Olympic diving block fundraising appeal

by Herne Bay Lifeguard and Swimming Club in Herne Bay, Kent, United Kingdom

Olympic diving block fundraising appeal

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Our aim is to raise £6500 to purchase 4 Olympic standard diving blocks to give our swimmers the "best start"!

by Herne Bay Lifeguard and Swimming Club in Herne Bay, Kent, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Any extra money will be used to support families who are struggling to pay fees or buy kit for their child due to the Covid19 pandemic. 

"The swimming dive start is highly linked to overall performance during competition. In fact, the start can contribute anywhere between 0.8-26.1% of total race time, depending on race distance."

1642509671_248179684_10226450889088113_9004000949390915191_n.jpgTwo years ago the aim of Herne Bay Lifeguard and Swimming Club was to purchase, through club funds, 4 Olympic standard diving blocks. These diving blocks are vital to improve the training of our swimmers. Unfortunately the Covid pandemic hit and our training had to be cancelled meaning that vital funds coming to the club stopped as did the dream of purchasing the much needed diving blocks. Although our swimmers remained committed to their fitness during "lockdowns" and pool closures, we did lose vital funds set aside for much needed equipment as we needed to continue to survive with £0 income. On our return to the pool we also lost a number of swimmers meaning we were operating a deficit for nearly 12 months, which is why we are committed to raising the money needed to enhance their performance and experience whilst gaining confidence, critical life skills and providing a healthy lifestyle choice in a safe and welcoming environment.

Who are we?

Herne Bay Lifeguard and Swimming Club is a friendly and inclusive not for profit club based in East Kent. Our Coaching team and Committee and are made up of passionately committed volunteers. Herne Bay Lifeguard and Swimming Club is a successful, competitive club that promotes community participation in the sport of swimming.  The club is divided into three Junior sections for children 5+. Our "Junior Squad" is ideal for those who want to take their lessons to the next level and become involved in competitive swimming - normally for children between 5 years old and above (trial dependent).

1642509969_271645545_2211555368991775_2891706769071618342_n.jpgWe work together to help all swimmers to be better and improve technique, stamina and have gala experience prior to joining the Senior Herons. Our competitive swimming squad is called the "Senior Squad" and is for swimmers aged circa 10+. All our swimmers from the age of 9 are encouraged and mentored to enter competitive swimming galas, competing against themselves to achieve their personal best 'PB'. Herne Bay Lifeguard and Swimming Club prides itself on being a caring, friendly environment where all members of our team can flourish and meet their potential. The swimmer is at the centre of everything we do.

Why are we raising money?

The diving 1642509774_gettyimages-478613292-612x612.jpgblocks that we currently have available for our swimmers to use are very different to the diving blocks which are used at all competitive swimming galas. In that daunting moment of standing on a diving block waiting for the starting beep, the last thing you want to be worrying about is where to place your feet. This is the reality for our swimmers who have to train using a 'flat' deck level diving block, rather than the raised back adjustable diving blocks used at galas. Our swimmers are fully committed and dedicated to their sport but will always be at a disadvantage if they are unable to perfect their dive starts.

How we are going to raise the money?

1642510569_88077589_1609686482512003_7855779416729714688_n.jpgAs well as crowdfunding we wi1642510476_268597834_2194783817335597_1237793606833933991_n.jpgll be arranging a number of fund raising events. The first event will be a 24hr non stop swim. Our swimmers from the oldest to the youngest will be will be joining in the 24hr swim on the 12th Feb - 13th Feb at Whitstable Swimming Pool. Each swimmer will take a turn in the pool with the aim of us having a swimmer in the pool for every second of the 24hr period.

We look forward to updating you in the future on this event. 


Messages from our Coaches and Swimmers

"Something that I enjoy about Herne Bay SC is how good the coaching team is, they always give advice on how to improve your stroke and techniques, whilst keeping it friendly and makes you interested in the session. The 24 hour Swimathon at Whitstable swimming pool was very enjoyable. Even through to the early hours of the morning there was still a feeling of team spirit."

- Tamzin Mullins - Vice Captain

"To be in a club so full of dedication and hope and team spirit is what makes u a winner in and out of the pool so our PB may stand for personal best but when u stand on that block you stand as a team not alone and and that’s purely breath-taking." 

- Hayley Frost - Coach

"The club has been apart of our family life for 17 years. The club has supported my children not only with their swimming but with valuable life lessons like to achieve your goals you need to work hard it’s not just given to you because you’re a nice person."

- Louise Allen - Senior Coach

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