Plymouth Moor View Reform UK Election

by Shaun Hooper in Plymouth, United Kingdom

Plymouth Moor View Reform UK Election

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Our aim is to get Reform UK, as many MP's as Possible, I am up against the massive machines of the lib/lab/con and need equality

by Shaun Hooper in Plymouth, United Kingdom

Hello I'm Shaun Hooper, 

I am campaigning to be the new MP for Plymouth Moor View, taking the place of Johnny Mercer who i feel amongst others that he and his party have let down the British people. with you all behind me i want to raise £10,000 for my campaign funds.

I need fundraising because unlike the other parties Labour, Liberal, and the Cons,

They have massive machines behind them, and their campaign funds, are huge in comparison.

Election Literature is very expensive, i need correx boards, (like the Estate Agents use), more print runs, bigger and better leaflets, street stall material, Vinyl banners, wrapping for my car, clothing for volunteers, and so on.

I cannot believe this is the country i grew up in, where it is considered Racism to display an English flag, say what you feel only to be told you might offend someone. 

I want my country back none of this woke ideology, putting others before our veterans who gave us our freedom in the first place.

i could go on and on, the Tories have nothing working 

Education BROKE,  NHS:BROKE,  Justice BROKE: Immigration BROKE,

Police BROKE, Our Defence: BROKE, tell me Please something they done well, apart from giving us Higher Taxes, Cost of Living, unaffordable homes, etc etc.

I do feel that enough is enough, Conservatives is they get back in will just sell our country out, and put us in Recession.

Labour will open the floodgates, welcome anybody who breathes,

Throw money at everything to try to fix things,

We will find solutions and have done, to fix these problems, then injecting money where its needed to fix and repair our country.

I could go on for another chapter or two, WE NEED CHANGE AND REFORM IS THE ANSWER.

Please help me to be able to help you, put more money in your pocket, and build a Britain to be proud of again, and leave a legacy for our children to follow. 


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