Please help me raise money for legal costs

by Donte Spillane in Redruth, England, United Kingdom

Please help me raise money for legal costs
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I am raising money for legal costs involving family matters. Which is also in line with the succession of my leave To remain application.

by Donte Spillane in Redruth, England, United Kingdom

I really need some help. Times get tough trying to constantly come up with money for things. You can burn it out. 

I only put that as I am currently going through a leave to remain application. This means I currently am not legally entitled to work it means I also can't have money from universal credit. I'm not even aloud to legally learn to drive because I won't even get the provisional license back, I've tried. 

This is because I was not registered when I was bought into this lovely country through adoption by British parents. Their names are even on my birth certificate, that's how official legal documents are. It is beneficial and life can start flowing again hopefully if I get accepted. 6 months is a really long time to have to wait especially when the conditions would usually make someone destitute. We also would have to come up with funds because immigration solicitors are not eligible for legal aid. 

Desperate times cause for emphasised actions which very well feel like they are necessary so please understand that I will appreciate any help I can get. It's to save my relationship with my children for in the future, it's so difficult not being able to support my kids in the way that a man should be able to support their family. I really need to be able to get my life moving forward because the stagnation that it creates seriously affects all areas important in your life. It's 2021. I do feel the baby mum is starting to lose Faith in me as a father but I want that to be different.

The next step is for a DNA test and the money needed for this process is £450. 

This will get my name on my twin babies birth certificates because I feel it is fair that they can see who their dad is whenever they looked at their birth certificates if they chose too.

I'm going to be a great dad, I just need to catch up again and need to rebuild once my application has been hopefully accepted. Even during that process i will try my best to show how much I do love them. They are family.

On my application one thing that needs to be argued is my family life. I just need to be on their birth certificate to prove to the home office that I am their dad along with some kind of parental agreement. It's extremely challenging to get this information but if i can raise the money this will be resolved very fast.

I will be forever grateful. 

Thank You for reading.

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