Our dogs helping the Hospice movement

by Gerry Bullard in Bradfield St. Clare, England, United Kingdom

Our dogs helping the Hospice movement

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The aim of the project is for our dogs to be walked 2.6 miles by their owners who will then contribute £6 or any other sum to Hospice UK .

by Gerry Bullard in Bradfield St. Clare, England, United Kingdom

Three facts about the Corona virus crisis hit me last week:- 1.The local Hospice could run out of funds and possibly close. 2.The only family members that are not affected by the Corona virus are our dogs who will be the first to be fed and are having increased 'walkies' and 3. the  London Marathon is not taking place and the organizers are hoping we will raise funds under the slogan 2.6 where people could do things based on 2 and 6. To address the implications of the three facts and to improve the health of us with dogs who are unlikely ever to run in the London marathon I propose that dog owners and non dog owners walk with or without a dog 2.6 miles. They can contribute £6 (or any other sum) on behalf of their or any dog to Hospice UK who receive little government funding yet are carrying out care equally as important as our wonderful NHS workers. 2.6 miles can be undertaken complying with government advice on exercise. After all, we cannot go to the pub, theatre or restaurant and £6 is only equivalent to a couple of drinks or a tip in a restaurant so most of us should be able to afford it. Tom has done it for NHS charities, lets have a Gerry moment for Hospices as well. I am quite happy if you donate without taking a dog for a walk but wouldn't it be nice to say the dogs of Britain are doing their bit without needing to put it in a poo bag.

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