Nottingham - For The Love Of Scrubs

by Toni Jarvis in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 26th September 2020 we successfully raised £1,997 with 45 supporters in 35 days

28,000 items made by hundreds of volunteers for Frontline key workers, we need your help to continue making.

by Toni Jarvis in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

  • We are still LIVE! We will keep this crowdfunder open to take donations towards the cost of producing scrubs.
  • We need YOUR help to raise £10,000 to continue sewing scrubs for the Frontline.
  • Each set of scrubs costs around £15 for the materials needed.

Please keep reading below to find out where the money is going!

Latest update (Oct 2020):

We are sticking with the crowdfunder as a donations platform up until Christmas or when the requests for scrubs stops.

The amount raised by the end of September was £1745. Added to our offline fundraising we hit £2500 - enough to purchase at least 800 metres of fabric, making at least 200 pairs of scrubs.

How did our project start?

As Covid-19 hit there was an outcry from the NHS and Care Workers for scrubs and accessories for Frontline workers to wear when working with vulnerable patients.

Anyone with a sewing machine and a stash of fabric rallied round and formed groups to help.

Nottingham - For The Love Of Scrubs was born, a regional group, part of the National For The Love Of Scrubs group. Three ladies started the group, Amy Gathercole, Emma Barlett and Alaska Bishop, expecting to be making a few scrubs and accessories for the cause. 

Five weeks later the group had grown to over 1700 supporters with hundreds of volunteers making scrubs, hats, laundry bags, headbands and ear savers by the thousands. Although local hubs had been set up across Nottinghamshire and an admin team had been set up to manage the Facebook group, it was getting too much to contain in front rooms.

The project needed some stability to give it the longevity it needed to continue responding to the requests that weren't slowing up.

Tiger Community Enterprise CIC had been involved with the group from almost the beginning, rallying their own community to produce 1500 headbands for a local hospital.

Amy approached them to become a central hub - using their space at 38 Carrington Street to collect and distribute all the makes across the county. The initial volunteers needed to take some time out, so the Tiger Team stepped in to support the group.

Four months later and face coverings have been added to the items being made and given away to frontline keyworkers and vulnerable groups in the community. Our current total of makes has hit 28,000!

How did we do it?

We have had donations through a Go Fund Me fundraiser and support from the Broxtowe Community Fund, East Midlands Trains and Coop, as well as over 10,000 metres of fabric donated through the National FTLOS group, Scrubs Glorious Scrubs and generous individuals. We have also been running a Buy One Give One initiative for our face coverings to raise funds towards our costs.

It's been a mad, hectic, amazing, heartwarming, fun, frazzled four months!

We've kept on top of requests through the sheer hard work of hundreds of amazing volunteers out in the field making for us every week and helping with logistics to get those makes into us at the Central hub and then out to the people and organisations that need them.

We've put an awful lot of smiles on faces - whether it's the hospital team grateful for the scrubs we've delivered or our volunteer sewers who haven't felt isolated whilst shielding, who have told us it's helped their mental health to have something so positive to focus on, or the team at Central who are blossoming in their new found roles supporting the frontline.

Why is it still needed, surely we are getting back to normal?

We thought we would be starting to slow by now, maybe with a view to closing the group - as many others across the country have done. However, due to various different reasons, including the potential of a second wave, the requests still keep coming in.

It's time for us to make sure that we have finances and supplies in place to combat a second wave of Covid-19. There have already been enquiries for scrubs for the new intake of medical students - that's potentially 2 each for 400 students. We are therefore expecting requests from other areas of the NHS such as student nurses and other disciplines that may need scrubs where they didn't before.

Face coverings don't look like slowing up any time soon, whilst rules on wearing them in more places grows.

How have you arrived at your costs?

We have reviewed what we have paid out over the last four months. In addition we have received large donations of fabric. 

Although we hope we will get further donations we also need to be realistic and look at the fabric costs if we need to make a similar number of items over the coming months.

We also have staff and overheads to pay. The Tiger Team has been made up of volunteers with only one member being paid - thanks to funding from the National Emergencies Trust. This isn't sustainable, we need to cover the wages of two other key staff members or risk losing their time and expertise. These paid staff manage the coordination and logistics, project coordination and funding and production and quality control required to keep the project functioning and complying with local Trading Standards requirements (which apply to Covid related donations).

Project costs for a four month period:

Supplies - fabric & haberdashery - £40,000

Rent  - £800

Insurance - £60

Website - £100

iPad & Mobile - £260

3 staff members - £25,200

Volunteer costs - £1,700

Total: £68,120

Where will we get the money?

Website sales - £4,120

Funding applications - £30,000

Offline fundraising - £4,000

Donations in kind - fabric etc - £10,000

Crowdfunding Round 1 - £10,000

Crowdfunding extension - £10,000


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£20 or more

3 of 500 claimed

Buy Scrubs and Accessories for a NHS key worker

Scrubs are still in short supply with many key workers having to source their own. We have started to receive requests for the new intake of medical students (400) and are expecting requests from other disciplines that wouldn't normally need scrubs. This is in addition to the requests we are still receiving from hospitals and frontline key workers.

£5 or more

2 of 1000 claimed

I want to help

Make a £5 donation and receive our thanks for your support. Let us have your social media ID and we will give you a shout out.

£10 or more

1 of 100 claimed

2 masks for you 2 for the frontline

Let us know the size and colours of the 2 masks for us to send them out to you. You will also be supplying at least 2 masks to vulnerable people and a little extra donation in the Tiger funds towards our costs.

£20 or more

5 of 10 claimed

Exclusive Tiger Green Rainbow Bag & Face Coverings

We have produced masks and shopper bags in our bright Tiger Green colour with a rainbow motif. This reward will get you two of the limited edition face coverings with a small rainbow motif on the side, so you have one for wearing and one in the wash (let us know your size). You will also receive a matching shopper bag, great for everyday use, with a larger matching rainbow motif. Show your pride for the NHS.

£40 or more

0 of 30 claimed

Family Pack of 10 Face Coverings

Help protect your community by wearing your face covering. This reward will give you 10 masks for your family to wear, let us know the sizes and preferred colours. This reward will also provide 10 masks for vulnerable people.

£40 or more

0 of 30 claimed

Give 20 Face Coverings to vulnerable people

Help us to keep supplying masks to vulnerable groups across Nottinghamshire. Recipients to date include community nurses, schools, food banks, homeless support organisations and more.

£150 or more

0 of 20 claimed

Buy a 50 metre roll of fabric

50 metres of fabric will enable us to make approximately 12 sets of scrubs for frontline key workers

£300 or more

0 of 20 claimed

Buy a 100 metre roll of fabric

100 metres of fabric will enable us to make approximately 24 sets of scrubs for frontline key workers

£600 or more

0 of 5 claimed

150 Face Coverings for your Organisation

Do your staff need masks for their day to day work, or for accessing public transport to get to work? Why not supply them a mask and support vulnerable groups at the same time? Let us know your corporate colours and we will try to match as closely as possible.

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