Pachamama Venture

by Helen Appleby in Backwell, England, United Kingdom

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To offer yoga to disadvantaged children and young people whose wellbeing has been negatively affected by the coronavirus crisis.

by Helen Appleby in Backwell, England, United Kingdom

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On the 6th May 2021 we'd raised £1,070 with 30 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.


Growing up has its challenges even aside from a global pandemic. I want to bring yoga's therapeutic benefits as a practical tool kit to those who can't readily access a class or have a misconception about what yoga is or how it can support them.

Yoga is so much more than being able to touch your toes or fall asleep in Savasana. Through my training with the Teen Yoga Foundation and Prison Phoenix Trust I have experience working with children and young people in schools, PRUs and secure units. Teaching yoga with this demographic encompasses mindful movement, breathing techniques, learning how to relax and switch off, developing emotional literacy, respect for our bodies, increasing awareness, fostering community. Yoga can be so much more than glossy Insta images and snazzy leggings. 

I realise many of the issues facing our young people now may require professional help, multiple agencies, possible medication and therapy. Yoga is not a panacea for all ills by any means. But I also believe in the power of these ancient practises to support wellbeing and crucially, empower children and young people by giving them a framework and practical tool kit that they have ownership of.


Although there are public funds and pots of money available, I have found these to be limited and it can take an inordinate amount of time and energy for a project to then not get off the ground. The time is NOW to help support children and young people. 

My goal is to bring 10 x 10 week interventions to schools, youth groups, PRUs, community groups where minority or disadvantaged young people are in need, RIGHT NOW. To bring them together, helping to foster a supportive community, teaching simple wellbeing techniques they are encouraged to practise together and at home to cultivate a new positive, hopefully life long habit.

I will take pre and post questionnaires to feedback to the establishment and myself, in the hope of spring-boarding future funding to extend the project.

I am already in discussion with a PRU and several charitable youth groups in South Bristol. The funds raised will go towards covering basic costs and possibly equipment.


I love working with young people. Their energy, inquisition, openness and possibility. I am an experienced yoga teacher and mother, working with kids and young people in schools, holiday clubs, PRUs, prison. I believe in this offering and want to help.


It's all relative but do you ever think you have enough? Can we share more of the means and opportunities available to us to others we know don't have access to the same? How great for a child to know their community, whether local or global has contributed towards a little project, reaching out a hand to help, a gentle offering without expectation of how it is received. 

If you like the sound of the venture, maybe you have had a positive experience in a yoga class yourself, or just want to help disadvantaged children and young people in this way, PLEASE DONATE, PLEASE SHARE.



Pachamama is the Andean Goddess of Fertility, also known as Earth Mother. She's said to have her own creative power to sustain life on earth. I spent some time living in South America and images of this Goddess and her meaning really resonated. So although it's a little tenuous, I kept returning to this idea and image and couldn't move on!

Let's use what we have (my experience+desire+enthusiasm x extremely helpful generous friends!) and redistribute that to kids who may be struggling with their feelings, sleep, wellness and fitness and offer some support in a way that they may feel better able to support themselves through life's ups and downs.


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Guided relaxation script to help with sleep and anxiety.

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Recorded yoga session

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60 min 1-2-1 yoga session tailored to your needs. Online or in person (Bristol/Somerset region).

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1hr massage (Bristol/Somerset based)

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