Olly's Light Travels ~ short documentary

by Ann Feloy in Worthing, West Sussex, United Kingdom

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To make a short film based on my son's gap year travelogue and show how his love and light continues after his death in 2017, aged 22.

by Ann Feloy in Worthing, West Sussex, United Kingdom

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 New stretch target

To enter ten film festivals in the UK and worldwide.

For Olly's Future charity to pay for the hire of a venue for the premiere to invite all those who contributed to the making of the film and other interested parties and supporters of the charity. 

A Film about Olly Hare 


Help us raise £5,000 to make this important film - our gift to Olly for his 30th birthday. 


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‘The light that burns twice as bright, burns half as long’ ~ Lao Tzu, ancient Chinese philosopher.

In 2014, shortly after finishing his A levels, Olly Hare set out on a gap year adventure, travelling around Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and South America. He recorded everything in his journals, revealing so much of himself and those he met along the way.

Tragically, on February 14th, 2017, Olly took his own life, just two days before his 23rd birthday. His travel journals were left behind in a prominent position. 

Since then, friends and family have worked tirelessly to create the most positive legacy possible for this incredible young man who always put others before him. They formed Olly's Future charity to equip people all round the world with the skills to save lives from suicide.

Olly's would have been 30 on February 16th, so this film will be our gift to him. The premiere will take place in central London in August, followed by our annual spectacular 'Love and Light' Party.  


The Journey

This short film will document the cathartic journey of souls. Where the grief of Olly’s loss carries each person on their own separate journey, but still connects them with the embodiment of Olly’s love and light.

Through narration of Olly’s vibrant and insightful journals, we capture the essence of this wonderfully gifted, funny and compassionate young man. We hear from friends and family who’ve been inspired by Olly to create a powerful legacy in his memory.

We explore the experiences of his mother, father, family and friends and their individual journeys of grief and how the catalyst of Olly’s light continues to travel, unite and shine beyond, even in the darkest of times.

How a life cut short which burnt so brightly, transmutes purpose, healing, and change - generating a profound strength in all those who loved him so much.

Alongside but separate to this film project, Olly's fascinating and humorous insights will be published in an edited version of his travel journals - entitled 'Oliver's Travels'. 

Our Mission 

1: To honour and celebrate Olly and his friendships - shining a light on what he brought to the world.

2: To create a 20 minute documentary which will be entered into international film festivals.

3: Making this important film will help us spread the message about Olly’s Future charity’s vision of a world where no young person loses their life to suicide.

4: Raise awareness and challenge preconceptions about suicide. 

5: Explore how two parents navigated their grief with love, strength and purpose after losing their son.

6: Show how Olly was a great writer and tell his own story through his travel journals. 

7: Examine the connection between humanity, empathy and spiritual awareness.

8: Funds raised above our Crowdfunder target will be donated to the Olly’s Future charity, to further their suicide prevention work.

30 sec taster trailer video


Please watch ‘Olly’s Light Travels’ documentary 30 sec taster trailer HERE

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In June 2023 MA’AT Films completed the short documentary ‘Spirit of the Downs ~ Perseverance brings Success‘, which has since won several Film Festival Awards. This captivating short film documents the successful people-powered campaign to create public access land on ancient, threatened Downland at Tenants Hill and Mount Carvey, near Cissbury Ring, West Sussex, UK. See our award-winning short documentary: HERE.

Steve Nethercott-Cable

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Janet Nethercott-Cable

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A message from Ann Feloy - Oliver's mum, founder and CEO of Olly's Future.

I was truly blessed to have such a wonderful son who continues to inspire me every day. He did more in his 22 years than most people do in a lifetime. How he managed to keep a diary full of his adventures when he was travelling to so many countries I will never know. It's just another example of how special he was.

We now have this fantastic opportunity to spread Oliver's love and light through showing this film at international film festivals. Olly's Future is so lucky to be working with award-winning filmmakers Ma'at Films UK, but we need £5,000 to make this happen.

So any money you can donate towards our Crowdfunder will be greatly appreciated. The more money you can donate, the quicker we can make the film.

Thank you for reading this and anticipating your kindness and generosity. 


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Your invitation to the Film Premiere and the fabulous 'Love & Light party' immediately afterwards. (Last year the annual party was held at the Century Club, one of London's top private members clubs). It will be a spectacular evening, not to be missed. On top of this, you'll receive a film poster and a hard copy of 'Oliver's Travels' book - full of the stories and adventures written by Olly himself, and his photographs - a truly special keepsake.

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