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by PAYANAM in Wembley, Greater London, United Kingdom


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Using Art to heal trauma amongst refugees and asylum seekers in the UK

by PAYANAM in Wembley, Greater London, United Kingdom


My journey to starting PAYANAM

An art group run by the Helen Bamber Foundation helped me to overcome/heal my trauma that changed my life into a positive one. My name is Ravi, a refugee & a torture survivor. I was suspected, arrested and tortured multiple times for acting against the government by my former country. I was suffering from PTSD from the torture. Now, I'm an artist, mentor and the founder of PAYANAM.


Using art to heal trauma

We want to help refugees and asylum seekers to heal/overcome their trauma by creating artworks. We want to teach, train and show refugees how to create various artworks such as  photography, painting, stone carving, pottery etc. We want the artists to tell their stories through their unique artworks.  We want to display refugee artworks. We want to sell refugee artworks to support artists financially. We want to empower refugees to share journey stories in a way that others can feel them.


Why this is important

In 2018, when I was granted refugee status, according to UNHCR report, there were 126,720 refugees, 45,244 asylum cases & 125 stateless persons. These numbers have been rising massively in the last 3 years. It becomes more important to help them to heal their trauma using art.

We believe all the asylum seekers and refugees are having trauma from the war zones that they fled or the bad memories of human trafficking or getting suppressed by their former countries or the scary experience of crossing the channel without safety measures and facing difficulties with the current inhuman asylum system & application processes. 


Anxiety and trauma lead them to isolation, hopelessness and make them weak and also make them feel fear and worried about everything. This affects the person and their family's daily life in a new country and new language that they barely understand. Even in an emergency, they fear and are doubtful to get support because it is really hard to trust anyone. Sometimes they don’t know how to get support with the language barrier. 


It is important to show them or train them in new experiences and interests. Creating art and sharing their journeys can help to overcome and heal their trauma.

How we can make this happen

  • We are planning to run weekly art groups and workshops for refugees and asylum seekers
  • Together in groups, we will teach them how to tell their stories through art and how to produce their own work
  • We will run exhibitions showcasing their artwork both online and in venues in London
  • We will create a platform to promote and sell products created by our refugee artists






This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£20 or more

Refugee Artwork

Artwork designed by one of our refugees (photograph, painting or drawing)

£30 or more


A motivational quote t-shirt designed by a refugee artist. 100% cotton material and environmentally friendly ink.

£30 or more

2 of 25 claimed

Your portrait taken by a refugee photographer

In a 15 minute photoshoot session with one of our refugee photographers, get your portrait taken and receive 3 digital copies.

£30 or more

0 of 25 claimed

Buy a ticket for a drawing workshop

In 30 minutes we'll organise an online drawing workshop with one of our refugee artists. It’s a fun and creative break in your day for you and friends. We'll get a class together over zoom and share our drawings at the end.

£50 or more

Bundle: T-shirt + Tote Bag + Mug

A motivational quote t-shirt, Tote bag and a Mug designed by a refugee artist. 100% cotton material and environmentally friendly ink.

£50 or more

1 of 25 claimed

Photoshoot + Drawing workshop

Come and get your portrait taken by one of our refugee photographers and enjoy a 15 minute drawing workshop while you wait.

£100 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Let us take your family portrait!

Bring your family or housemates along for a fun 15 minute photoshoot with one of our refugee photographers.

£300 or more

Thank you

£300 get your name on our patron "plaque" in all our exhibitions as one of the founding patrons of PAYANAM

£500 or more


One donation of £500 would be enough to provide PAYANAM with the laptop that the organisation needs to be able to create and edit refugee artworks. Also, get your name on our patron "plaque" in all our exhibitions as one of the founding patrons of PAYANAM.

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