Plenty SE13

by Alina & Joel in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Plenty SE13 is a whole food pantry in Ladywell. All the essentials plus grains, pulses, beans & pasta...available to buy-by-weight

by Alina & Joel in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

About us 

Hi, we’re Alina & Joel, owners of Oscar’s in Ladywell and proud local residents who are passionate about food, hospitality and sustainability.  This year we’re launching a new project in Ladywell to bring a sustainable whole food store to the high street, so we need your help raising £17,500 to make Plenty SE13 a reality!

Opening another local business, which adds something positive to Ladywell whilst also aligning with our values has long been in our plans, and this past year and a half has really brought home to us the importance of a thriving local high street for the community…so it’s time to put our plan into action!

The plan

We are excited to announce that we will be opening Plenty SE13 later this year, just across the road from Oscar’s in Ladywell!


Plenty is a whole food pantry selling all the store cupboard essentials with almost everything available to buy-by-weight.  As well as all the usual dry goods, we’ll be stocking a range of grains, pulses, beans, nuts & dried fruits alongside herbs, spices, oils & vinegars plus a range of wines on tap.

We are passionate about food and drink, so making good quality food more available in our local area is something close to our hearts; and by reducing packaging and focusing on ethical supply chains we hope to create an opportunity for everyone to move towards a more sustainable, less impactful way of shopping, eating & living.


We want to create a shop which gives us enough space to sell everything you need, whilst allowing you to shop in comfort and take your time to check out the whole range of products.  If you prefer to order from the comfort of home, we will have a click & collect service as well as a home delivery option for all products.

We've included more details on the kinds of food & drinks we'll be selling as well some FAQs below, but first...

We need your help...

Opening a new business is hard at the best of times and we expect the total cost to get Plenty up and running will be circa £35,000.   We’ll be funding a big part of this ourselves but we also need for some help from you!

Our contribution...We’ll be contributing £17,500 of our own money to cover legal fees, building works and shop fit costs.  This also allows us to setup the website and infrastructure required to operate a click & collect and delivery service.

Some help from you...To add to this, we are aiming to raise a further £17,500 to cover the costs of dispensing equipment, weighing systems & opening stock. 

We appreciate this is a big ask and we hope that we can find enough supporters who share our vision to help us bring this project to reality and create something which we can all be proud of!

Rewards…Gratitude, trees & much much more!

Everyone who makes a donation will have their name proudly featured on our ‘Wall of Plenty' at the shop, which will be visible for all to see as a lasting token of our gratitude for your contribution!

We will also be planting a tree for every single donation we receive, however big or small, so we can make a strong start on our commitment to sustainability.

Alongside this we are offering rewards for different levels of donation, so take a look and we look forward to welcoming you as a founder of Plenty!


What can I buy at Plenty? 

Food… Plenty is a whole food pantry & dry goods store so the bulk of our product range will be food!  

Our wall of gravity dispensers will be home for our range of dry goods such as grains, pulses, beans, nuts & dried fruits which we will be extending and adapting as time goes on and in response to your feedback.  There will also be a range of pastas in different shapes & sizes as well as gluten free options aplenty.


Basic store cupboard essentials such as different types of flour, baking powder, dried yeast & sugars will be available either to buy-by-weight or be sold in packaging which is easily recyclable 

There will be an extensive range of herbs & spices for you to peruse and buy however much you need for whatever style of food you happen to be cooking, as well as oils and vinegars to put the finishing touches to dressings and marinades.


Drinks…We’ll be stocking a range of loose-leaf teas for you to choose from as well as coffee beans which we can grind for you to use at home…all sold by weight so you can buy as much or as little as you need.

Whilst we’re not planning to stock any dairy products, we will have a selection of alternative milks including Oatly & Minor Figures…which we hope to offer on a refillable basis.

Finally, we will be offering wine on tap!  A rotating selection of wines we enjoy drinking for you to fill up into whatever size of container you like with no judgement!1617809443_wine_on_tap_hero.jpeg

Thank you!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about what we're planning...we really appreciate it and we're excited to make this happen!

Below we've answered some common questions but if you have any others or would like to suggest some ideas about how we can make Plenty even better we'd love to hear from you!

Email: [email protected]

Or...just drop in to Oscar's for a coffee and a chat


Crikey!!  What costs £35k?

It all adds up…but the full breakdown looks something like this:

  • Legal & conveyancing fees - £2k
  • Shopfront, signage & awning - £5k
  • Electrical & plumbing - £3k
  • Shop fit & flooring - £5k
  • Food dispensers & storage - £12k
  • IT, website & till systems - £3k
  • Opening stock - £3k
  • Opening costs & cash flow cover - £2k

Will Plenty be ‘Zero Waste’?

Our main goal is to create a store which gives everyone the chance to do what they can and to move towards a lower waste, less impactful way of living.  Whilst ‘zero waste’ is an objective which we fully support, for us, the benefits of focusing on whole foods, dried products, fewer animal products and more ethical supply chains are the areas where we feel we can make the biggest impact at the moment.

Will Plenty be organic?

Much of what we sell at Plenty will be organic…but not everything.  We expect the balance of organic products to increase over time and, as with ‘zero-waste’, this is both something we believe in and something which we will work towards.  Right now, our priority is to offer whole foods in a sustainable way and to help as many people as possible engage with this way of shopping, eating and living.


Who are your suppliers?

We will work with a range of suppliers who we believe reflect our values and ethos. Whilst we are still finalising the list at the moment it will certainly include the likes of Suma, a 100% vegetarian, sustainability focused co-operative who will provide many of our dried goods.  We will be fully transparent about our supply chain once we are up and running and will be using our social media channels to talk about the people, producers & suppliers who we work with. 


What will the opening hours be?

Tuesday to Sunday 10am – 5pm to start with.


How will you deliver?

To begin with, we will use a combination of walking, electric scooting, cycling and car depending on distance and weight!   Once we have a better idea of the demand and the geography of that demand, we plan to ditch the car and invest in a more sustainable solution.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

30 of 100 claimed

Bottle of wine & 'Founder' Tote bag

Enjoy one of the very first bottles of wine from our tap & take it home in a Founder Tote bag!

£15 or more

Coffee & Pastry

Grab a coffee & pastry from Oscar's to say thank you!

£25 or more

30 of 100 claimed

'Founder' Tote Bag

A limited edition Founder Tote bag...wear it with pride!

£100 or more

66 of 100 claimed

All of the above + £25 Plenty Voucher!

Coffee & Pastry, Founder Tote, Bottle of wine PLUS a £25 voucher to spend at Plenty SE13!

£200 or more

Legend of Plenty!

This is a massive helping we'll give you 50% of your donation in Plenty limit!

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