Educational ocean awareness game for smartphones

by Cleaner Ocean Foundation in Herstmonceux, England, United Kingdom

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We aim to produce a free smartphone game that educates youngsters as to the harm plastic waste is causing to the marine environment.

by Cleaner Ocean Foundation in Herstmonceux, England, United Kingdom

We are a team of volunteers passionate about finding solutions to the problem of plastic pollution.  Our ultimate goal is to produce a fleet of SeaVax vessels each capable of collecting 150 tons of plastic waste from the ocean.

As part of the Cleaner Ocean Foundation’s ‘Ocean Awareness Campaign’ we have been working hard to produce an educational game for smartphones, where the object is to use a Seavax ocean cleaner to hunt down plastic litter in the Artic, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans. It’s a race against the clock to rid our seas of toxic waste and save marine wildlife from a terrible fate. 

Players of this game will come to see the scale of the plastic problem when faced with vast ocean areas. The idea of the game is to show people the difficulties of collecting plastic waste, so gaining an understanding about the scale of the challenge, now firmly on the radar as events like Beach Cleaning parties are gaining in popularity – and where the BBC Blue Planet II series has drawn worldwide acclaim for drawing attention to single use plastic accumulating in the giant swirling gyres that are set to weigh more than fish in the seas by 2050 if something is not done about it.

Pollution on this scale is harming marine ecology, affecting marine life and humans at the top of the food chain via biomagnification. Two billion people on earth are dependent on the sea for food.

We aim to make children aware that there is more that can be done in addition to beach cleaning – there are other potential technological solutions that would enable us to take plastic out of the ocean.

Plastic has become a serious problem affecting every part of our planet, but with your help we could inspire future generations.  We need to reverse the throwaway plastic culture that is destroying our world and inform children from a young age about the problem and why recycling properly is important.

YOUR DONATIONS - Your contributions will help us complete the game we started developing in 2018. We need a top up to allow us to release the game with a reasonable level of support for the media, including PR representation and where we can afford it, events to spread the word about ocean pollution.

The game is to be free as a download for most popular makes of smart devices. We need to be able to support such release, with updates as needed.

A little help from you can make a big difference not only in your community but around the world. A SMALL contribution from you can make a BIG difference collectively.  By working together we can CHANGE THINGS for the common good.

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