Operation Scottish Salmon Watch

by Don Staniford in Garve, Scotland, United Kingdom

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On 15th November 2018 we successfully raised £1,595 with 26 supporters in 57 days

To investigate environmental & welfare abuse on salmon farms in Scotland - via secret filming & sampling of infectious & toxic wastes

by Don Staniford in Garve, Scotland, United Kingdom

Scottish Salmon Watch shines a light on the dark underbelly of salmon farming in Scotland - focusing attention on welfare abuse, the use of toxic chemicals, the killing of seals, mass mortalities, infectious diseases, lice infestations, environmental pollution, escapes and contaminants in farmed salmon.  

Scottish salmon farming is an unmitigated environmental and welfare disaster.  As George Monbiot wrote in The Guardian newspaper (19 September 2018):

"The harder you look at this industry, the more obvious it becomes that it is inherently incompatible with either animal welfare or environmental protection"

The Scottish salmon you see in supermarkets - virtually all fresh and smoked Scottish salmon is farmed - is a hazard not just to the environment but also a public health hazard.  "Healthy" Scottish salmon anyone?!

Please help support Scottish Salmon Watch's work filming at salmon farms across Scotland.  Your money will go directly to film equipment including Go Pro underwater cameras, kayaks, boats, engines and other support.  Quite literally you will fuel our work traveling around the Highlands & Islands of Scotland - we sleep in our cars so have no accommodation or overhead costs!  

We've only visited half a dozen salmon farms but take a look at what we're already uncovered - shocking footage of deformities and diseases!

Here's footage of maggot-infested Scottish salmon taken at a fish farm in the Summer Isles - did you know that over a quarter (26.7%) of Scottish farmed salmon die each year leaving a mountain of mortalities (and a bad smell) across Scotland?

Watch the BBC's 'The One Show' reporting on "The Dead Salmon Run" in December 2017:

And this secret video footage taken by photographer Corin Smith - featured on the BBC's 'The One Show' in September 2018 - is enough to put you off buying Scottish salmon ever again!

Watch the BBC's 'The One Show' reporting on "Salmon SOS" in September 2018:

Here's a photo of a dump full of dead and diseased Scottish salmon featured by the BBC's The One Show (credit to photographer Corin Smith):

Your support will help buy sampling equipment and pay for testing of water samples for pathogens, viruses, bacteria and other nasties lurking in the effluent of salmon farms and processing plants.

Don Staniford, Director of Scottish Salmon Watch, is an award-winning campaigner and author.

Keep up to date on the filming on Scottish salmon farms online here

Read more about our work via Scottish Salmon Watch's web-site


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