Heroes & Adventurers, help our comic book shop!

by Ross Denby in Halifax, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 3rd August 2021 we successfully raised £3,355 with 40 supporters in 28 days

Would you love to see a new comic book shop emerge? If you're thinking "YES!" We invite you to join our quest. Will you come & be the hero?

by Ross Denby in Halifax, England, United Kingdom

Start Your Next Adventure... 

Welcome heroes and adventurers! You may be ready to start your quest, but first, be sure this is the right one for you before you accept the great responsibility of being our hero...

Throughout the years, there have always been those who sought stories of heroes, villains, and creatures from other worlds.

Ones who sought these tales visited special places of wonder and adventure to find them...

The comic book shop!

And, even in this modern world, we think a proper Comic Book Shop is still the best place to experience them. One that cares about the stories, characters and their creators as much as its visitors.

If that sounds like you, you're very much like me, Ross your Pages N' Pixels co-owner alongside my colleague, Gareth. And, most importantly, you sound exactly the type of person we decided to do this for...

So, two comic book geeks (whose homes were too full of books and statues it was all getting out of hand!) are starting their quest to launch Pages N' Pixels: a comic books and collectables shop available in Halifax, West Yorkshire as a walk-in shop. And via our website at PagesNPixels.com mixing a quality e-commerce experience with friendly service you get from a "real" shop.

Focused on our passion to celebrate the amazing characters, stories, heroes and villains new and old, PnP is for those who share that passion, love, and... ok yes, obsession!

To be shaped by you, for you.

Does that sound like something you'd like to get involved with? Read on, choose a reward and play the role of the hero in our very own origin story.

This is where you, Adventurer can help make Pages N' Pixels begin its own origin story...


For those heroic enough, your quest is a simple one: help us bring a new age of comic book shop to life in Halifax, West Yorkshire within the truly epic setting of The Piece Hall.

And of course, we'll be in the "virtual realm" where we can bring the power of the comic book shop to adventurers everywhere, via PagesNPixels.com.

Supporting this epic quest will result in the re-imagination of the classing comic book shop where the characters, heroes and villains of the past present and future are celebrated every day.

Whether their origin is from PAGES of comic books and graphic novels. Or the PIXELS in video games (see what we did there...) or in movies & TV.

Whatever epic stories and characters that you want to enjoy are found, we'll be there with you and bringing them to the shop!

The great news is, we're almost there! Our shop will open at around 60% of what we're going to deliver. We've got everything in place and will be doing a launch event on July 10th you can find out more about our soft opening event here.

But, we need one final push to bring you the shop you deserve. Especially with the challenges we all face at present, we don't want to delay this any more than we already have!

Time to assemble heroes and adventurers, here's how you can help Pages N' Pixels be something truly special:

  • Reading on and watching our video to find the full extent of what we will bring. Including special events to attend in person, or online
  • Choosing from the list of rewards on this page, choosing what loot you wish in return for your coin. There are some fantastic options too, with priority access to stock for crowdfunder heroes!
  • Taking part in our Our Stock Survey letting us know what exactly you'd love to see in our shop. From comic books to collectables and clothing, have your say what we stock and what to see on social media too.
  • Spreading the word with your fellow heroes across the social-media multiverse around groups, on stories and on your profiles

Are you ready to start your next adventure? Let's do this...

Pages N' Pixels Will Exist in Both The Physical And Digital Realm

Star Lord statue in Pages N Pixels

Ahh, yes! Thank you for reading so far, you are on your way to being the hero of our origin story.

So, let's give you more of how this will be both a comic book shop of the real world and digital realm... I'll leave it for you to decide which you would prefer to live in more!

Pages N' Pixels is here to bridge the world between the classic comic book shop and a high-quality online shop. Mixing the "Old Magic" of coming into the shop and experiencing the place itself. With the new... online sorcery (if we can call it that, it can certainly get quite dark on there!) of the digital world where we can get anything from anywhere. 

To do this, we bring the best of both, a walk-in shop in a truly magnificent building, rich in its own history: The Piece Hall, Halifax in West Yorkshire (more on that later).

For those not able to reach this epic monument easily, we will also exist via PagesNPixels.com bringing the experience to you. Including a true walk-in view along with a traditional online store.

Both the physical shop and website will live with epic stories, rare collectable items and memorabilia celebrating your favourite heroes and, yes the villains - along with those that play both sides!

After all, what is a hero without a great villain? They will certainly be getting their own special area of our shop!

Epic stories and Characters

Deadpool on his Merc For Hire lemonade stand collectable item at PnP

Everyone has their favourites. I imagine yours is in your mind already thinking about it.

Some come right from comic books or graphic novels. Many featuring characters from the world of Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Dynamite along with those from Japanese producers of Manga that packs a serious punch... or maybe someone with arms that even after all the social distancing, you wouldn't welcome a cuddle from!

(If you know you know... if not search Chainsaw Man)

These worlds have made their way into media on film and television series all with different varieties of stories to tell. Whether they tell tales of the Dark Side or of the Light, those close to home and those thousands of light-years away. Our resistance to not fall in love with them is futile.

Alongside those tales, a world of video games has evolved so many great stories, characters including giant monsters and vengeful gods. The undead rise at least once a month in some form and hedgehogs, plumbers and bandicoots have influenced a whole generation of games and gamers.

Pages N' Pixels embraces them all as one.

Graphic Novels, Video Games, TV & Film and all Popular Culture. And we will be helping those who seek the skills to create their own stories in the future...

So if you, adventurer, embrace some or all of these worlds, will you help bring them to life in our new comic book shop?

For taking on the quest there are fantastic rewards. Read on to find out more about them below, choose your reward in exchange for your contribution.

And add yourself to the pages of our origin story. And be ready to start your next adventure, with Pages N' Pixels.

What your heroic action will deliver...

Spider-Man Bloodline graphic novel in Pages N Pixels with graffiti wall behind

We are launching a soft opening with a fun launch cosplay weekend on July 10th and 11th to show exactly what's coming. We will come up with the basis of the shop, from there you can help shape its future, its stock and events plus much more.

Of course, we first need to talk about the setting for Pages N' Pixels. We needed something special to be our very own Stark Tower. Somewhere unique in itself with a deep history.

This is why we will be opening at the heritage site of The Piece Hall in the centre of Halifax, West Yorkshire. All of Yorkshire is full of history, and the iconic building itself stands for so much in the past, present and for what's to come in the future.

It is beyond fitting for the characters & stories we embrace and we are honoured to have been accepted here. We'll be bringing you inside soon, whether that be in person or online via our website.

So, fear not those of you from far away lands! Will will bring so much of the experience to you via the web. Our website will be your portal right into the shop and we'll soon have way's you can pick a selection of amazing products every month.

As we begin the origin story of Pages N' Pixels your coin will help us deliver:

  • Exclusive and unique content to our shop specially designed for people much like yourself via our survey.
    Right now, you can feed into our survey of what tSpider-Man Miles Morales Hoody as an example of stock at the shopo stock in PnP going forward. We'll use the funds to bring in what people have requested along with upcoming products that are on-trend with upcoming releases.
  • Comic books and graphic novels will always be at the highest priority!
    We'll make sure we are ready for the best new releases coming out from all publishers to UK based indies, big American publishers to amazing Japanese Manga.
    Your feedback and funds will help us bring in exactly what our community would like to experience.
  • Collectables, statues and limited edition art is also something we'll have ready for you. Especially those one-off pieces you know will always be something special.
    Whether it's signed and numbered art or hand-painted statues and busts. We love them and will bring a wide selection to our cabinets in-store and online to view and order.
    Trust me, they look better in the real-world setting than stock images so we'll be giving you the full 360view no matter how you come to look.
  • Materials and resources to bring in the wise and experienced creators to share their knowledge with young adults, children and younglings.
    Show them the skills of creation, artwork, programming and more in special events and gatherings. Handing them down the skills so they too can become the creators of new adventures in the future.
  • We also want to be here for the next generation of writers, programmers, inkers and artists.
    Your funds will help us run sessions for children and young people to develop key skills and knowledge in classes & sessions with published and professional artists in The Piece Hall and streamed online to enjoy on-demand
  • For those able to visit we'll also be investing in special events much like our Launch Cosplay Weekend coming on July 10th and 11th
    This will include arcade weekends and virtual reality experiences in our own extra space we have for a multitude of uses! Or around The Piece Hall itself or in online sessions accessed via a live stream or on-demand recordings.
  • Part of our stretch goal should we hit beyond our initial target is to make the learning and events area full of entertaining activities. The first a VR experience for different ages followed by a retro arcade.
    Read on further to find out about our ultimate event idea we'd also love to bring to The Piece Hall one day.

This is just a brief taste of what is to come. Remember, when you look at the selection of fantastic rewards, please only give what you can, but each option will be suitable to visitors and online shoppers.

Whichever path you choose, anyone who undertakes this quest will have their names held up in Pages N' Pixels and celebrated as part of our origin story as the hero!

A Gateway Into The Future...


This quest in many ways is a way to step into the future of Pages N' Pixels right now as we build-up to the soft opening on July 10th.

The Origin Story has begun and you can follow the progress on our Social Media Multiverse right here. While this begins we need the efforts of those brave heroes and adventurers ready to accept a quest, share their precious coin for what will come to them in the future.

If this is to be you, we thank you deeply for your support.

The loot you gain from supporting us on here contains:

  • Priority access to our range of amazing products coming to our shop in The Piece Hall and online on PagesNPixels.com.
  • Choices over your reward and the ability to claim something any time in our first year of opening if you would rather wait.
  • Play your part in our legacy and get your name in our shop and/or website as one of the heroes of our origin story!
  • Long term discounts and priority access to stock for those in the top levels of our reward options for significant donations

What's more, you will be helping us deliver on our ultimate goal we simply can't wait to start planning properly...

Going beyond the walls of our shop...

Graffiti artist at work in Pages N' Pixels

The Piece Hall is an epic space, we want to create something truly special within it within the walls of Pages N' Pixels.

But, we will be taking the adventure outside from time to time, including during the cosplay weekend.

In the long run, we aim to work with The Piece Hall team to offer a live and virtual comic con style event within the square, in and around the courtyard plus in some inside spaces too. We want to feature as many amazing showcases, celebrating all things graphic novels, comics, video games along with TV and Film, as we can.

Our goal is to bring in publishers, special guests and more so it's something to watch out for as we progress through the start of our story...

Like another adventurer once said, "greatness from small beginnings": it all starts here right now, with a hero taking on a quest to help. 

Who knows where that will lead...

If you are ready to start your next adventure and support the launch of Pages N' Pixels, journey on to the rewards and choose your path!

We thank you and look forward to seeing you soon.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£30 or more

Funko-Fanatic - "If it ain't Funko, it ain't fun!"

FINAL DAY SPECIAL REWARD. Claim any 1 special FUNKO (larger Funko) or TWO character Funko Pops! AND a Funko keychain. Plus, 10% off your next Funko purchase, valid until January 2022! Let's go Funko mad and back us in the final few hours.

£20 or more

Silver Hero - "Because that's what heroes do!"

Earn yourself hero status at Pages N' Pixels and claim one piece of our launch exclusive stock from comic books, graphic novels or some fun items from the shop. These are available online and in-store and you will be sent a link or voucher to claim your prize. As part of the launch of our shop, Origin Stories season begins with some epic gear & some will be one time only so be a part of our origins with this reward.

£20 or more

Heroes Assemble Silver - "Training starts, NOW!

NEW and requested by a legend... how can we say no? Get yourself two tickets (not to the gunshow!) but to our first events or children's classes. These will cost more individually so this is a good 25% discount reward, get them while their new! The tickets are flexible, use one for either or the same for one child. Or, bring a friend along to the same event with the second ticket! Of course, you must be able to come in person to accept this award

£40 or more

Gold Hero - "Much stronger than you think you are"

Take it to the next level and get GOLD hero status including priority access to our shop and/or website's stock. Claim a reward from the GOLD hero range of products and get the first pick of the items available along with the option to choose more SILVER hero products if you prefer. This will be available in-store and online via the website. Being a gold hero gives you more options and the chance to get more items too.

£45 or more

0 of 25 claimed

Heroes Assemble Gold - "I can do this all day..."

NEW as well! A second request, this time get 5, yes FIVE tickets to Pages N Pixels events either classes or fun activities once they begin! This is a huge saving of over 33% on ticket costs. Again, bring friends to the same event or use with one child for all 5... or anything in between! So long as you can attend in person, you're ready to assemble hero!

£65 or more

Super-Hero - "With Great Power..."

A Super-Hero reward gets you PnP priority access and a unique reward to claim from the Gold Hero offers. PLUS, you will also receive £30 to spend in-store or online with your name forever recorded on the website's page of Super-Heroes and Legends! Be a core part of the Pages N' Pixels origin story and take your place in the history of real Super-Heroes to us.

£100 or more

4 of 20 claimed

Ultimate-Hero - "Think Mark, you'll outlast..."

Oh, are you really ready to be THIS awesome? OK, well you get your priority access and selection of awesome Gold Hero Gear. Plus £50 to spend in our shop or online. PLUS: Ultimate Hero status for 12 months giving you 10% off selected products, a special collectable gift from us... AND and place on the website & in-store Monument of Legends, your name is on display forever in our shop, because heroes of this ultimate level deserve it!

£150 or more

1 of 10 claimed

Legendary Hero - "Glorious Purpose!"

A legend only comes along so often, so they must be treated as one. As a PnP Legend, you will receive all perks of the Ultimate Hero but we include a total of £80 to spend in-store or online. PLUS, you choose your own exclusive gift from the Legendary range of collectables with some deluxe options The 10% discount extends to you and a friend for 12 months plus your name is displayed in the "Legendary" section of our Monument of Legends

£200 or more

3 of 5 claimed

Artistic Hero - "I kinda' like this one, Bob"

Love some comic book or pop culture art? For this reward you get a signed, numbered and framed art print of your choice. Plus £85 back as a voucher alongside 10% discount on the majority of products for a year. Discount applies to you and a friend!

£300 or more

1 of 5 claimed

Demi-God - "I am a god, boy"

You may think you're human, but you are part god in PnP! Take priority access to our shop or online store. Choose from our hero gear. Get £150 to spend in our shop/website and choose a reward from our GOD TIER collectables plus have your name held high on our Demi-Gods section of the Monument of Legends. PLUS: 15% off for you and a friend for 12months and a free Demi-God gift pack containing specially selected items & memorabilia.

£500 or more

1 of 3 claimed

Celestial Being - "I am, Inevitable"

The most powerful being in our universe. You receive all the recognition you deserve including all perks from the Demi-God tier BUT with £300 to spend in-store/online. Your 15% discount for you & a friend is for 2 years and you can choose from our top collectables for a gift, plus an exclusive gift pack. What's more, you are held in the highest esteem in our shop's top-level in PnP for all-time with your name painted on our art wall!

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