Poland Has A Task

by PHAT Bristol in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Poland Has A Task
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by PHAT Bristol in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

For the release of the charity album ‘Poland Has a Task’, PhatBristol have been working with artists in the UK and in Poland. While a majority of the journey has been achievable and successful without significant financial support, the mastering, distribution and vinyl pressing are the final hurdles before the album reaches your ears. PhatBristol are asking for contributions to cover this upfront cost of £1785.

Once the crowd funder campaign has passed this goal, we will be looking further forward towards creating merchandise to coincide with the release of the album. 

 As a thank you for your important participation in making the album, we will be able to offer a discount on any merchandise made, thanks to your contribution. 

 Any money that is leftover will of course be donated to the same charities that all the proceeds from the album will be going towards: Strajk Kobiet,Stop Bzdurom and Aborcyjny Dream.

About the album:

‘Poland Has a Task’ is a project that was started by Ola, (who moved to England with her Mum from Poland the age of 7) the co-founder of PHATBristol. In her own words: ‘There is no future for me in a country that takes my basic human rights away. A country that won’t give me the choice to SAFELY and LEGALLY carry out abortion. A country that won’t let me be with a woman and marry the person I love. Every day, I am moved and inspired by the activism in Poland, Polish people risking their lives, their relationship with their families, their place in society for long overdue justice and equality. I have never before felt such pride in being Polish. I have never before felt such pride in being a Polish Woman. We fight with our music now and our culture, for freedom.’

It is no longer legal to get an abortion in Poland If the foetus had a foetal defect. Until October 22nd, 98% of abortions in Poland were carried out because of a foetal defect. The ban will result in abortions (or assisting in one) being punishable by law, putting families and medical professionals in an impossible position, with the mother having to carry to term a foetus without a brain. It will also prevent prenatal tests from being carried out, in fear of damaging the foetus or discovering a foetal defect that can't be treated. This is inhumane and cruel. It is manipulative and barbaric.

 As of 2020, Poland is the worst performing EU country in terms of LGBTQ+ Rights.

 A third of Poland is currently declared as an ‘LGBT-free zone’. Although the zones are non-binding in law, it sends a clear message of exclusion to the LGBTQ+ community in Poland. 

Poland have a turbulent history with abortion rights and LGBTQ+ rights, they are one of the very few countries that have restricted abortion laws, this leads women seeking illegal abortions whether it be abroad or secretly. 

As of 2020, there are around 80 towns and regions in Poland that have passed resolutions that declare these areas ‘LGBT-free zones’, no such ideology is welcomed in these areas.

To support the women’s movement, fight the ongoing battle for human rights and the right to carry out safe and legal abortions in Poland, PhatBristol have responded with tenacity and righteous indignation. 

PhatBristol have curated and produced an album which showcases the extensive and diverse LGBTQ+ music scene in Bristol and beyond. Each track has been specifically provided for this compilation and all artists are Queer and/or Fem.


Jessica Winter, Drag, Smuj, Hector Who Lived // Immy Oak, Dunayev, Sylvia Baudelaire, Lynks, Arek Klusowski, Muffintops, Rozmazani, TEDDY ft. T L K and Bendy Wendy


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£7 or more

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£30 or more

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£40 or more

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£50 or more

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