Britain's BIG FORT BUILD at Park in the Past

by Paul Harston in Caergwrle, Wales, United Kingdom

We did it
On 27th August 2018 we successfully raised £23,841 with 214 supporters in 66 days

Following the success of our Big Fort Build crowdfunder, we are now accepting ongoing donations of support.

by Paul Harston in Caergwrle, Wales, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

During our original crowdfunding campaign, we successfully raised £22,828 thanks to 204 wonderful supporters. We are now continuing to accept donations to keep building on our amazing new Celtic & Roman Britain experience. Find out more about our original plans below.

Only 3 days to go! 

The Big Fort Build starts on Saturday 25th August and all materials have arrived on site and are being prefabricated as we speak by an team of timber craftsmen and Roman experts. 

We've had lots of people telling us they still want to contribute to help us get closer to our stretch target of £30k.

We've spent 5 years making PARK IN THE PAST a totally unique community heritage project at our fabulous 120 acre site. And now with your help we can really start to enhance our plans in this stunning historic landscape & area of outstanding natural beauty in Hope, Flintshire North Wales. 

If you know anyone who didn't manage to make a pledge or perhaps still want to donate to our amazing project then please tell them the crowdfunder site is now open for donations again courtesy of the nice guys at 

Every £ will make a difference to the big fort build and what we do in the community as a lasting legacy. 

Don't forget: all the latest updates will be appearing here and on Facebook so you know what's in store at the BIG Fort Build! 

Passionate about our heritage

Our Mission: To create a living heritage environment where people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities can 'step back in time' to experience long lost ancient worlds, inspiring a life-long passion for the past.

(Check out the CGI video below to see what it will look like!)

Join Us on the 'Big Fort Build' Event! 

So far our dedicated volunteers and generous friends have raised thousands of pounds to make Park in the Past a reality.  But now we need your support to start building a full scale timber Roman Fort during August Bank Holiday Weekend 2018.

What We Need Now: We need to raise £20,000 to build an impressive 20 foot high Roman gate tower and formidable fort defences!   This is the first stage in our exciting island story - opening a door into mysterious Roman and Celtic worlds that will push back the boundaries of archaeology and history. 

Authentic: The Roman Gate Tower (see below) will be constructed out of solid oak from sustainable sources to look and feel like a fort built by elite legionary soldiers in North Wales nearly 2,000 years ago. Based on designs shown on monuments in Rome and excavations of the mega-fortress in nearby Chester, the gate tower reflects the latest research by Roman experts and recent discoveries in experimental archaeology.  So travel back to the Roman Conquest of Britain...   


What You Will Get                                                                   

We invite you to join us on this amazing journey and are offering many fantastic rewards for your pledges taking you deep into your adventure in the past. Check out our rewards and choose the one you want to experience most. If you want to create a bespoke experience, just let us know and we'll arrange the rest!

Roman Boot Camp: you will have the opportunity live as a soldier in the greatest army in the world, take part in combat training and fire lethal artillery weapons.  

Take the Campaign Challenge: if you're tough enough, join a team and compete against battle-hardened legionary soldiers to build the fort defences for a handful of extra rations and the honour of Rome.                                                   

Just check the Rewards on offer and tailor your experience to test your mettle!


Time Machine: An Exciting New Experience

Not only will this authentically restored ancient landscape have a full-scale Roman Fort and  Celtic village, a huge Round House and prehistoric megalithic stone monuments, but you can volunteer to help create these environments in real time too! 

In this innovative and 'immersive' experience, visitors can also choose to enter an ancient world as an active participant,  actually ‘join in’ and interact with Roman soldiers, Celtic tribes people and prehistoric hunters to help solve their problems. You will encounter dark, mysterious realms and will want to return time after time.

"This is a truly landmark event - the team are creating a complete ancient landscape - where you'll get real  'hands on' experience of the past...fantastic!"   Ben Kane, Sunday Times best-selling author 


Help Us Save this Site for Future Generations!

Site and Team 

Site: Our magical multi-faceted green space also includes a country park, nature reserve and varied leisure activities - such as horse riding, kayaking, sailing & fishing - and offers extensive woodlands and wetlands, wild flower meadows and fields, a gorgeous meandering river and a magnificent 35 acre lake for you to explore and enjoy.

Our team:  includes experts from the fields of archaeology, heritage education and conservation to ensure we deliver a world-class heritage attraction - a wonderful legacy for future generations to enjoy.            We're really grateful to our army of volunteers too who labour tirelessly to make this project a fantastic success. They're amazing people - you know who you are!


A Centre of Excellence for

Education and Research: Park in the Past is dedicated to bringing heritage and history to life for schools, college and university students too. We are currently researching Roman military occupation but future interests include Iron Age settlements, ancient religion and divinities, domesticated livestock and agriculture. The project also aims to restore wildlife habitats and recreate an authentic  first century AD natural environment.

A Green 'Well Being' Space: As a social enterprise, we plan to invite social care services, mental health charities and local care homes to help design the community park zones for therapeutic  effects and restorative stress-relieving benefits for disabled, younger and older people in the local community. 

"We know our diverse communities totally support this project. It will make a huge, lasting health and economic impact on the lives of ordinary people for generations to come”. Paul Harston, Project Champion

Help Us Make History! 

By donating today you'll have a unique opportunity to get involved in a once in a lifetime project - witnessing first hand how your ancestors faced challenges and survived in a hostile environment 2,000 years ago. 

Thanks ever so much for your generous support!

The Park in the Past team 

Park in the Past, Fagl Lane, Hope, Flintshire LL12 9HB    mobile: 07885 403485  Office: 01978 761264

Brilliant Ben Kane & friends are auctioning special items like this exquisite Roman Cavalry helmet below to raise funds for our fantastic Big Fort Build.  Join him on Facebook to see lots of other goodies on offer! 

To see the latest items go to


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£5 or more

Park in the Past Friend

If you've not donated yet please join our success story and get your name in our online hall of fame.

£10 or more

Park in the Past Supporter

Receive an Exclusive 'Big Build' video telling the fort story and free entrance to the Big Build site on the August Bank Holiday weekend 2018 (25/27/27 August).

£20 or more

Roman Citizen - Join our Wall of Supporters

Show your support and get your name on an engraved 'Wall of Support' plaque at the entrance to the fort for everyone to see.

£25 or more

Legionary soldier

Receive: Exclusive Park in the Past badge Park in the Past video Free entrance to the 'Big Fort Build' Event weekend (August 25/26/27 2018). AND guided tour of the military encampment.

£50 or more

Optio Rank / Celtic Warrior

Receive: Exclusive behind the scenes video, Exclusive 'Big Build' t-shirt or mug Free entrance to the 'Big Build' site (August 25/26/27 2018) AND guided tour of the Roman military encampment.

£100 or more

Centurion Rank

Receive: Exclusive behind the scenes video, Exclusive 'Big Build' t-shirt or mug Free entrance to the 'Big Build' project (August 25/26/27 2018) AND guided tour of the Roman military encampment WITH 1 day in Roman marching camp with authentic food. AND training in siege artillery

£250 or more

Tribune Rank / Druid / High Priestess

Receive: Exclusive 'behind the scenes' video Four badges and four t-shirts or mugs Family pass for Mega-fortress Chester Tour Free entrance to the Park in the Past Big Build (August 25/26/27 2018) Guided tour of the military encampment Join a team of Roman legionary soldier engineers to construct the fort gate defences OR join your tribe for a ceremonial Celtic Festival event

£350 or more

Praetorian Guards - Corporate Sponsors

A special reward for companies and organisations. Bring your troops for team-building the Roman way. All will leave fitter, stronger and smarter. Three levels of corporate sponsorship are available: £350 £500 £1,000 You choose and we'll design an experience they'll never forget! We can arrange dates to suit your preference.

£500 or more

Celtic Chieftain

As leader of an important British tribe you and your partner will receive all the rewards for the £250 Druid donation - AND enjoy one night for two in the Roman encampment with authentic food, vino & Roman luxuries (August 25/26/27 2018) AND a family pass for the Mega-fortress Tour in Chester

£1,000 or more

3 of 10 claimed

Legate - commander of the Twentieth Legion

As commander of the Twentieth Legion, you will receive all the rewards of the £500 donation AND your name will appear alongside the Emperor's inscription at the entrance to the gate tower on a unique centurial plaque - a PERMANENT memory of your inspiring donation. AND receive an invitation to a private banquet of authentic Roman dishes and entertainment (date to be arranged) ONLY 10 REWARDS AVAILABLE

£2,500 or more

0 of 5 claimed

Provincial Governor / Queen of the Brigantes

You are appointed by the Emperor and are in charge of the Province of Britannia OR are a Queen of one of the most powerful tribes in Britannia. You will receive all the rewards of the £1000 donation AND a giant prehistoric standing stone dedicated in your name at the entrance to Park in the Past - a PERMANENT recognition of your inspiring support. ONLY 5 REWARDS AVAILABLE

£5,000 or more

0 of 4 claimed

Roman Senator

As a member of the Roman aristocracy you will receive all the rewards associated with the £2500 donation AND you and your partner will stay in the 5 star Grosvenor Hotel in Chester for the August Bank Holiday weekend (August 25/26/27 2018). AND have your names inscribed on one of the four posts of the Roman gate being constructed at the Big Build - a PERMANENT memory of your incredible support for the project. ONLY FOUR AVAILABLE

£15,000 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Emperor - a demi-god on earth

Receive all the rewards associated with the £5000 donation A stay for 2 people in the 5 star Grosvenor Hotel in Chester 25/26/27 August 2018 Be ferried by slaves to the Roman Fort site Enjoy a helicopter flight for 2 around Welsh historic sites & land at the fort site (weather conditions permitting) Arrive at the official opening ceremony by chariot Receive a sceptre of state & laurel wreath on the final day of the Big Build ONLY ONE AVAILABLE

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