Sydenham Garden Pond Restoration Project

by Tom in Lewisham, England, United Kingdom

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Restoring our pond areas through volunteering sessions

by Tom in Lewisham, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We would like to also carry out remedial works to the pond area at our De Frene site, which has been leaking for the past 12 months.

(pond being constructed by volunteers )

Sydenham Garden's Pond Restoration Project is one that brings local people together to take part in the social, therapeutic, creative and meaningful activity of designing, restoring and building a pond, wetland and garden area. Over the 15 years Sydenham Garden has been operating, our pond has become a focal point. It is used by hundreds of people as part of their recovery from mental ill health or helping people with dementia to live well.   It is also used by children from the local community, helping them to discover and learn about nature.  

The very large pond is now nearly more than 10 years old, is leaking and is losing much of the biodiversity and beauty it once housed. While the pond is still home to some newts and frogs, the invertebrates are leaving! The flora and fauna are really struggling.  It is in desperate need of repair.  This job is expensive and beyond the daily budget of a small charity like Sydenham Garden.

(a newt from the pond)

(A frog in the Pond)

To maximise value for money and make full use of this opportunity, we will set up a series of weekly volunteer session focusing on restoring the pond area. The sessions will be open for current and past co-workers and local volunteers. The project has evolved from user’s feedback for the need to significantly improve the pond area and to meet the demand for garden focused activity opportunities at Sydenham Garden. The project will raise our profile locally through the new opportunities and the restoration of the pond will also celebrate 15 years of the charity, with the completion of the pond coinciding with the end of our celebrations. After the project, the pond and garden will be maintained through our therapeutic garden sessions.

(the pond in it's better days)

We hope to fully restore this large pond.  Replacing the liner, building a deck, planting the pond with water plants, and landscaping the pond edge.

(The current state of the pond)

If we meet our stretch target we will also carry out remedial works to our pond at De Frene


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