Phoenix Enterprises (Swindon) Ltd

RCN 1094101, Swindon

Founded in 2002, Phoenix Enterprises is both a mental health and learning disability charity and a social enterprise. Each year we provide a vital safety net for up to 100 vulnerable adults in Swindon with mental health issues, learning difficulties and physical disabilities. Their mental health challenges range from Autism, Asperger’s and Downs Syndrome to depression and anxiety.

Phoenix Enterprises (Swindon) Ltd

Phoenix Enterprises supports individuals with mental health issues, learning difficulties and physical disabilities to live and work as independently as they choose, whatever their ability. Led by people with experience of disability and mental health issues, we are at the heart of local life – opening doors to opportunity, choice and support in the local Swindon area.

Who are Phoenix Enterprises?

Phoenix Enterprises is a local registered charity (charity number 1094101) that for nearly two decades has provided an essential and vital safety net for hundreds of adults with learning difficulties and mental health conditions across Swindon. Our small dedicated team of staff and volunteers ensure that every individual is given the opportunity to realise their full potential, which for many means finding paid employment, coming off benefits for the first time, living independently and making their way in the world. We focus on what each individual service user CAN DO - not what their condition or disability means they can't do. 

Phoenix Enterprises is a non-profit organisation so all the money we make from our production work goes straight back into the charity.

What do we do?

One of Phoenix Enterprises' prime objectives is to act as a stepping-stone towards jobs in competitive employment by giving people the opportunity to rebuild their confidence whilst learning new skills in a productive and supportive environment.

We build self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth and help counter the problems of social isolation.  We provide a structure to the day and genuine work experience in a warehouse as a constructive alternative to being isolated at home.  All this is achieved in a sensitive and ultra supportive environment where support workers are on hand to deal with issues ranging from benefit applications to GP appointments and budgeting and financial concerns to housing problems and everything in between.

We work closely with counsellors, GP's, social workers/case workers, agencies and the Job Centre to ensure that each member gets the best from Phoenix and we also offer support to their families. 

We also plan lots of fun social activities to encourage those that come to us to make friends and have some enjoyment.  

We currently help circa 70 service users who have issues and disabilities including people with Autism, Aspergers, physical disabilities and those who may have suffered mental health breakdowns.  We also offer 12 additional work experience placements for college students. 

We believe in being fully inclusive so we value the opinion of the service users and include them in discussions on how their centre is run.


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