Pandemic Poetry Anthology

by Jason Conway in Stroud, England, United Kingdom

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Gloucestershire Poet Laureate Z.D. Dicks has created this wonderful Pandemic Poetry Anthology project to raise funds for PPE and support for...

by Jason Conway in Stroud, England, United Kingdom

Gloucestershire Poet Laureate Z.D. Dicks has created this wonderful Pandemic Poetry Anthology project to raise funds for PPE and support for NHS staff and Frontline Workers.

This project with help to increase PPE provision and provide funds for NHS charities, in response to the COVID-19 crisis and the ongoing struggle to deal with those members of staff suffering emotionally from the unprecedented impact of the virus nationally and to help during the predicted second wave this winter.

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Zack decided to set up a call for submissions to national and international poets to submit there work, for a Pandemic Poetry Anthology. A book that can provide a poignant snapshot into the COVID crisis with poets works reflecting their experiences and feelings about the virus and how it has affected people across the UK, the scale of which has never seen before in our history.

This crowdfunding project is to firstly, cover the production costs of creating and publishing the book, including an exclusive first edition print run, as well as costs to help with promoting the digital and print-on-demand versions of the book online.

All those that donate to this project with have their names included in the book as a gesture of thanks for your kind support.

The anthology will be launched in October 2020.

The anthology is currently reaching its final stages of development, so we do not have a fixed date as yet, however, we have October set as the launch month. This gives us time to raise as much donated funds as we can, design and publish the book, in time for an official launch. We'll provide updates about this project to keep you all up to date with the progress and the launch date, as soon as its finalised.

On reaching the target, any additional funds will go directly to PPE provision and NHS charities supporting NHS Staff and Frontline Workers. The same goes for any money not used in the target amount.

Everyone involved in this project, be it collating entries, judging entries, proofreading and editing, have given their time for free, so that all of the profits can go to those staff and key workers that have given there all in this terrible situation.

Here is the cover artwork for the front cover, designed by Jason Conway. The book will include a limited number of selected pandemic themed artworks, carefully chosen for their quality and relevance.

1597317138_pandemic_anthology_a5_cover.jpgThe standard of poetry that has been accepted is incredibly high with some of the best poets around, contributing their work. The book is set to become a moving testament and a poignant time-capsule for a time in history, where the UK and the rest of the world, came to a standstill. Poetry has an incredible capacity to touch us deep in our psyche, it can unearth hidden emotions, make us laugh or cry, or make us step up and take action. This anthology will have some of the best-written poetry around.

The book will be made available to buy as an ebook (Kindle, ePub and PDF formats), on print-on-demand via Amazon and through your local bookstores. The Limited Edition 1st print run will be available to buy from Z.D. Dicks and we will update you all on the progress of the publication and when it will be available in its various formats.

Who am I?

I'm Jason and I'm helping Zack, along with a group of voluntary supporters, giving their time for free to help bring this wonderful publication to market. I'm helping Zack by organising this 'crowdfunder', as well as creating the cover design artwork and the promotion of the finished book. I'm also a published poet that knows the true power of poetry to inspire us. The NHS staff and Frontline Workers have been under intense and sustained pressure for many months and this is our collective effort to help raise funds for their support, during the crisis and beyond. The psychological effects will continue to be experienced for a considerable period after the lockdown has been lifted, from stress and anxiety to depression and PTSD. We owe it to them, to give what we can to make their lives more manageable.

Please help us.

Please help us to reach our target as our wonderful NHS staff and Frontline Workers deserve all of the love and support we can give them. The NHS charities that will receive the profits from this project and its book sales, provide emotional support to those that have witnessed terrible things and have been dealing with incredible emotional pressures on a daily basis.

Please give what you can. Our NHS and Frontline workers deserve all of the support they can get, to cope with the incredible impact that COVID-19 has brought them when caring for those patients suffering from the virus.

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