One Rule For Them - chip in to fund the fightback.

by One Rule For Them in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

One Rule For Them - chip in to fund the fightback.

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One Rule For Them - a grassroots campaign fighting back against a govt who thinks it's one rule for their lot, & another for the rest of us

by One Rule For Them in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

We're fighting back against a Prime Minister who thinks it's one rule for his lot, and another for the rest of us. 

Help us to fund the biggest ‘swing voter’ campaign the country has ever seen so that those people who ‘lent’ the Conservative Party their votes are not allowed to forget that with Boris Johnson in charge, it’s one rule for his lot and another for the rest of us. 

The next election starts now. And we want to fight every step of the way. 

Please chip in:

- £7 could help to fund a Facebook ad that will reach 5,000 swing voters in a marginal constituency; 

-£20 could go towards a billboard ad on the high street so voters can't miss our message naming and shaming the local Tory MP;

-£50 will help us to send direct mails through the letter boxes of groups of older voters who always turn out to vote.

Polling research shows that ‘swing voters’ are angry. But we can’t allow them to forget. This has to stick.  

And without a sustained campaign, there is a risk that they will. We can’t let that happen. We need to plaster the streets with our message, so they can't get away with it.

We’re starting the biggest people-powered ad campaign to target those voters who Boris said had ‘lent’ him their votes. 

Join the fight back. Please chip in whatever you can.

Adam and the One Rule For Them team of volunteers. 

P.s. All of the funds raised through this crowdfunder will be used to pay for campaign activations in Boris’s most marginally-held constituencies.

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