by Karl Fogg in Fleetwood, England, United Kingdom

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Boost your workouts. Boost the world. Help us fund the very first batch of the best protein in fitness, and make your gains go further.

by Karl Fogg in Fleetwood, England, United Kingdom


We’re Phyton.

A not-for-profit, plant-based protein company, that makes your gains go further.

But we don’t just make the best vegan protein.

We make the best protein supplements and they’re vegan.

Good thing too.

Because the world has a fight on its hands.

We’re crowdfunding to kickstart the fightback.

Using health, wellbeing, and fitness for all.

So read on, back us, back yourself and Phyton. 

The Pillars

Phyton is built on 3 powerful pillars.

1. 1612192796_performance_still.jpg

Like we said, Phyton isn’t just the best vegan protein. It’s the best protein and it’s vegan.

Phyton comes in 2 flavours, for now. Chocolate fudge or salted caramel. 

And we use only world-class, pure plant-based ingredients to boost your workouts and the world - in a way that blows our competitors out of the water. 

Win, win, win.



We have to be sustainable. There’s no choice anymore.

So when you help fund Phyton - you can be sure that all the packaging used to get your supplement to your shaker is reusable, recyclable, or compostable. 

All that gets wasted are your PBs.


In terms of what goes into Phyton, we source as much as we can from home shores. But elite ingredients sometimes mean going a little further afield.

So, for every pack of Phyton sold, here, or after this Crowdfunder, we’ll plant 2 trees. That’s a promise.


Lots of other companies plant 1. But we’re going for 2.

Because we go further.

3.1612192899_not_for_profit_still.jpgThe success of any vegan movement will displace lots of harmful farmland, the people who work there, and livestock.

But we won’t see anyone left behind.

That’s why we’re a not-for-profit.

To start - all the profits we make will go towards funding animal sanctuaries across the U.K.

As we grow, we’ll aim to lobby governments into blocking subsidies for harmful animal-based production lines, as well as advocating for their deconstruction.

We’ll then push for the conversion of cruel farmlands into more ethical, sustainable and profitable businesses.

And we’ll also help fund the training of the same former farmworkers to run these new businesses.

We have no interest in simply swapping who is oppressed.

After all, it’s only a brave new world if everyone benefits.

The Fight:

We’re doing all this because animal-based food and drink production is killing our planet.



1612193705_unethical_still.jpgEvery year, 70 billion animals are bred, enslaved, and slaughtered to satisfy ‘demand’. Protein powders included. This isn’t the place to go into details. But we’ve got them if you want to know more.

As a species - we should be ashamed.


Overconsumption of meat, dairy, and other animal products increases your chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

And the rest.

It also means your body is in a near-constant state of inflammation, making it harder for you to work out and recover as well as possible.

And don’t get us started on the amount of blood, puss, and veterinary antibiotics that are legally allowed in things like cow’s milk.

It should be 0.

It isn’t.

1612192689_unsustainable_still.jpgEven when treated as badly as most animals are, they still require a huge amount of food, water, and farmland.

For example, it takes 9kg of animal feed to produce 1kg of animal protein. Not only is this an absurdly inefficient way of producing protein, but it comes at a devastating environmental cost.

One that ultimately, we’ll all have to pay.

The Fightback

We get it.

It’s unrealistic for us to expect everyone to turn vegan overnight.

It makes more sense to create a genuinely better plant-based alternative to an animal-based product.

If we can do that, and others then follow our lead, that’s how the tide will start to turn.

And we love our fitness.

So that’s what Phyton is.  

Your genuinely better protein supplement.

Phyton takes going further very seriously. But in the words of Steve Jobs, “The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do”.

And speaking of crazy people...

The Founder - Karl Fogg.


Gym bunny, internet provocateur, keen amateur chef, and PETA’s sexiest vegan over 50, 2020 (seriously).

Like all beauty pageant winners, Karl wishes for a better world.

Difference being - he’s actually making it happen, with Phyton.

The Hounder - Karl’s Dog.




Walks on Blackpool beach




Well-meaning Scottish people

Well-meaning Scottish strangers.

The Film

Directed by a vegan.


(Luke Logan

Starring a vegan. 


 (Leejay Nelson

And voiced by a vegan.


 (Laura Winter )

We needed a launch film that told the Phyton story in an entertaining way. 

With an idea that linked intense gym sessions - to sustainability - to an operational animal sanctuary.

Our 3 pillars.

The shoot got off to an inauspicious start when Karl demolished a community centre’s ‘Welcome’ sign with a hire van - but in the end, we got something pretty flippin’ cool.


He made a kick-ass vegan chilli for the cast and crew too - so we’ll call it a draw.

The Name of the Gains

The Phyton name comes from Phyto Nutrients. Good eh?

So good we trademarked it.


Making Our Mark

Our logo needed to look cool on paper, social media, hoodies, t-shirts, shakers, and projected on the side of big ol’ buildings.

But we wanted it to tell a story too. And be different. 

We’re a punchy new brand, fed up with how things are and who is doing something about it.

So we went with a striking shape that could be a boxing ring. Or a football pitch. A jump-squat box. A package made from recycled material. Or a planter for freshly grown fruit and veg.


It represents the fight for your fittest self. And the collective fight we all have for our planet.

Terms of colours - well, Karl loves his racing. So we borrowed heavily from the classic Gulf style to create a look and feel that’s all about pace, power, and purpose.

We’re delighted with the results and can’t wait to see them in and on gym bags up and down the country.

Give Us a Spot 

The funds we raise will mean we can bring the first big batch of Phyton to life. From there - sky’s the limit, for your fitness and for our world. 

So back our Crowdfunder, give us a like, a follow, and please share our story on your social media channels too.

Phyton. Make your gains go further.1612192476_leejay_on_beach_logo.jpg


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£30 or more

Phyton Performance Protein (500g) + Tee

Treat yourself to a tub from Phyton’s inaugural batch plus a branded t-shirt. And make your gains go further, faster. *For specific clothing sizes, we’ll send you an email once the project is funded and you can let us know your favourite fit.

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Phyton Spirit

If you believe in the cause, donate to help fuel the fightback.

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Phyton Fashion

Get your Phyton fit and choose either a specially designed: - t-shirt - polo shirt - vest - or kit bag.

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Mover and Shaker

Get your hands on a Phyton branded, thermal lined, stainless steel protein shaker.

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With space for 100 names on limited edition founders hoodies, be part of health and fitness history, today.

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Phyton Perfomance Protein (500g)

Treat yourself to a tub from Phyton’s inaugural batch. And make your gains go further, faster.

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Phyton Performance Protein (1kg)

Treat yourself to a tub from Phyton’s inaugural batch. And make your gains go further, faster, longer.

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Phyton Performance Protein (1kg) + Shaker

Bag a kilo of Phyton’s inaugural batch plus a branded shaker to make the goodness.

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Phyton (1kg), Tee + 10% Lifetime Discount

Secure a 1kg tub of our inaugural batch, a branded t-shirt and a 10% lifetime discount on all future products and merch. Make your gains go further, for less, forever. *For specific clothing sizes, we’ll send you an email once the project is funded and you can let us know your favourite fit.

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Phyton (1kg),Shaker, Hoodie +10% Lifetime Discount

Get the full package. Ikg of Phyton Performance Protein, Phyton branded stainless steel thermal shaker, and Phyton founders hoodie, plus a lifetime 10% discount on all supplements and merch. *for specific clothing sizes, we’ll send you an email once the project is funded and you can let us know your favourite fit.

£4,750 or more

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The Mighty Oakes

Named after extreme marathon runner, animal sanctuary owner, and committed vegan Fiona Oakes. In honour of Fiona's incredible achievements at the 156 mile Marathon Des Sables, you can bag 156kg of Phyton. Now we know that most folk don't have the room for a skip full of Protein so we will deliver 1kg of Phyton per month for the next 13 years...So you can Phyton and on and on and on.

£5,000 or more

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The Big Paddy

Named after Vegan strongman and pioneer Patrik Baboumian. In honour of Patrik's record 165kg log lift, we're giving you 165kg of Phyton! Now we know that most folk don't have the room for a skip full of Protein so we will deliver 1kg of Phyton a month for the next 14 years, so you can Phyton and on and on and on.

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