Portishead Wheels and Skate Park (WASP)

by Portishead Wheels and Skate Park (WASP) CIC in Bristol, North Somerset, United Kingdom


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We are fundraising for a Wheels and Skate Park to provide much needed facilities for local young people to enjoy all year round.

by Portishead Wheels and Skate Park (WASP) CIC in Bristol, North Somerset, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 10th April 2022 we'd raised £23,057 with 292 supporters in 49 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.


Why a Wheels and Skate Park?

Skateboarding is a social sport that has multi-generational appeal and has grown into a mainstream pursuit and an inspirational Olympic sport

Historically, some skating facilities ended up in dark forgotten corners of parks and gained a bad reputation. The Portishead Skate and Wheels Park at the Lake Grounds will be a safe, well monitored destination that our young people can be proud of. 

Having access to high quality facilities can help Portishead local young people and adults access the kind of opportunities that are available elsewhere, facilities that they have requested for many years! 

Skateboard England describes significant benefits that skateboarding can have in relation to mental health and physical wellbeing. In contrast to a lot of sports, the lack of team element means there is no social pressure on skateboarders who can be encouraged to learn and grow at their own pace whilst being supported by an inclusive skating community.  

The Proposal

The facility will be a state of the art concrete skate bowl at the Lake Grounds adjacent to Esplanade Road. The Park will be run as a fully inclusive and accessible community facility and is designed for all ages and abilities. Coaching will be available provided by trained sports coaches. 

Here is the exciting design! Note: the Wheels Park will be set into the existing grass.


This is the location on the Lake Grounds


The plan is to be open in late 2022. 

What funding do we need?

The new skate park will cost up to £300,000 and will take about 6 months to build once funding is in place.

We aim to reach this target though a mixture of money raised by the community and via grant funding organisations such as sports bodies and the national lottery. 

Grant funders will look at the level of community support for a project so the more we can raise the better chance we have of unlocking the grants we need!

We have put together a package of funding rewards including the chance to get a limited-edition Portishead Skate Park T-Shirt, Hoodie or Skate Deck, sponsoring a Palm Tree or having your name on a personalised ceramic tile surrounding the bowl.

How can you help?

  • Just make a donation of any amount or support us in return for a variety of rewards which are our way of thanking you for your support.
  • Spread the word by telling as many people as possible about this fantastic community project.
  • Fundraise for us in any way you wish including setting up your own fundraising page. Please contact us via our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/WaspPortishead to discuss further.

Who are we?

We are Portishead WASP (Wheels and Skate Park) CIC, a registered Community Interest Company made up of Portishead volunteer residents, set up to manage the funding and implementation of this project.

By working together, we can finally make the dream of many people over the years a reality by creating a facility that enhances the area that we can all be proud of. Let’s do it!



This project offered rewards

£250 or more

A Personalised Ceramic Tile set-in around the Park

Become a permanent feature and be part of the Wheels Park with a handmade personalised ceramic tile featuring your name/s.

£25 or more

1st Edition Baseball Cap

Own a 1st Edition Portishead Wheels and Skate Park Baseball Cap (we will be in touch for sizing)

£25 or more

1st Edition Beanie

Wear a 1st Edition Portishead Wheels and Skate Park Beanie (we will be in touch for sizing)

£25 or more

1st Edition Trucker Cap

Be the owner of a Portishead Wheels and Skate Park Trucker Cap (we will be in touch for sizing)

£40 or more

1st Edition T-shirt

A chance to own our 1st Edition Portishead Wheels and Skate Park T-shirt (we will be in touch for sizing)

£50 or more

Sponsor a bush to complement the Skate Park

The bushes will be on the bank of the Skate Park next to Esplanade Road

£60 or more

1st Edition Hoodie

Wear our 1st Edition Portishead Wheels and Skate Park Hoodie (we will be in touch for sizing)

£200 or more

Limited Edition Skate Deck

Be the proud owner of one of our 1st Edition Portishead Skate and Wheels Park skate decks.

£10,000 or more

Naming rights for the Wheels Park

An opportunity to purchase exclusive naming rights to the Wheels and Skate Park for 2 years. Please get in touch for more details or other sponsorship opportunities.

£500 or more

Sponsor a smaller Palm tree

One of three smaller Palm Trees located around the bowl with an option to have your name/s on a ceramic marker by the tree

£1,500 or more

Sponsor our landmark Palm Tree

The Palm will live next to and overlook the bowl with an option to have your name/s on a ceramic marker by the tree

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