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Our People’s Covid Inquiry is being held to learn lessons, save lives and help build the NHS we need in times of crisis and beyond.

by Keep Our NHS Public in United Kingdom

 New stretch target

We need your further support to do more of the following things as the inquiry progresses, grows in size and the evidence accumulates:

  • Record more video testimonies to a high standard from ordinary people; patients, families and front line staff about their experiences
  • Host accessible online meetings, with captioned support for the hearing-impaired
  • Build an online resource to collate our growing collection of evidence and present it in the best possible way
  • Record and edit down these meetings both as a record and as high quality promotional/campaign material to let as wide a public as possible know what we are doing
  • Put together a powerful report from the inquiry in a variety of media to disseminate widely in order to learn lessons and save lives in future pandemics


At the time of writing, deaths from COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic are in excess of 124,000 deaths - 38,000 of these care home residents, and 6 in 10 all deaths are disabled people. We believe the shocking scale of this tragic loss of life was avoidable. We'll be highlighting how and why this happened. The scale of the ongoing crisis means we must launch our People’s Covid Inquiry now. And we need your help.

What are we doing?

People’s Covid Inquiry will invite various forms of evidence to be set alongside the pre-existing work done by other bodies. The Inquiry will consider oral, written and video testimony from NHS staff, other frontline workers and people up and down the country. We will host a series of online sessions where our prestigious expert Panel will receive and interrogate the evidence provided through expert and personal testimonies, from all walks of life.

Who are we?

The People's Covid Inquiry has been called by Keep Our NHS Public but couldn't take place without the support and commitment to this project from a wide variety of individuals and organisations. 

Some of our supporters and contributors include: 

  • Michael Mansfield QC
  • Dr Phil Hammond, NHS doctor and journalist
  • Caroline Lucas MP, former leader of the Green Party of England and Wales 
  • Sir David King, chair of Independent SAGE
  • Michael Rosen, COVID-19 survivor and former Children's Laureate
  • Dr Sonia Adesara, NHS junior doctor and Keep Our NHS Public member
  • Dr Jacky Davis, NHS consultant radiologist and co-founder of Keep Our NHS Public
  • Kevin Courtney, joint general secretary of the National Education Union and many more


How are we going about it?

We will look at the extent to which the NHS, including public health, could have been able to respond differently if it had been properly funded, organised and was in wholly public hands. The Inquiry will also tackle issues on health inequalities, community and GP services, mental health, social care, international responses and the extent to which vulnerable sectors of society have been protected or let down.

The evidence gathered will provide the basis for conclusions and recommendations on the provision of health and social care in England, including the future funding and organisation of the NHS and the urgent need for a national service for social care.

Please help us

We need your support to do the following things, crucial to the success of this important initiative:

  • Build great online resource with the evidence available to everyone
  • Record video testimonies from ordinary people about their experiences
  • Host accessible online meetings, with support for the hearing impaired
  • Produce high quality promotional material to let the public know what we’re doing
  • Publish  powerful life-saving recommendations from the inquiry to learn lessons and save lives

To find out more about the inquiry, how it works, who's behind it and how you can can get involved go to WWW.PEOPLESCOVIDINQUIRY.COM

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