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Nottz Garden Project
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On 12th November 2023 we successfully raised £9,230 with 39 supporters in 42 days

Building community resilience through creative art filled green spaces, growing free food and empowering others to grow for themselves.

by Nottz Garden Project in Nottingham, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

We were all blown away to have achieved our £5k target in the first 4 days of our crowdfunder. Its great to know that people really believe in Nottz Garden Project and are willing to back it! So we're putting in place a stretch target of £10k that will help us achieve some more really important projects that we thought would be a long way off but that we know will make our work even more impactful....

  • Planter Project- where there is no land available or its too difficult to access or no good for food growing..... we'll build and locate planters filled with food and flowers - right in the middle of the areas where we know its needed most. This will enable us to spread our impact out from the existing sites with smaller satellite projects.
  • Community Meals - we'd love to run community meals in the beautiful garden where Raleigh Street Patch sits. Inviting the local community to attend, have a free meal, meet people, all the good things that go with that. Inspiration for this is one of our all time favourite community projects The Long Table @ Stroud.
  • Cooking Classes - we know that they can make a huge difference to people living in food poverty , especially when it comes to processing and giving ideas and methods for using fresh veggies that many people are not used to having access to. We'll find a partner or partners and linked with our food growing, we'll run cooking classes to help our community get the most from veg!
  • Extra Site - We'd love to set up third site in Radford and Hyson Green where we can grow  veggies and flowers using the same model as Gamble St Corner and Raleigh St Patch. Community focused, free food, empowering people to grow their own food in an art filled green space. We're already on the look out! 

Nottz Garden Project is a community group with a manifesto:

  • Growing food for people where access to fresh food is limited, either through absence of provision or through low or no income. 
  • Building community resilience, by promoting engagement with food growing and gardening to empower people to grow their own food, improve their diet and mental health.  
  • Providing creative art filled green spaces and bringing wildlife into neglected or abandoned urban spaces. (sometimes guerrilla!)


Radford & Hyson Green NG7 in Nottingham is where we focus our work:

  • Radford is diverse: 57% White British, 22% Asian/Asian British and 11% Black/African/Caribbean/Black British
  • 15% of the population live in households reliant on means tested benefits
  • 33% of children aged 5-15 yrs are living in poverty 
  • 38% of children are obese
  • 46% of elderly residents are in receipt of pension credit
  • Life expectancy for males is 73 yrs (versus UK average 80 yrs)
  • NG7 is ranked in the top 15% most deprived wards (out of England's 7000+ wards)
  • The area has our city's  2nd highest crime rate with half of all crime classified as anti social behavior


Growing for Good – In 2021 we started to grow food on an allotment in Nottingham, donating the majority of the produce to Himmah Foodbank in Radford. The veg takes the form of bags that contain a selection of veg, sometimes with a recipe suggestion and always with a guide so people know what they’ve got. The veg bags are given out at Himmah to people who collect emergency food parcels or are used in cooking classes or hot meals provision.


Gamble St Corner is a guerrilla veg & flower garden on the corner of Gamble St and Forest Rd East in Radford NG7, started in Feb 2023.

Previously a neglected piece of wasteland, in 2023 we turned it into an art filled green oasis providing fresh veg and flowers to the community. We created an eye catching veg mural as a backdrop to ensure a welcoming and vibrant destination. Wildlife is encouraged into the space by a variety of pollinator friendly plants and the installation of 3 insect hotels.

Please play the video below where we explain to the BBC the project in general, gamble street corner and the link with Himmah. 


 1694707472_gamble_st_day_1.png1694707317_from_this_to_this.pngTransformation: Plz watch these short videos for a look at the work we did to transform Gamble St Corner! The garden is open 24/7 to passers by to harvest fresh food or flowers, access the Little Free Library (where they can take or donate books) or just sit on the wall, enjoy the green space and take it all in.

1694707857_microsoftteams-image_(5).pngCommunity Events: We run community events on the corner which so far have involved Free Tomato Plants, Tacos on the Corner, and a Flowers & Bees day where we had mural painting, street art and seed bomb making. Plz watch the short film of Tomato Day on 24th June 2023 for a flavour of our events! Gamble St Corner is a joint project with Himmah, which came about through the fresh veg donations we made and also an increased interest in community growing by the charity.

Click to Read about Himmah!

Flowers & Bees Community Day 2nd September 2023:


Click the photo to watch what happened when Notts TV came to visit Gamble Street Corner ahead of our community day!                         


Raleigh Street Patch will be our second site in Radford NG7 opening in 2024!

Image ImageImage 

We've agreed access to some land right in the middle of the community where we'll grow veggies and flowers on a 20m x 3m back wall site in an old churchyard about a 5 minute walk from Gamble Street Corner. Its quite a different setting but the same ethos will apply, growing food for free for people who need it, bringing in wildlife through pollinators and inspiring people to grow their own food through engagement with the new green space. 

Amazing local charity SFICE are based next door, assisting the homeless, refugees and other vulnerable adults in our city. They host ESOL classes and cooking lessons on site and also host a 3 nights per week Social Cafe feeding the homeless. SFICE have a demand for fresh healthy food for their service users so they will definitely be using some of the food grown!  Read about SFICE here: SFICE Website

Art & Creativity is a key part of Nottz Garden Project. Our spaces are vibrant, eye catching, cool spots that can inspire community to take interest, break up the concrete jungle and show people that there is a different way!


It’s why we painted a crazy veg mural on the wall of Gamble St Corner (inspired by 'Fruit Salad' by Katherine Bernhardt, which she painted on the on the Venus Gallery in Los Angeles in 2015.)  Its why we ran an under 16s mural competition and now have a Community Canvas for people to leave messages, doodles, paint pictures - whatever they like! 

Its also why we installed a Little Free Library on Gamble St Corner (& why we'll put one on Raleigh Street Patch) – everyone should have the opportunity to access reading and the benefits it can bring.



Free Veg Market is a1695141020_free_veg_market.png new initiative to provide a market style setting for the community to access free veggies. The setting on Gamble Street Corner allows us to engage with the people, talk about the garden and the veggies and provide a dignified shopping experience rather than a 'handout'  At the end of the market , any fresh food leftover is donated to Himmah Foodbank for distribution with emergency food parcels.

A linked initiative is our Free Veg Collective encouraging local growers to donate their surplus veggies to the market knowing that it is going to help a community in Nottingham that really needs it.

A project in its infancy is NG Seedz , more than a seed library - this is a Growing Bank , an outreach to encourage the community to feel empowered to grow their own food through provision of equipment and knowledge.

1695141876_microsoftteams-image_(8).png1695141752_1695141760655.png 1695141767_1695141775600.png

So what will we use funding for?

Securing our future on Gamble Street Corner:

  •  further improving the garden soil
  • topping up / replacing equipment e.g. water butts, hose pipes
  • providing tools for volunteers
  • providing paints and equipment for creative elements in the garden e.g. murals
  • a program of 3 plant giveaways per year
  • a program of 4-6 community events per year 
  • improving signage and education about types of veg, benefits, recipes

A new site for 2024 - Raleigh Street Patch

  • improving the ground and getting it ready to grow
  • setting up water butts & other infrastructure
  • equipment & tools for volunteers
  • a program of 2 plant giveaways
  • a program of 3 community events
  • setting up a Little Free Library (we already have one at gamble street corner)

Nottz Garden Project Allotment

  • adding a 3rd low cost polytunnel to increase volume and improve planning of seed sowing /seedlings + plants for plant giveaways for the 2 sites
  • provision of compost and pots for plant giveaways

Guerrilla Greening

  • people in the community are always telling us about neglected corners, areas that need some TLC or planters that are left derelict
  • we'll take on small areas and guerrilla garden them to improve the area

NG Seedz

  • setting up seed bank format, branding, printing
  • pots & compost supplies 
  • information / 'how to' guides and packs

Community Outreach

  • a program of outreach to local groups, organisations businesses and individuals to share Nottz Garden Project aims and spread awareness
  • information packs, exhibition leaflets, miscellaneous giveaways like badges and stickers

Community Recipe & Food Project

  • through a program of group workshops & individual interviews , gathering recipes and stories around food culture, faith, poverty, connections 
  • publication of Recipe & Food Project into a fundraising book

In a nutshell this crowdfunder is aimed at consolidating what we started at Gamble Street Corner, adding a second site in Radford NG7 and taking Nottz Garden Project to the next level with more outreach and bigger community resilience impact.

Please give generously, we really do appreciate it and it will make a huge difference to people in our project area. Thankyou!


We've gathered an amazing selection of rewards from the coolest of the cool friends of Nottz Garden Project.  You can grab the rewards on the menu on the right (remember Notts Garden Project gets x 2 Matchfunding for all rewards too!)

Big Love to everyone below for all your support!

(Links below to each reward provider + some photos of physical rewards)


Hotel by Forget Me Notts            Dash Vegan Hamper     Soul Buggin'            1695892813_1695892820932.png1695891242_dash_vegan_hamper.png1695891332_1695891342062.png

      FoodBank Soup Silkscreen              Bespoke Planter by Grow Notts


Get Guerilla Gardening by Ellen Miles Signed Copy


Seed Bombs by @maskedgardening      Project Tee             Gamble Tote




This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£5 or more

Guerrilla Gardening Seed Bombs

5 hand made seed bombs by Mariam AKA Masked Gardening. Mariam is Gamble Street Corner crew regular and our resident seed bomber! You'll get a bag of 5 bombs ready to plant ASAP before winter hits.

£10 or more

Gamble Street Corner Tote Bag

Our original Gamble Street Corner Tote featuring our 'Veggies For Radford' logo

£20 or more

Nottz Garden Project T Shirt

Black Project Tee featuring our 'Veggies For Radford' logo.

£40 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Flowers Art Print by Soz Mate

'Soz Mate' is a Nottingham Graffiti and Street Artist whose flowers are all over our city. This is an A3 print of a Soz Mate original flower art piece.

£75 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Intro to Screen Printing at Dizzy Ink

Dizzy Ink is a design, print & creative workshop studio based in the heart of Nottz. The intro to Screen Printing Workshop is designed to teach all the fundamentals of screen printing on to paper/board. The intimate workshop allows for maximum time to experiment and get to grips with various design choices you can make during the screen printing process. You will leave knackered and fully accomplished with an edition of 10+ x A3 Prints.

£75 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Bespoke Planter by Grow Notts

Jack (Grow Notts) is our City Gardener and is making waves with projects at the Tramline Spot & Old Market Square as well as being involved in the groundbreaking Down To Earth Derby. You'll see these planters all over town from Bridlesmith Gate to Hockley and now you can have your own - Jack will make your planter to measure and fill it with plants or veggies. Its time to green up your front garden, window ledge or shop front!! (nottz area)

£100 or more

0 of 1 claimed

A Years Supply of Jamaican Patties by Yello Yard

Yello Yard is a Caribbean bakehouse providing Nottz with the tastiest and best Jamaican patties. Ask anyone in town and they'll agree. Jowayne & Mahalia cut no corners in giving us the flakiest pastry and tastiest flavours ever so why not stock up big time?! 52 frozen vegan patties , enough for 1 per week for a whole year :-D 4 Varieties: Beeth, Chana, Calypso chik'n, Green goddess. NOTTZ AREA ONLY

£100 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Garden Assesment by Sherwood Garden Consultancy

Need garden help or not sure how to get your garden to thrive? We know Andy from Sherwood Garden Consultancy from his amazing community gardening work in Nottz! This professional garden assessment visit by Andy is a really good starting point for getting advice, or deciding what needs to be done about problems in your garden. Following the visit, Andy will produce a written report with expert advice on how to proceed. Visit approx 3 hours.

£250 or more

Veggies Mural Painting

Our veggie logo is a mural called 'Veggies for Radford' and was inspired by a mural called 'Fruit Salad' by Katherine Bernhardt, which she painted on the on the Venus Gallery in Los Angeles in 2015. Its painted on the wall at Gamble Street Corner to create an eye catching and exciting community space. We'll paint the veggie mural on your wall at your playground, community centre, park, school - wherever you want it! Max 15 m x 3m

£25 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Pair of Tickets for Soul Buggin' 19th Birthday

Pair of tickets to Soul Buggin' 19th Birthday Party with Aroop Roy (Vive la Musique) at the Cell Venue Nottingham on Sat 4 Nov 2200-0300 Soul Buggin’ is a DJ collective based in Nottingham consisting of local selectors Wrighty, Beane, Mark A & Elmo. £14 face value + £1.75 fee if bought elsewhere

£25 or more

2 of 2 claimed

Pair of Hockley Hustle Tickets

2x Adult Tickets for Hockley Hustle 22 Oct 2023 Various Venues Nottz Expect to find every ounce of the best creative talent the city has to offer, all to raise money for some incredible Nottingham charities. Thousands of revellers, hundreds of artists and dozens of venues will once again gather to throw the party of the year, all while giving something back to the local community

£30 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Get Guerrilla Gardening - Ellen Miles Signed Copy

We love Ellen MIles who is an activist spearheading a new wave of guerrilla gardening. Rooted in social justice and climate action, this growing movement needs you. So, whether you want to boost biodiversity, bring people together, create beauty, grow food, or make a political statement, it's time to get guerrilla gardening. Grab this signed copy of her book & a load of other goodies like seed bombs, stickers etc)

£45 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Dash Vegan Hamper

A stunning vegan friendly hamper by Dash Vegan - £65 retail value. Containing 18 items from Choc Affair, Hip, Friendly Soap, LoofCo, Pit Putty,Verna Poppy, Coconut & Jungle Culture. A nice mix of food and non food items all in a reusable collapsible hamper! (For a photo of the hamper check the rewards section at the foot of our project page!)

£45 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Garden Makeover with Aaron from Greco Gardening

Aaron is a local gardener who appeared on BBC Gardeners World in 2020 with his amazing tyre planting designs and can now be found raising plants for sale, growing food and keeping other peoples gadens in trim. This garden makeover includes lawns cut, hedge trimmed, plants tidied and weeded to bring your garden back to beautiful life! (Nottz area only)

£50 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Hand Made Wildlife Hotel by Forget Me Notts

A square wildlife hotel of dried flowers and seed pods hand made by Bethan of Forget Me Notts. Bethan is a Notts horticultural powerhouse having leading roles at Nottingham Organic Gardeners and Farmstart as well as being a small Events Florist & running Workshops on anything from composting and wormeries to seed saving and permaculture. (Nottz area only)

£75 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Nottingham Writer's Studio Membership

Nottingham Writers’ Studio is a place for people to come together; meet like-minded individuals, develop new skills, and become the best writers they can be. As well as offering workshops, courses, and networking opportunities, NWS also offer a variety of writing services, including coaching and mentoring packages as well as publishing and editorial support. Check out the link on our project page for full membership details!

£95 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Urban Foraging Workshop with Nottingham Forager

Lucy is the Nottingham Forager and she will guide a group of 10 through an urban foraging experience searching for wild food across our beautiful parks and wild spaces and sharing her knowledge and passion as you go. Nottz Area Only Venue & Timings etc to be arranged with Lucy

£100 or more

1 of 1 claimed

FoodBank Soup Silkscreen Print by Georgie Artist

Limited edition four colour hand made silk screen print on 410gsm Somerset Radiant White archival paper. A2 size. (420mm x 594mm). Edition of 25. Signed, numbered and embossed.. For a photo and link to Georgie Artists work see the Rewards highlight at the bottom of our project page!

£100 or more

1 of 1 claimed

A Day at Himmah Charity

Himmah is a Social Justice Organisation, with a mission to tackle food poverty, racism and educational inequalities. Spend a day with the team, understand how the charity works including the foodbank, pack & deliver food parcels, visit the School Uniform Project and the Social Supermarket Foodprint, visit Gamble St Corner growing project and hear from Founder & Director Saj. Visit to Himmah for a group of 10 MAX

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