Princess to bring sparkle to Portsmouth Community

by Princess Sassy in Southsea, England, United Kingdom

Princess to bring sparkle to Portsmouth Community

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Please help me through COVID-19 and I will provide Portsmouth with magical moments and smiles for the future.

by Princess Sassy in Southsea, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 9th May 2020 we'd raised £2,550 with 75 supporters in 21 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

If I reach £1500 or more, I will take a team of entertainers to the Children's Ward at QA hospital, Portsmouth for a day- to bring smiles and magical moments to the children there. 


My Name is Sassy and on 1st march 2020: I took the exciting plunge to venture into being solely self employed and quit my employed job to pursue my dream of working in events and theatre. I was so excited as I had secured work from teaching drama, princess parties and hosting events for the next few months and I was set to start my new self employed role with a busy season. 

Then the dreaded news came and I watched how over night,  venues closed, classes ceased and all my work booked until August was cancelled. I am a single mum, to my son who is now home. My world shattered around me and I faced an uncertain future for me and my career. 

Then more bad news - due to me changing my job roles and employment status just before COVID-19, I am not eligible to any government support, as my businesses are too new and do not meet the criteria. It has plunged me into a huge concern for me as a freelance drama practitioner- as I rely on the venues being open, for my work to exist. And so- I reach out to you as I ask you to help me through this difficult few months.

I've never been one to ask for money to help me out, but as I struggle to keep my business afloat with the monthly outgoings and zero incomings. I am at a point, where I need to ask please help me.  

                                                                                              With Crowdfunder UK, I have been approached that if I reach my £1000 target: my funding will be matched and I will receive extra money. That extra funding will secure my integral business bills for the next 4 months and allow me the opportunity to keep my businesses for when the venues reopen and I am able to return back to work.

I'm not someone who can take your money without offering something in return and as my ethos is to create smiles and bringing magical moments to life; why not create smiles for the future!


I specialize in bringing Princess characters to life and making magical moments with children and adults alike. I am a professional drama facilitator, with an enhanced DBS check and fully insured with Public Liability.                                                   My work has grounded to a complete halt until it is safe for me to host parties, teach, run events and perform at festivals again. However I would like to bring some extra smiles to the people within our communities that need it most!

By you pledging through crowdfunder, You will be purchasing my service for you and your family- while donating to help build smiles in our community. (see next section below)

I will be making personalised Princess messages to EVERY pledge over £10, for you to send to your loved ones while they are at home. This is my way of saying Thank you for supporting our community. These will be pre-recorded messages emailed to you from S H Imaginations Princesses.

JUST £50 pledge - I will bring my character to life at your child's nursery or primary school in Portsmouth area (PO1-PO6): You will be creating ever lasting memories for your child and their classmates. You can request which Primary school/nursery you would like me to attend and I will organise this with them. PLUS you get a personalised Video message.

The first 10 to pledge for the school/nursery visits will get it at JUST £35!

AND the ULTIMATE:  If I reach over £1500 - I will visit the Children's ward at the hospital* with a team of characters. Helping to bring lots of smiles to the children within the wards, when it is safe to do so.

*All visits will be scheduled at a time that is safe to do so, alongside the hospitals regulations and invitation.


Once the fundraiser reaches £600 - I will host a £30 minute Meet and Greet at a Women's Refuge in Portsmouth.

If we reach the £800 mark - I will volunteer to deliver Food bank packages dressed as a princess for an hour to families in need within Portsmouth.

If I reach over £1500 I will get a team of entertainers together to visit the Children's ward at Hospital to bring some extra sparkle and smiles to the ward when it is safe to do so. 

YOU can sponsor a visit to any organisation within the PO1-PO6 postcode to have a Princess Meet and Greet for just a £100 donation! Bringing so much joy to a group of people and families.

From Primary Schools to Women's Refuges to Children's wards to YOU at home:   If you pledge to support my business through the COVID-19 closures, I will be sharing the happiness and sparkle to many children as they get to meet their favourite characters in person, when it is safe for me to be there.


As a thank you to you all- I am hosting LIVE facebook events FREE every tuesday on my business page: 

Join me each week as a different princess, hosts a different activity that your child can do at home. 

Thank you so much to everyone who helps me through this most difficult time. I am truly humbled by the support and honoured to help bring some positivity and smiles to your children at this time. I am excited to be able to bring so many more families magical moments through the autumn months and into next year.

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This project offered rewards

£10 or more

Personalised Pre-recorded Message

I will send you a personalised Pre-recorded message from a Princess. These will be recorded and sent to you in May 2020. (Exact date to be confirmed). Once the fundraiser has closed you will receive an email with your message request- this will be filmed and sent to you by 31st May 2020.

£50 or more

Visit to your Home AND Personalised Video message

Pledge £50 and 1 Princess will visit your Home (when safe to do so) within the City of Portsmouth (PO1 -PO6) for a 30 minute Meet and Greet. - Will be scheduled in for when it is safe to do so and can be redeemed between 1st June 2020 and 1st August 2021. - You can use this as a Visit to a venue in future for a party.

£100 or more

You choose a Princess Meet and Greet

Pledge £100 and I will arrange a 45 minute Princess Meet and Greet to an organisation of your choosing within Portsmouth/ Fareham /Gosport/ Whiteley/ Havant/ Waterlooville ONLY. This will be redeemable within 1st September 2020 and 30th June 2021. You may choose which character attends and they will meet the children/families and sign autographs and have photos with them for a 45 minute session.

£120 or more

Future Party Package with added perks!

Pay for a 1 hour party package through this crowdfunder, you'll also receive a personalised video message in May 2020 AND help support other community projects to receive a Princess meet and greet! Just £120 for a 1 hour princess party within postcodes PO1-PO6, character of your choice, redeemable from 1/9/2020 and 31/07/2021. Will host party package for up to 25 guests, all entertainment included

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