Nyina - Creating the next generation of bakers

by Chikumo Fiseko in Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

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A range of sustainable baking mixes that will help anyone bake and decorate cakes like a professional, without comprising on quality or time

by Chikumo Fiseko in Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The extra money allows me to cover the travel costs of locating a factory that will package my products and will help towards the £10,000 set up costs needed for the packaging itself.


The aim of this Crowdfund is to raise £3000 which will help launch Nyina - a range of sustainable baking mixes that will create the next generation of bakers and help customers decorate cakes like a professional, without comprising on quality or time.

The aim is to get a range of baking mixes (Vanilla, Chocolate, Almost Carrot Coffee etc.) into supermarkets but that means getting the correct packaging required and a factory to pack the mixes.

If the target is met, Ulster Bank will also back the business by donating themselves through 'Back Her Business'!

Why Nyina?

Most people have fond childhood memories of the smell of freshly baked goods, whether they themselves baked with their parents/grandparents or visited relatives that that loved a piece of home-made cake with a cuppa.

After many years of supplying customers with baked goods, our founder Chikumo realised that many people would love to bake from home, using high quality ingredients whilst also doing their part to help the environment. However, they don’t have the time and/or know-how.

Nyina’s aim to create the next generation of bakers from anywhere in the world, in the most sustainable way possible. Each baking mix can create a two-tier cake or approx. 14 cupcakes with the customers only needing to add eggs and finish off with buttercream. So, whether the bakers are people that want to learn basic baking/decorating skills or they want to enjoy baking with their families but don’t have the time, it will be simple enough for anyone to get real home-made cakes from a simple all in one mix, without compromising on quality or taste.  

At Nyina, we believe that baking should be a treat without the guilt, which is why the baking mixes have been designed to be on average 50% quicker to make than current brands found in supermarkets. Not only does this mean the customer is less likely to waste product, but less energy is used to produce a cake.

There will also be video tutorials and classes to teach bakers how to create anything from a simple cake accompanied by tea to a well decorated birthday cake. As well as the tutorials, there will be videos with tips and knowledge passed on from generations such as what happens when you over-bake or how to use different piping techniques so that all the information needed can be found on one page.

Our launch products

Our aim is to launch an array of products, including, Vanilla, Chocolate, Banoffee, Almost Carrot Coffee and Raspberry & White Chocolate. The initial product development and branding has been completed, so your donations will help us turn our prototype baking mixes into the finished product which can then be pitched to the supermarkets. If the initial target is met, Ulster Bank will also potentially back this business by investing money if the target is reached!

My story

My name is Chikumo and I am based in Newtownabbey which is just outside of Belfast. Growing up, my mum was an avid baker and would try many things both western and of African tradition. She first taught me how to bake muffins when I was 15 before moving on to cakes and other desserts. Whilst at school, my friends suggested a cinema trip which I wanted to go to but couldn’t afford. After batting my eyelashes to my dad, he referred me to my mum (the strict parent) who proceeded to tell me I could go, if I could pay for myself, knowing I had no money. Surely, I couldn’t let her win…

After speaking to my friends about my conundrum, they told me they would pay £1 each for a muffin to get me to £10. I had completely forgotten that I had been so proud of my first batch of muffins that I had taken them to school for them to try and they had loved them too. This taught me a lesson I will never forget – as much as you can tell a potential customer your product is great, it’s better to get them to decide for themselves and spread the word. I began supplying muffins to friends families and teachers with my younger brother helping me expand to his school mates and teachers as long as he got a share of the profits.

I owned Mostly Muffins for 8 years before moving to Belfast. In my role, I baked a variety of confectionaries from scratch, supplied café’s, restaurants and other businesses as well as my own clients for any occasion. As a huge dessert lover, I quickly learned that I could re-create my favourite desserts from home and if I could recreate them, I could sell them. During this time, I also became a public speaker for young people in enterprise where I was a speaker at the MADE festival, Young Enterprise Awards and a winner of BIG Challenge (an enterprise competition ran in schools).

For 2 years, I was an NPD consultant for Delicious Alchemy. As part of my consulting work, I worked on gluten free baking mixes and cereals from the idea generation through to product development, pitching to retailers (who are still stocking the mixes under their own brands) right down to running factory trials. As part of this role, I conducted benchmarking sessions and sampling activities, worked as a food stylist on campaigns I had created for days such as coeliac awareness week, cupcake day etc. During this time, I realised that when it came to pitching gluten free cake mixes when compared to a non-gluten comparison, the comparison didn’t compare, and I knew I could create something that was more authentic.

I now have customers across the UK and Ireland who still want me to bake for them, which isn’t always possible. My customers either don’t have the time, patience or knowhow to bake from scratch meaning I regularly talk them recipes and talk them through how to get the perfect cake etc.  With the baking mixes, I can still supply my customers whilst also imparting the knowledge I have, to help them on their baking journey.

I have just been made redundant in my role as a Marketing Executive but I have blogged alongside my job via www.adiaryofachik.com. My blog covers many areas including food, business start-ups and general advice. I will also be starting a segment on issues such as mental health because it goes hand in hand with my baking and is one of the ways I use to help refocus myself. Running the blog means I am still actively involved in food/food styling and photography which also means I have a great insight in what market wants needs.

Working with the local economy

 From the initial generation to the launch of Nyina’s baking mixes, we have and will carry on working with businesses that are as local as possible and with a focus on sustainability. Below are a few businesses we have already worked with:

Belfast Met, Invest Northern Ireland, Bonsai Design House and CAFRE.

Giving back

I have been lucky enough all of my business career to have been supported by some amazing people/businesses. I believe in giving back which is why I have always donated part of my businesses profits to charities close to the hearts of my friends and family such as Prostate Cancer UK, Barnardo’s, Born Free Foundation etc. and will continue to do so.

I would also like to focus on female owned businesses as well as removing the stigma of mental health by educating people on what mental health really is both as a mental health first aider and by donating a percentage of the businesses profits to charities such Cake Before Therapy.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£10 or more

£10 - Personalised thank-you on social media

Personalised thank-you on social media channels and the website once it is up and running.

£20 or more

£20 - Become an official ambassador

You will be listed on the website as an official ambassador!

£50 or more

£50 - Enjoy one of our baking mixes for yourself

Enjoy the experience of baking an 8 inch cake using one of our baking mixes from your own home. This will be posted out to you.

£100 or more

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£100 - Be the first to receive the official kits

You will receive a selection baking mixes from the first official factory batch. These will be sent in the post.

£250 or more

£250 - One on one baking tutorial

You will receive a selection of baking mixes and a 1 to 1 tutorial via Skype or in person.

£500 or more

£500 - Sponsor a baking mix

You will be able to choose which flavour of baking mix you would like to sponsor!

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