kindness and commitment.

You joined from Malaysia to Iceland, from Costa Rica to Greece and from Australia to Ukraine. You bought shares for birthdays, anniversaries, births, and most of all because you wanted to #OwnTheMedia.

Many of you told us that you loved following the comments on our Crowdfunder page and #OwnTheMedia Twitter hashtag throughout the campaign and we couldn’t agree more.

One co-owner declared just before we closed: “I'm saying it loud and proud! Over the moon for Positive News smashing their target. The people have spoken.”

Another said: “There is so much amazing stuff going on in the world right now and it should be reported”, before confessing something about the print subscription they had for years: “Kept in the loo for daily sanity boosts!”

And there were many more: “Thank you for making the world a better place by writing about 'the news', not just 'the bad news'.”

Another wrote: “So happy to be part of what you are doing - I have never bought shares before, I don't have much money, but what you are doing is worth it. Do us proud!”


Share certificate

Our Community Share Offer is now officially closed. Over the coming weeks, we will process all the necessary administration to transition into a co-operative. Once the restructuring process is completed and investments have been processed, all co-owners will receive an official share certificate.


For those of you who are due crowdfunding rewards, they will be mostly be sent out in August, with the exception of re-launch party invitations which will be sent out this autumn once a date has been announced. Co-owners who are to receive consultancy sessions and lectures will be contacted individually to arrange dates.

What’s next?

As outlined in our business plan and share offer document, the investment raised will allow us to put our plans into action. We will hire new core team members and give our website and print publication the overhaul they deserve to do justice to our inspiring content. We will innovate without losing sight of our most important work: producing the great constructive journalism you love.

In the meantime…

We have added all co-owners to a newsletter list and we will send you updates during the transition period. Meanwhile, we will of course continue to post positive news stories to our website and you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. If you hear of anyone who missed out on this opportunity, please direct them to www.ownthemedia.org where they can register their interest in further share offers we may decide to do in the future (more info here).

We would like to end by expressing our sincere gratitude for your investments, your words, your actions, your trust and your belief in our collective mission to change the news for good.

We cannot wait to embark on the next stage of this exciting journey with all 1,525 of you.

Thank you,

The Positive News team

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Levels of Investment

£50 or more

£50 Investment

FRIEND: 50 shares in Positive News

£100 or more

168 of 200 claimed

£100 Investment

TWEETER: 100 shares in Positive News + a personal tweet of thanks from our editor @seandaganwood

£150 or more

97 of 125 claimed

£150 Investment

SHARER: 150 shares in Positive News + 2 #OwnTheMedia t-shirts (100% organic cotton)

£250 or more

58 of 75 claimed

£250 Investment

CELEBRATOR: 250 shares in Positive News + 1 ticket to our exclusive re-launch party in London!

£500 or more

64 of 75 claimed

£500 Investment

INSPIRER: 500 shares in Positive News + you will be a 'featured owner' in print or online!

£1,000 or more

34 of 35 claimed

£1,000 Investment

COVER STAR: 1000 shares in Positive News + a personalised front page printed on an A2 poster!

£5,000 or more

3 of 4 claimed

£5,000 Investment

BRAIN PICKER: 5000 shares in Positive News + a half day private consultation session with our team about your media or community project (anywhere in the UK)!

£7,500 or more

0 of 2 claimed

£7,500 Investment

BREAKFASTER: 7500 shares in Positive News + a private breakfast for up to 10 people with our patron Martyn Lewis CBE and editor Seán Dagan Wood, at a highly exclusive London venue!

£10,000 or more

0 of 2 claimed

£10,000 Investment

GUEST EDITOR: 10,000 shares in Positive News + be our guest editor for one edition! You'll experience the production process and help choose our content.

£15,000 or more

1 of 2 claimed

£15,000 Investment

COOPERATOR: 15,000 shares in Positive News + guest edit an issue of Positive News + private breakfast with our editor Seán Dagan Wood and patron Martyn Lewis CBE, followed by an exclusive consultancy session with our team about your organisation or project's communications strategy

£20,000 or more

1 of 2 claimed

£20,000 Investment

HEADLINER: 20,000 shares in Positive News + meet the team at our HQ, receive a private tuition session in constructive journalism or writing, and exclusive dinner with our patron Martyn Lewis CBE and editor Seán Dagan Wood

£75 or more

300 of 300 claimed

£75 Investment

WEARER: 75 shares in Positive News + one #OwnTheMedia T-shirt (100% organic cotton)

£100 or more

100 of 100 claimed

£100 Investment

CLUB OF 100: 100 shares in Positive News + your name highlighted on the special Club of 100 investors list in print and online!

£125 or more

1 of 1 claimed

£125 Investment

TASTER: 125 shares in Positive News + a Divine chocolate tasting kit. **Exclusive reward, only 1 available!**

£125 or more

1 of 1 claimed

£125 Investment

CHEF: 125 shares in Positive News + an organic hamper from Suma Wholefoods. **Exclusive final-day reward, only 1 available!**

£200 or more

48 of 30 claimed

£200 Investment

SURPRISER: 200 shares in Positive News + a secret gift!

£2,500 or more

7 of 7 claimed

£2,500 Investment

LISTENER: 2500 shares in Positive News + a guest lecture by our editor, Seán Dagan Wood (anywhere in the UK)!

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