One Donation, Twice The Impact

by Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

One Donation, Twice The Impact

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Prices are rising and so do our bills! Help us keep our rescued animals fed & safe. EVERY donation will be matched by an anonymous donor!

by Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 4th May 2022 we'd raised £3,167 with 66 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.


Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary, aka FARS is a UK sanctuary and home to 450+ rescued farm animals. We are a non-profit making organisation that believes All Lives Are Precious and 100% of our profits are used to care for our animals and to maintain and improve the site for their benefit. 



FARS is set in the district of Warwickshire. Despite belonging to Stratford-upon-Avon, it is tucked away, located in the beautiful countryside of Wolverton, only a couple of miles from Shakespeare's town centre. 



Our mission is simple and that is to provide a safe and peaceful environment where rescued animals can remain for the rest of their lives. We believe with a passion that everybody has the power to convert their care into action, to make the world a fairer and kinder place for EVERYONE, whether you're a human being, a pet, or a farm animal!

Our Team:

We are a close-knit family of volunteers led by a true hero, the founder of FARS, Carole Webb. We get out of bed every day, determined to make a difference to the lives of often emotionally and physically broken animals, and we do our absolute best to represent what Carole had started. She is a huge inspiration to us all and under her supervision and guidance we have shown that respecting all animals gives us hope for a kinder world.


Our Animals: 

FARS is currently home to 450+ animals, who are mainly sheep, but also pigs and chickens, among other animals. The residents come from far and wide, having arrived in various states of health, many having been rescued from dreadful cruelty and, or poor living conditions. These emotionally intelligent beings are too often dismissed as worthless and yet they show remarkable affection and gentleness once their fear has been dispelled. They are equally capable of forming loving bonds with human beings, just like any household pet.

Whilst some are well loved pets whose owners, due to unforeseen circumstances, can no longer care for them, others have escaped the horrendous live export trade. These though are the lucky few, fortunate to land at the doorstep of Woolly Park, greeted by Carole with open, loving arms.







FARS has been running for over 32 years now and we aren't going to lie, it has been a financial struggle all along. We have always found it hard to raise funds to care for and feed so many animals. Life throws all sort of troubles in our direction but somehow we have always found a way to cope, all thanks to you. 

Since the prices and cost of living increased, our circumstances, like many others around the world, have worsened and we now find ourselves in desperate need of a cash injection.


There are multiple challenges we are currently facing. Only recently, we had our Blue Barn, a home to our most vulnerable residents, cleared out which was an expense of £1600. Our next expense will be the bill for shearing which is only coming up at the end of this month. 

We have also just been informed that our £540 weekly feed supply has gone up by 15% (an additional £80/week). On top of that a bale of hay is no longer £30 anymore but £35 and we need 20 bales every week to keep our animals fed. That is an extra £100 on top. As if that wasn't enough, as we are all aware, electricity has sky rocketed and we are now facing up to 50% higher bills. As much as we minimise our personal use, our animals are with us for life and we have many old and vulnerable residents who need extra heat at night to keep warm, especially during these chilly nights. To do that, there is a heat lamp in each pen of the most vulnerable sheep but that, of course, comes at a price.



Our Target: 

We have set a target of £5000 because of the number of supporters we think we will be able to reach (with your help, of course)! We are incredibly excited to also announce that an anonymous donor has offered to match the total amount we raise, meaning your donations will be doubled!


Every single donation, no matter the size, will be a huge help to us! Keeping our rescued animals safe, warm, well fed and healthy is our number one priority and any help you can give will make a big difference to them.

TELL THE WORLD! - if you love our idea then please - tell your friends and family and everyone else you know. The more people who know about FARS, the more donations we will get!

SHARING IS CARING! - We really appreciate any support that you give, and if you can't give financially, we would be very grateful if you share our Crowdfunder campaign through your social media with as many people as you can!

DONATE - We are fully aware of the financially difficult times we are all experiencing and therefore our message is - Please, only donate if you can. No amount is too small and all the pounds add up, making a tangible difference to our animals. 

We are lucky to have you! 

Over the years of FARS existence, we have raised some incredibly important funds for our sanctuary, all thanks to the kindness and generosity of people like you. 

We wish to say a huge thank you to those of you who haven't forgotten about us and who have supported us through thick and thin, as well as those of you who will be there for us in the future. 

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts

Carole and her team at FARS XXX







This project offered rewards

£6 or more

Small bale of hay

Your £6 donation will buy us NOT 1 BUT 2 small bales of hay (remember your donation is being matched! ). We get through so much hay each week and it is always on top of the list of items that we continuously need. In return, we will send you a personalised "Thank You" email for your generous support.

£8 or more

Bag of food for our piggies

Your £8 donation will buy us NOT 1 BUT 2 bags of food (don't forget your donation is being matched!) for our piggies which is a part of their daily diet. They would be very grateful! In return we will send you a personalised "Thank You" email for your generous support.

£11 or more

Bag of food for our woolies

Your £11 donation will buy us NOT 1 BUT 2 bags of sheep food or sugar beet (don't forget your donation is being matched!). Apart from hay we also make sure our animals receive minerals and vitamins important for their health. We get through 60 bags each week and therefore we always need more. They always get so excited to hear the food being prepared :-). In return we will send you a personalised "Thank You" email for your generous support.

£20 or more

Bale of Straw

Your £20 donation will buy us NOT 1 BUT 2 bales of straw (don't forget your donation is being matched!) which will be used as bedding in paddocks for all our animals. In return we will send you a personalised "Thank You" email for your generous support.

£35 or more

Large Bale of Hay

Your £35 donation will buy us NOT 1 BUT 2 large bales of hay (don't forget your donation is being matched!) which is an absolute necessity for a sanctuary like ours. With 400 sheep on site and many of which are too old or disabled to graze in the fields, hay is one of the most important items for us. In return we will send you a personalised "Thank You" email for your generous support.

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