Pass Wide And Slow Bus Campaign, Raising Awareness

by Debbie Smith in Penzance, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Pass Wide And Slow Bus Campaign, Raising Awareness
We did it
On 28th March 2024 we successfully raised £5,702 with 413 supporters in 399 days

Hoping raise funds for raising awareness to advertise on busses .This will enable us to have 30 buses promoting Pass Wide & Slow in the UK

by Debbie Smith in Penzance, Cornwall, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Any extra money we will try and get a few more busses with 

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We have until end of May to raise £4,980. PWAS will be paying £1500 towards the £6480 for this cause. This will enable us to have 30 buses in 6 different areas (5 in each) promoting Pass Wide & Slow on the lower rear of the bus (eye level). This will be advertising the 2 metre distance and 10 MPH speed (similar to picture shown above).

This will be out from 4th September to 1st October in the following six regions- Scotland, North East, Northern Ireland, East Midlands, Wales and South West. A decision is still to be made as to which actual areas within those regions will be covered, we will keep you updated when it has been decided .One area we have picked for East Midlands is Lincolnshire, due to the lack of support for equestrians in this area from local councils and police.

This is in hope to share the message with the non horsey community on keeping everyone safe on the roads.

In 2022....... ( 21% increase compared to 2021!)

3,552 road incidents

68 horses died and 125 injured

139 people injured because of road traffic accidents

26% riders were victims to road abuse

82% because drivers passed too close and 78% drivers passed to quick

SINCE 2010 44 people have DIED 1,592 people injured, 570 horses have been KILLED and 1,463 horses injured.

Research at PWAS show only 37% of incidents are reported ,so therefore likely to be a higher number of incidents at around 9000.

Every time someone goes out for a ride, their loved ones at home want them and their horse back safely. Education to non horsey people is key, with the message that more riders are wearing hat cams to send to the police

A big thankyou to Jewels Wood for the work she has put in on this cause, to help the community and the wider community of Pass Wide And Slow.

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