Out in the Field - Retreats for NHS workers

by Jessie Teggin in Shoreham, England, United Kingdom

Out in the Field -  Retreats for NHS workers


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From the frontline to the field. Help us crowdfund Nature recovery and mindfulness programmes for frontline NHS workers.

by Jessie Teggin in Shoreham, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

£40,000 plus would enable us to extend the project to be able to deliver NHS restorative retreat programmes in different parts of the country through our network of retreat centres and practitioners. 

A practical and direct 'Thank You' to NHS workers. 

Our NHS workers have held us together this past year. Putting themselves at risk. Working on the frontline.  Pioneering treatments. And being there for our loved ones when we couldn’t be.


But it has taken its toll. The COVID-19 pandemic has put healthcare workers under intolerable pressure. They are stressed and exhausted, with widespread reports of burn out, PTSD and depression. Recent research by King’s College London and University College London found that 40% of ICU workers are likely to meet the threshold for PTSD. 

Gratitude isn’t enough. Now is the time to give something back to the people who’ve spent the pandemic putting our needs over their own. 

How? To contribute to a sponsorship fund to run a series of day and residential programmes for NHS workers that will help restore their health and wellbeing. Participants will be introduced to simple tools and practices that help regulate stress and anxiety with the aim to build a sense of wellbeing and resilience when they return to their everyday lives. 

The residential (two-nights) and one-day programmes include restorative workshops (yoga, meditation, group sessions), wild swimming, organic food and campfires. It’s a chance for stressed NHS workers to take themselves out of their normal routines. To take time to focus on themselves. To connect with nature, and with other people. 

The first stage of the project has already been designed, developed and tested at The Quadrangle, a social enterprise and retreat centre based in Kent.  Last autumn, we ran a 2-day retreat programme for healthcare workers who had experienced high levels of stress and exhaustion during the pandemic and on this year on 19th May we ran one-day programme for an NHS team from central London.  

The programmes were hugely beneficial. As one participant put it, “getting that space was a Godsend, the answer to my prayers for the downtime I needed for my mental health and wellbeing.” Another said, “It gave us the opportunity to reconnect with nature. I felt calm, peaceful and rested; it enabled me to press the restart button.”  

Through our pilot test we see we are meeting a need, have refined what we offer and have lined up our team – we are all ready to go! 

Now, we need your help to support more frontline NHS workers. 

We’d like to run more one-day and two-day retreat programmes as soon as and as regularly as possible over the next 18 months. We have outlined what different funding levels would pay for below. 

A two-night residential programme includes: 

 −    Space for 15 NHS frontline workers 

 −    Private comfortable bell tents for each participant and use of the retreat centre facilities and spaces 

 −    Yoga, meditation, group and individual wellbeing sessions

 −    An expert team including facilitators, yoga and meditation teachers and body psychotherapists 

 −    Fully catered organic food

 −    Wild swimming, open fields, campfires

A one-day programme includes: 

  −  Space for up to 20 NHS frontline workers

  −    Yoga, meditation and group wellbeing sessions

  −    An expert team including facilitators and mindfulness practioners 

  −    Fully catered organic food

  −    Wild swimming, open fields


What we’re aiming to raise

Our goal for this funding round is £12,500. 

£12,500 will help us to support nearly 100 people through one and two day retreats over the next four months. 

As we also ask attendees to contribute to their place, on a pay-what-you can basis, and hope to be able to reach even more people.

If we raise less than that amount, we will go ahead with the maximum number of retreats we a can offer. 

The Quadrangle, retreat staff and our partners are working at reduced rates or in-kind to keep costs as low as possible.

£40,000 plus would enable us to extend the project to be able to deliver NHS restorative retreat programmes in different parts of the country through our network of retreat centres and practitioners. 

We are keen to collaborate with others to develop this project and reach those most in need. Please get in touch if you would like to explore working together.

With your donation, you’ll be giving back to those who have given more than most during the pandemic. Your gift will have an immediate impact, as people are able to relax and be looked after themselves on a retreat – and long-term impact, as they apply the techniques and lessons they learn to their daily lives. 

Please donate what you can - even the smallest amount will make a difference. 

Please help us to spread the word by sharing this with friends, family and colleagues. 

To give you an idea of what donation levels would cover:

- An organic evening meal for two participants: £30

- A deep tissue massage for one participant: £60

- Sponsor an NHS worker to join a day retreat: £100

- Sponsor an NHS worker to join a two-day retreat: £340


  • Sponsor a restorative nature one-day retreat (15 people): £1500
  • Sponsor a two-day retreat (15 people): £5100 

About the Quadrangle

The Quadrangle is a social enterprise that works with charities, not-for-profit organisations and companies, groups and individuals, and all our commercial activities directly support our work with vulnerable groups. 


Thank you to the team who are supporting this project - Eve Annecke, Jo-Anne Nighy, Jon Ottley, Jen Morgan, Liz Murphy, Andy Somerville, Rachel Fenn, Miriam Saltmarshe, Claire Watson, Matt Murphy, Roberta O'Callaghan, Angela Corden and Marion. 

Janice Carrie & Chris Baker at Common Ground. https://wearecommonground.com

Sam Rowe at Honeybells Tents and Events.https://www.honeybells.co.uk

Photography - Glenn Dene

Glenn Dene is an Operating Department Practitioner & Photographer based in South Wales, UK. Glenn has been documenting the Coronavirus pandemic since the beginning across Nevill Hall and Grange University Hospital and published 'Behind the Mask' through Graffeg Publishing in 2020 which became a best seller on the photojournalism charts. A new book about the second wave in due out in June. https://www.glenndene.com/about

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