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A short fictional film that follows a young A&E nurse pushed to the edge as she tries to save a patient's life.

by WISDOM TEETH in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

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The pledges so far have allowed us to reach our initial target, meaning that we have sufficient funding for the essentials. But why stop there?  In stretching it, you're enabling us to procure elements that will enhance our PRODUCTION VALUE (ceiling pieces for the set and hiring in authentic props and lighting equipment), expand casting towards PROFESSIONAL ACTORS, enable collaboration with our composer in creating an ORIGINAL SCORE for the film and, finally, the extra funding will help us expand our FESTIVAL TOUR allowing entries to a wider range of festivals in Europe and beyond! 

 Remember: any funds not spent will be donated to The Royal College of Nursing. Let's keep it going! 

Grateful as ever,

Nurse Team. 

The story follows Lauren, a young nurse in crisis brought on by the under-staffing and under-funding of an institution under strain. Exhausted and overworked, she must fight against the obstacles of the system for both her patients and her work. Angry family members, colleagues with too much on their hands, jumping from one emergency to the next and racing against the clock - can she cope with the strain of A&E? 

In the Royal College of Nursing’s 102 years, last year marked the first time in its history where its members overwhelmingly voted to strike. With 33,000 nurses quitting the profession yearly (6,000 of which aged between 25-29, 5,000 of which aged between 30-34 and half the current nursing workforce being eligible for retirement by 2020), there is high demand in the NHS for young, enthusiastic nurses. Simultaneously, the demand for health and social care services has never been higher. Underfunded and understaffed, the current workforce is stretched to its limits.

After extensive research (including questionnaires completed by 20+ nurses, managers and on going interviews) the story is based on the real-life experience of the professionals it portrays. In making an emotional connection to the plight of the protagonist, we hope to inspire members of the public to reflect on the current state of the NHS, a national institution that this year celebrates its 70th anniversary. It is urgent to make this film now as it'll keep the crisis in the limelight - an issue that affects the entire country’s well-being in a time people are willing to listen. Together, we will make a difference by encouraging discussions and inspiring change.

At its core, 'Nurse' is about a young woman at the end of her tether whose spirit, endurance and faith in the system is put to the test. To make ends meet, she must make the correct decision every step of the way as the flow of endless conflict drags her further from the finish line.The film will focus on Lauren’s struggle to cling on to mental clarity and how she deals with situations under enormous strain. We want to explore the selflessness and dedication of an individual, how far they will go for the benefit of others and how much they can withstand before crumbling.

Visually, the film will be designed to emphasise the crisis of the NHS and the crisis Lauren experiences by creating purpose built spaces and lighting to express the themes of mental health, desperation and compassion. Being a character driven story, we want the audience to feel the claustrophobic chaos that our protagonist struggles to control day in, day out.

The cinematography will emphasise the main character’s perception of the hospital. With a wide range of visual tools, such as handheld camera movement, gritty fluorescent lighting and a selection of desaturated colours we will tell this story by focusing on the imperfections, chaos and stress surrounding Lauren. 

Our main inspiration is the collaboration of director Darren Aronofsky and cinematographer Matthew Libatique, particularly how they work together to portray the psychological state of characters in their films (Requiem for a Dream, Pi, Black Swan). Using the ARRI Alexa Classic - industry standard camera - will achieve our visual goals, yet the main point of investment would be the set build and practical fluorescent lighting integrated in it.

Nurse's story takes place in the A&E department of a hospital and to bring this story to life, we will design and build the environment in a Studio. It is a large scale and ambitious set which is going to require minute details and precision to achieve a believable result. 

The design includes a Reception and Waiting Area, a Ward, an Office and a maze inspired layout of small Corridors. To create contrast from the Reception open space, the A&E work and operations area includes elements to parallel the intense and pressured mindset of the protagonist. We have ambitions of including a ceiling piece, green screen and, collaborating with VFX, create an authentic environment. The budget has been carefully calculated including these necessities and obtaining it would allow us to realise these plans - thus a more credible and impactful film. Fundraising is crucial

The funds will be split between various departments and stages of the production process  Over the last 4 months, the budget has been analysed, revised, and carefully designed to ensure that every penny will be put to its best use. But why support us in the first place? See below.

We recognise that not everyone has the means to give monetary aid to the film. Every like, comment, share is crucial to the project's success and we really appreciate your support - however that may come. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It truly means the world to us. By spreading the word you are helping us keep the crisis on the limelight, generate discussion and maybe even inspire change. 

However, if you are able to donate, know that not only are you helping bring an important story to life, but you could be supporting the RCN (Royal College of Nursing). Any excess funds from the film's production (what is left after the Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production and Festival Circuit) will be donated to the them. 

If you are a Dorset / London / Brighton local, we are also holding a RAFFLE for the chance to win TWO TICKETS for the SOLD OUT GEORGE EZRA CONCERT on the 11th of March, 2019 (as well as some smaller prizes). If interested, please send us a message through social media and we'll be in touch.


“My mum’s been a nurse for almost 40 years so the story is based on real life experiences of the professionals we’re looking to portray. Mainly, it concerns the effect work life has on young nurses who are thrown into the deep end and must learn to either “sink” or ”swim”. Hence, why we have chosen to follow a young nurse and her troubles in this story.” 

After becoming a joiner, Charlie jumped from construction to art and design. His background has given him a strong visual sensibility which together with his love for story help him create films. With a drive for becoming a filmmaker, Charlie is a motivated individual that works collaboratively with other filmmakers. With the film, he hopes to keep the crisis in the limelight and encourage discussions and conversation especially regarding young professionals as they are the future of the health-care system. 


“We’ve spent months doing research talking to nurses, doctors and we so often hear and read about health-care workers comparing hospitals to war zones. We’re really looking to explore that line of tension. These people go above and beyond for us but we’re not fighting in the same way for them. To me, this film is a chance to keep the crisis in the limelight and highlight the routine heroism of the professionals we’re looking to portray.”

Before moving to England, Anna Karenina had extensive experience in production, interning for a prestigious Brazilian commercial’s company Malagueta Filmes and working as a Production Assistant for CNN’s Anthony Bourdain - Parts Unknown. Currently specialising in documentary and producing and having just stepped off a Future TX (feature film currently in Post-Production) as Production Coordinator, she hopes to hone those experiences to make Nurse’s production a positive experience for cast, crew and audiences alike.


“When I heard about this project, I immediately wanted to be involved. While following the news I learned a lot about the nurse crisis in the UK and when I found out some very talented people are making their graduation film about this I thought it's going to be a great opportunity to make an impactful film about what is happening with a great team of people. I am excited to be working on a story and film that is going to mean a lot to a group of people around the world, nurses and their families, who deserve to be listened to and also talked about more. We all know the way we are losing nurses in big numbers every year cannot be sustained forever, so let's open up a conversation!”

Gabor was born in Budapest, Hungary, but his love of filmmaking and western cinema sent him to the UK when he was 16 to study film production in college. Now, at 22, he is in his final year on the prestigious BA Film Production course of Bournemouth Film School specialising in Film Producing and Film Directing. He produced and directed multiple short films, one of his works receiving a major film competition nomination and another receiving a TV distribution deal. His new big project is ‘Nurse’, a drama with real life struggles and honest characters that will move everyone watching. He is excited to co-produce the film with a talented team of young filmmaker students who are putting all their hearts into the film, to show the world a story about a topic that is little-known-about, but also very important.


“Film is a medium with the intent to communicate and Nurse is about a subject matter that needs to be discussed. I was convinced by the purpose of this story which addresses a current circumstance and has the possibility to keep the importance of it present in social discussion. Not only did I want to work on this type of film which has constructive intent, it is also about a community of individuals that some of my own family members have been a part of. Individuals whose perseverance I admire, in being selfless and committed to fulfilling their duty which consists of constantly trying to heal and support others.”

Currently based in Bournemouth, Erica is in the last year of study of the BA Hons Film Production course at the Arts University of Bournemouth, specialising in Production Design. She is of English and Italian nationality and was born and raised in France.  She has had the opportunity to travel to various places and experience different cultures and those have influenced her appreciation for the arts and their role in different environments, even more so for film. . Previous projects vary from theatre, film and music videos and include: Channel 4 Random Acts experimental short dance film, The Pool directed by Julia Alcamo and a music video directed by Patti Gaal-Holmes for recently awarded Americana artist of the year 2018, Emily Barker.  

  Film as a medium has the potential to use techniques and methods to communicate the subject to the audience, this can be done with subtleness as well as explicitly. Through the Production Design for 'Nurse', she hopes to develop a stylised aesthetic that will remain realist as well as implement surreal aspects to parallel the socio-realist psychodrama genre of this story, allowing to visually support and express the protagonist’s challenging journey.


"Before joining this project I always wanted to work on a film that isn't afraid to be real, provocative and ambitious in order to tell stories based on real people's experiences. And now, as part of our amazing crew I'm looking forward to tell this story to you, by using all the necessary visual tools that I have in my library."

Since Maks started exploring the world of filmmaking he felt immediate passion for cinematography. This passion helped him along the way to discover new aspects of this craft and sharpening his skills working on university and industry productions. Maks’s work is greatly influenced by  "impresionism's" style. Emotions that characters convey during their journey are his main point of visual interest. Taking inspiration from painting and photography and bringing it into our film's setting will allow Maks to achieve unique look and extreme spiciness within glorious 16/9 ratio.


"The cutting room is the place I can be free to get creative with what was shot on set. Here I get to take shots which may be meaningless alone and place them alongside others to create a strong narrative. I love editing because I can literally watch the story unfold in front of my eyes. I chose to edit the film ‘Nurse’ as I believe nurses aren’t recognised for the hard work and dedication, not only to their job, but to helping the people that surround them. Putting their own needs aside, they spend their days making sure we are all as healthy as we can be and do their best to make us as comfortable as possible. I have worked with Charlie in previous films and I know his strong vision will lead an excellent crew into creating a film dedicated to the work of our Nurses"

As a young girl Alice was always behind a camera with a creative eye for photography. After realising this was not an option to take at school, she decided that the media cause would be the next best option. Little did she know that cutting her first sequence seven years ago would lead her on to solely study and have passion for film editing. Alice is excited to be working on the film nurse and hopes that the film will reach enough people to make a change.


 “I am passionate to be working on Nurse as it is a film which is addressing real problems of today. My ambition, as in all films I make is to hit its mark, in this case for the general populace to understands the hardships of a day in the life of a nurse. I know that generally nurses have a lot of struggles with their everyday responsibilities and I am hoping that with this film we shine a light on this bitter crisis.” 

Originally from Bulgaria, Kristiyan has come to the UK to hone his skills in filmmaking. During his time in the UK he has produced different short films, which were focused on increasing awareness and raising discussion of modern societal issues, such as hikkikomori and terrorism. In the past he has also had the opportunity to work in Nu Boyana Studios located in his home country, where he worked as production coordinator assistant on a project called Moonlight. With this film he looks forward to enhancing his filmmaking skills as well as trying to solve another problematic issue.


“There are many stories out there in the world, but the story of Nurses seems to be untold. The issues nurses come across every day are not just relevant in the UK, but also in other countries in the world. I come from Latvia and I’ve seen how hard it is for nurses there, so I believe that this film can raise an awareness and support we should be giving nurses in every country in the World.”

With a background of sound designing for both short documentaries and short fictions at Bournemouth Film School, Rebeka sees working on Nurse as a new creative challenge. With the tools of sound design she will be able to explore many new, exciting tricks and techniques that will elevate the film’s tone, story and genre. This will be achieved through research not only within sound, but also in psychology. She hopes this film will raise awareness of a global issue that every single health care system faces and perhaps, encourage reform in the future.  


“Film has always provoked and intrigued audiences of all ages. It is a powerful tool in which political, environmental or social issues can be raised and questioned for all to see. For this reason I was attracted to the film Nurse as it aims not just to tell a story but try to provoke discussion about a crucial pillar of our society, the NHS. Having worked on films that help bring awareness to issues such as mental illness, I hope Nurse has a similar effect on audiences and brings the crisis to the forefront of people’s agenda.”

Marketing to Mark is all about ingenuity. Having sold his own toys at the road side aged six to becoming an over the phone loft insulator salesman while at university, selling is in his blood. He intends to run a successful campaign so that the highly talented team behind Nurse can produce a film our NHS can be proud of. Over the past 3 years at Bournemouth Film School, Mark has explored both directing and producing pathways. With these skills (as well as experience in other roles such as costume on an English-Chinese feature film and sound on a British independent) , he hopes to bring a plethora of on set knowledge to the production team of Nurse. 


“Nurse’s story is something that resonates with everyone, everyone has had contact with the vital work of the NHS and understands how important it is. The pressure and stress nurses deal with daily is unrecognised, and so this is an important story to inform those about the current crisis in the NHS faces, to put out a message and educate the public also creating something I feel passionate about.”

Elli has always had a strong interest acting however very quickly she realised she wasn’t meant to hit the stage and found her role behind the scenes, finding actors meant for the screen. Her organisation and motivation for casting is notable. Taking on everything she has learnt from the Bournemouth film school into her role as casting director she looks forwards to bringing the characters to life.


“Currently throughout the UK one of the most prevalent struggles is that of NHS nurses and I have always believed that film is one of the best ways to portray a message. This is why I believe ‘Nurse’ is such a relevant and important project. The message and themes within its story will be delivered in such a way that the audience can be shown the struggle and allow them to feel a sympathy and empathy that aren’t possible through mediums like the news. The dramatic recreation of this message will explain it to our audience in such a way that will allow people to really understand the true struggle of the NHS nurses, and hopefully implore them to want to do more to help it thereafter.”

Oliver brings a wealth of growing experience working in production design and art direction gained on the short film Dog Days and more recently on adverts for Jaguar Landrover, Pizza Hut, Absolut Vodka, Budweiser, McVities and adverts for the Charity Sector.  He has collaborated with most members of the crew whilst at AUB including Erica, the production designer and Charlie, the director and is looking forward to working with the rest of the crew.  Olly intends, through the art direction and alongside the production designer, to bring the film to life for your entertainment.



''The opportunity to bring such an important story to life is what drew me to the project, in our current climate this story is vital in which it shows the lives of amazing people that work for the NHS their experiences.”

Using her skills learnt from her time at The Bournemouth Film School and from working on both student and professional films giving her the ability of visually telling a story, in a striking and expertly designed set. Bringing an eye for detail and accurate representation, she hopes that this film will resonate with its viewers and bring a new understanding to nurse and caring profession.


“I have been interested in factual and fiction films since I was studying at university back in Peru. I have also worked on a series of productions involving short films, media content and commercials. The powerful message of Nurse attracted me to the project and I would like to explore this story through the use of lighting and in bring my on set experience in order to create the ideal atmosphere for the film.”

After working in his first feature film in the electrical department just this summer, he is ready to take the big challenge and bring all the experience he has gained on set to work as gaffer for our film. His main reason to come to the Arts University of Bournemouth (Bournemouth Film School) was to specialise in cinematography and further his career in the camera department. Drama being his favorite genre, he came on board to work on Nurse as the film depicts a powerful social topic and through the use creative lighting techniques he will be able to further explore this story contributing to the ideal atmosphere of the film.



"Long unimaginable hours and the constant fight to save human lives must have a strain and I believe that often that work goes unnoticed. To design the makeup for this film is not only a great opportunity but also a privilege to help create a realistic look which hopefully will help bring awareness to how much health care workers, do for us - especially nurses in ICU and A&E."

Ili Newson is a Hungary and UK based Freelancing Makeup Artist and Beautician working mostly for Bridal and Beauty but she also worked in a workshop Filmefex Studios helping with making lifelike human dummies using a lot of foam resin and silicone. Projects she worked on at Filmefex Studios were NBC Emerald City (2017) and various adverts and commercials. She moved to the UK in 2016 to attend University to learn more about special effects and prosthetic makeup. During her first year at university she went to Banbury Postiche to get some experience with wig making. After her first year at university she had the opportunity to do work experience on Cinemax American- British Television Drama Strike Back Series 6 and French Film, Budapest released in 2018. During her second year at university, she went onto working on BBC and NETFLIX TV Series The Last Kingdom Season 3. This opportunity lead her to working on a more regular basis with PAM special effects makeup shop at IMATS, UMAE and Birmingham Prosthetic Event. She has also attended a wig making course at Pinewood Studios in the summer of 2018. Her interests are quite broad but her focus now is mainly on Straight Hair and makeup for TV and Film and Prosthetics.


“I was drawn to this script for its emotional intensity, its strong and self- contained narrative and for its use of descriptive and evocative visuals. In addition to this, the talented, knowledgeable and charismatic team was a strong part in wanting to get involved in this project. Having had some medical experience, I can partly relate to the mental demand of having to care for lots of different people and the selfness of the profession. I look forward to being part of a film that aims to explore the stress, that the NHS is enduring, and the affect it is having on overworked Nurses.”
Joseph is a Royal Television Society Bursary Alumni, a title given to only 20 people each academic year across UK Universities. He has built up 5 years of experience both on set from high end production dramas, and off set working for in house production companies both domestically and internationally. He is excited to be part of the production team and help make Nurse come alive.


“I was instantly attracted to Nurse for its important concept, and the idea that nurses currently struggling in the NHS will be represented in this kind of format, and by students. It’s so important that we recognise these issues and the strains our nurses are put under. Working on the design process helped me further understand our characters and their struggle, and I’m very excited to help put their lives and jobs on the screen to demonstrate just how difficult they can be.”

Jemma Reardon is a third year costume student and the Costume Designer for the film. She has previously worked on multiple contemporary designs and projects, as well as designing for pantomimes, period pieces and theatre. She recently attended a work placement for the BBC show Shakespeare and Hathaway where she attained new knowledge to help her design process. The film Nurse drew Jemma in because of its focus on the NHS. Members of her family have and currently still work in the NHS and she‘s excited to help show the stress these people fall under.


“What drew me to work on this film is how it links to a current, real life, issues that haven’t received a lot of media attention. I think it’s important to shine a light on the struggles the workers in the NHS face so we fully appreciate the care we receive.”

Courtney is a Costume design student in her third year at the Arts University Bournemouth. She has worked on a wide range of period and contemporary designs for all ages in previous units. She draws inspiration from knowledge of period costumes and mixes them with current fashion trends. Her favourite part of becoming a costume designing is being able to convey characters through all the small details including the power of colour. What drew her to this film was the meaning behind the project and everyone’s personal connections and experiences with the NHS.


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