Playing God

by jacquideevoy in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Exposing the sinister side of the U.K. government’s medical policies and putting an end to the death and destruction they’re causing.

by jacquideevoy in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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This Film Will Save Lives

Over the last few decades, thousands upon thousands of people have died unnecessarily - not from a killer virus but from a killer government.

Medical democide death by government policy is shockingly - alive and kicking in the UK. Secret medical trials, deliberate negligence, and the use of protocols and medications that are known to cause harm are practices that are all too commonplace. Most of us haven’t been aware of these murderous government policies. Those that are seem to accept them.


“The Greater Good”

The government may argue that these policies are in place for “the greater good” but this is highly debatable. Drugs have be tested, they might say; terminally ill individuals need a helping hand as they pass away, they say; withholding food and water from frail or elderly hospital patients is fine in certain circumstances, they state; rolling out life-threatening injections while they’re still in the trial stage is something that just had to be done, they insist.

The list goes on.

But why is all this happening - what are the reasons behind it - and how are they getting away with it? This is what needs investigation.



The killing of members of a country's civilian population as a result of its government's policy, including by direct action, indifference and neglect.

Stand Up For Your Rights

In the UK, we pride ourselves on a long history of standing up for our rights and freedoms. We should not be subjected to dangerous medical protocols, nor should we be forced to comply with directives that could cause us harm.

Certain policies (handed down to the NHS in the guise of formal government directives) have been - and still are - causing death and devastation to individuals and families. It’s time these policies were examined, exposed and investigated.

‘Playing God’ is a film that will do just that, proving that medical democide is in full effect, looking into the individual policies that are destroying lives and giving a platform to people who’ve lost loved ones - babies, children, parents, spouses and siblings - because of it.

Raising Awareness

The aim of ‘Playing God’ is to raise awareness of these crimes against humanity. Only then can we start to make much-needed changes.

We Need Your Help

To produce the film, we need your help. To get the message across and to get the film distributed far and wide, we require funding. The more we raise, the quicker we can spread the word.

Everyone who donates will have their name entered into a prize draw, getting the chance to win four free tickets to the premiere.

Thank you for being involved in our project.

Please donate: medical democide must be exposed and stopped!

About The Producer

Jacqui Deevoy has worked for over three decades as a freelance journalist, writing primarily for national newspapers and women’s magazines. In 2014, she was employed as a producer at The People’s Voice (an alternative news station set up by renowned author and researcher David Icke).

In 2021, Jacqui produced a documentary with Ickonic Media called ‘A Good Death?’, which focused on the shocking implementation of euthanasia in NHS hospitals and care facilities. The film was seen worldwide and is one of Ickonic’s most-watched films. It was also picked up by national and international media. In the last few months, Jacqui has appeared on several internet TV shows and has been interviewed by many well-known hosts including Gareth Icke, Richie Allen and Alex Jones.

After the success of ‘A Good Death?’, she decided to make a second film. She’s gathered together a great team and is now ready to expose more truths.


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