Polarface Presents: You're Up Next (Music Show)

by Polarface Music Group in United Kingdom

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You’re Up Next (YUN) is a contemporary music television show produced by the Polarface Music Group.

by Polarface Music Group in United Kingdom

The Polarface Music Group are raising £5,000 to bring You're Up Next (YUN) to your television.


Who are we at the Polarface Music Group?

My name is Jason Ngimbi, founder of Polarface Music Group. The company was founded in Manchester but now operates in London. The group comprises of a Record Label, Events, and Management. 


The company now has the ambition to expand toward TV. I founded Polarface in 2016, whilst studying at University and launched due to my passion for music and admiration for culture and arts. I've been very fortunate to have surrounded myself with the right people, people who are talented musicians and future execs. 


I founded the Record Label in a manner much different to the way many start-ups begin. I actually started the company using my own student loan. The purpose of this student loan was, in fact, to supplement my personal daily expenditure while I was studying, however as huge ambitions kicked in I launched Polarface. 


I had always wanted to take a DIY approach and pursue my passion. In the early days there were times when I would have little or no money to support the label, but I'm grateful that I have been able to stay focused and do my best with finite resources.


Four years later, and Polarface has now started to see the fruits of our labour. We’ve worked with artists who've appeared on prestigious stages such as Glastonbury and BBC Live at the Lexington. We’ve also organized sold-out live events that have featured artists generating a big buzz in the music industry.


Furthermore, we are becoming a cultural asset in the industry in terms of Fashion/Apparel, Events and supporting talent across all Genres of music. This is a measure that I see as vital towards the current and future success of the label.

Why are we crowdfunding?

The reason we are running this Crowdfunder campaign is to attract financial backing for a new venture that will be supporting the wider music industry. The title of the project is 'You're Up Next.' The title is also the Polarface company slogan.

Format Description: You're Up Next (YUN) is a new music television show produced by the Polarface Music Group. YUN is a presenter-led format, influenced by iconic shows such as Top of The Tops, Later Live Jools Holland, The Tube, The Word, and The Old Grey Whistle Test. 



YUN will showcase upcoming talent alongside more established artists. YUN will have performances, interviews, clips, and videos featuring artists from a broad and diverse range of Popular Music & Culture. 


YUN is the Millennial/Generation Z take on the classic music television format. As younger people are increasingly finding and sharing clips from these iconic shows, we have identified that the demand for televised live music is there. We believe that the time has come to take a fresh look at this tried and tested format for the online/demand generation. 

Our goal is to create a platform that speaks directly to our generation while showcasing the very best in British musical talent.

This will remain front and centre as YUN continues to develop.

What's the plan for 'You're Up Next'?

Serial: Each show will feature four performers, two presenters, clips, and videos. The duration of an episode will be 22 minutes. The show will not feature an audience; preferably, the 'audience' will only comprise the studio crew, other artists, and the artist's crew/friends. The purpose of this is to introduce a lively, exclusive, and intimate atmosphere to the show while keeping it distinct from a staged stream of the gig. Having and interacting with a small and friendly audience/crew will be one of our USP's.


The show plans to shoot and air one series in 2021. The goal is to shoot Series 1 in September and air in December 2021. The series will contain four episodes. So, across 2021, 16 artists will appear on the show. The show will air on Polarface's official VEVO/YouTube channel.

The End Goal: To be a leading contemporary music show for years to come. 

We want to build a platform where emerging musicians are not overlooked and established artists are supported and have further opportunities to perform where they feel comfortable. 


Also, we want YUN to be a show for the future while looking back to the values of famous music television shows from the past. You're Next Up is to be the brand-new music show for Generation Z. 


As live music disappeared due to the extraordinary circumstances we faced in 2020, people such as myself who love music have the duty to support the creative industry.


The money raised for this show will help us with the brand strategy & identity, creative direction and setup for the show. The funding generated will also support YUN in remunerating the musicians we book to perform. 

Furthermore, funding can help us with resources to pay the crew and cast who will direct and present. 

Lastly, funding provides us with an adequate marketing budget to promote the show, propelling us to a wider audience and hopefully lead the show to success.


How you can help the Polarface Music Group?

We want to help creatives get back on their feet and inspire people to continue believing in the arts. The show can support the wider music economy and provide job opportunities within the industry. Gaining crowdfunding support will allow us to help people's careers, and individuals can get back to doing what they love most. We have tremendous confidence the show can be successful, and it's an idea that we want to involve the community in. We need your help to realise the future of Polarface and quite possibly the wider music industry.



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