Oat Float - A Zero Waste Delivery Service

by Oat Float in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 15th December 2020 we successfully raised £8,001 with 114 supporters in 28 days

Raising money to launch the Oat Float - a zero waste delivery service in Bristol.

by Oat Float in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Thank you all for smashing our target!! If we raise £10,000, this will cover the whole cost of the float. We will then be able to focus on refurbishing it, our premises and our stock to bring you the best range of delicious foods as cheap as possible. 

The Oat Float - A zero waste delivery service in Bristol

We are launching the Oat Float, a zero waste food delivery service for Bristol. We will deliver top quality food and other household essentials in our gorgeous ‘70s electric milk float.

How does it work?

One side of the Oat Float will be packed full of delicious food, the other will be full of high-quality, earth-friendly toiletries and cleaning products. Customers can refill at the Float along with their neighbours, or if they're busy (or just feeling less sociable!) they can leave containers outside the door for us to refill. Our aim is to make mindful and sustainable shopping easy and affordable again. We want food that’s not wrapped in plastic to be accessible to more people, and that’s what the Oat Float is all about.

What will we sell?

We will stock a wide range of products for people to refill. This will include groceries like pasta, rice and pulses, dried fruit and nuts, treats for kids, high-grade cooking oils, kitchen and bathroom liquids, tea and coffee and many more. Our range will be tasty, ethically sourced, and locally produced whenever possible.  

Why now?1605527308_2787a3bb-9034-49e7-b898-647799f163fc.jpeg 

This is more important now than ever. In lockdown, household plastic waste in the UK increased from 99 to 128 pieces per week according to the Everyday Plastics Survey. That’s 6,658 pieces a year, contributing to the 295 BILLION pieces of plastic that the UK throws away every year. We are second only to the US in countries that produce the most plastic waste. But don’t despair! This means that by cutting plastic consumption, we can have a meaningful impact on reducing the amount thrown away every year. Individual buying decisions really do matter.

Our market research of 160 potential customers has confirmed that this is a service which people across Bristol want and would use now. It also reminded us how loyal our customers are to the beloved Gloucester Road and to small independent producers. We are determined to work with Bristol suppliers and food producers, to help our neighbourhood and our city to continue to flourish. Powered by social media, street WhatsApp groups, local websites and most importantly word of mouth, the time for the Oat Float is now!

We estimate we will save over 20,000 pieces of plastic (bottles and food packets) being thrown away in our first year. And this will only grow as we expand the business. Coming out of the Covid crisis presents us all with an opportunity to change the way we live and consume, so that we can live locally and within our planet's means once again. ‘Normal’ clearly isn’t working - so who says we have to return to it?

Crowd-funder purpose

To get the Oat Float on the road, we need to -

  • Buy and insure the float, and convert it into a versatile delivery truck, with over 30 dispensers.
  • Rent and convert a lock up space to store the float and our stock, with an electric charging point and large storage containers.
  • Purchase initial stock for the first month in business. 

1605528163_rsz_shutterstock_1287910342.jpgTo achieve this, we are going to need to secure a loan as well as fund-raising from friends and customers-to-be. So why crowdfund?

1) The less debt we start with, the lower we can keep our prices. We want to make the Oat Float accessible for as many people as possible. Instead of servicing the loan, we will be able to re-invest in the business to increase our range of products and stay price competitive with the big supermarkets. 

2) If we can successfully crowdfund and demonstrate that we have a committed customer-base, it will be a lot easier and cheaper to secure the loan we need.

3) It gives us a chance to grow the Oat Float community, so that you can get involved in making the big decisions (look out for those Oat Float Votes!)

Here is a breakdown of our costs, and how your money will be spent -


Meet the team

Sam Holland

I currently work part time at IKEA, and next year I’m off to study economics and human geography at university, having finished my A levels studying business and economics this year. I enjoy learning about these subjects, and how we can use them to protect our ecosystems and bring about change in our society. I love spending time outdoors, and I’m a keen mountain biker.

This venture is incredibly important to me. I have wanted to start a business for about two years now, and finding a way to do so without contributing to consumerism and damaging the planet further isn’t easy! So when Anna asked if I wanted to get involved in a plastic-free delivery service, I jumped at the idea. I really believe that this is an opportunity to take steps in the right direction and bring about change in our city. I hope you can get behind us.

Anna Raphael

I1605526127_badf8705-d543-4943-9d1a-5eec3661dd90_1_201_a.jpg work as a Mediator, helping separating couples sort out money and arrangements for kids. I love it. I’ve known for a while I wanted to mix it with something local and full of joy. Then along came COVID, and the idea for the Oat Float.                                                                   I am no eco saint. I still yearn for sunny holidays and b*c*n sandwiches. But I try to think about my impact on the planet, and the climate emergency we are facing. I was brought up to be crazily obsessive about food waste, and I live with a family of foodies, so I know that passion for food, and thinking about what we consume are part of the same deal.  

I’ve known Sam since I moved to Bristol in 2009. I try to impress him with my up to date use of emojis and knowledge of social media - Facegram anybody? Our shared mantra is ‘Test your assumptions’. Sam keeps me sensible with his laser-eyed focus on website functionality, cash flow and the supreme importance of a good nights’ sleep!

How else can I help?

We know we are asking for money at a time when finances are tight for some people. But if the Oat Float sounds like something good to you or something that you would use, we would really appreciate any help you could give us to get it off the ground.

And if you aren’t able to donate, there are many other ways that you can help us.

-- Sign up to the mailing list on our website to hear all the latest news about our launch  - www.oatfloat.com

- Follow our social media pages @oatfloatbristol on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with the launch of the Oat Float (see top of page for links)

- Share this Crowd-funder with friends, family and neighbours and anyone else who might be interested in the business

- Get in touch with any suggestions or ideas or any other ways you can help! [email protected] 

Working for Bristol

We are also very aware that during the Covid crisis jobs are being lost, some businesses are closing and there are children and vulnerable people in Bristol who aren’t getting enough to eat. When we launch in Spring 2021 we want to be part of the solution. We are actively thinking about how best to do this. In the meantime if you want to know about any of the work that these amazing people are doing right now please go to:

The Vench Children’s centre: https://thevench.co.uk   

Food Cycle: https://www.foodcycle.org.uk/location/bristol/

Our Crowdfunding campaign is all or nothing, meaning we only get the funding if we reach our target. We can’t achieve our goal of bringing about sustainable change and tasty unpackaged food to Bristol without your support.  Thank you for being part of it.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

A huge thank you from us for getting the Oat Float on the road.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

£20 voucher you can spend at the Oat Float OR a beautiful hand painted bamboo tooth-brush.

£30 or more

£30 Reward

£30 voucher to spend at the Oat Float OR a beautiful hand painted bamboo toothbrush.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

£50 voucher to spend at the Oat Float AND a beautiful hand customised bamboo toothbrush, made to your personal order.

£100 or more

£100 Reward

£100 voucher to spend at the Oat Float and a personal visit from the Float pre launch. OR for those outside Bristol, a delicious zero waste 'hamper' brimming with Oat Float goodies!

£200 or more

£200 Reward - Oat Float Champ

£150 voucher to spend at the Oat Float AND a personal visit from the Float pre-launch AND a zero waste ‘hamper’ brimming with Oat Float goodies! OR enjoy a delicious Oat Float feast for 6, cooked and delivered by the culinary team behind the Oat Float, matching fresh seasonal products with quality Oat Float staples, paired with West Country sparkling white wine.

£500 or more

£500 Reward - Oat Float Legend!!

Refill until your arms fall off! Enjoy a delicious Oat Float feast for 6, cooked by the culinary team behind the Oat Float, matching fresh seasonal products with quality Oat Float staples, paired with West Country sparkling white wine. OR Have a key creative input into the Oat Float uniform. Hats, hoodies or aprons? Brainstorm with the Oat Float team, and see your style on our outfits.

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