Orca Watch 2021

by Lauren Eyles in Bishopston, Wales, United Kingdom

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Support a small team travelling to Scotland to produce a film on helping to secure the future of Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises in UK waters

by Lauren Eyles in Bishopston, Wales, United Kingdom

Sea Watch Foundation are a charity working towards protecting Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises in the UK.

Each year, they organise a citizen science project called Orca Watch which takes place in Scotland at John O Groats, Caithness, North Sutherland and surrounding islands Orkney and Shetland. Hundreds of volunteers get involved to catch a glimpse of Orcas, as well as other marine wildlife and record information on where they are seeing animals, how many and behaviour. This information is used by experts to help protect them. 

As a volunteer regional coordinator for the charity, and science communicator, I was due to present a film on this amazing project this year (which they currently don't have). The film will capture fantastic marine wildlife, as well as the Orca Watch community, science behind it all and why it's all so important so that Sea Watch Foundation can use it to as a resource to spread the word about Orca Watch and get more people involved in cetacean (Whale, Dolphin and Porpoise) science. 

Unfortunately, the event (like many others) was cancelled to keep everyone safe. However, Covid19 has has allowed a new opportunity to achieve an even better end result for Sea Watch Foundation, ensuring the right resources to film, getting to the right places and bringing on board a very talented film maker to help bring it all to life.

We need help in securing some funds to cover expenses for us to make this video for a fantastic charity who can use it to promote Orca Watch, the amazing work they carry out and to secure the future of cetaceans in UK waters.

*Subject to any restrictions in place due to Covid19 or similar/other* 

In the event that Orca Watch 2021 isn't able to take place, funds will be rolled over to when it is able to take place safely.

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