Not Her Fault

by Caroline Cook in Luton, Luton, United Kingdom

Not Her Fault


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Our high-impact projects aim to protect women and girls in Luton from violence/abuse and support those affected through their recovery.

by Caroline Cook in Luton, Luton, United Kingdom


The Crisis

In the UK and around the world, there is what’s being described as an epidemic of violence against women and girls.

Like everyone else, we were saddened by the death and dreadful circumstances of Sarah Everard’s case and then more recently again by that of Sabina Nessa. We were equally saddened and shocked to hear that another 80 women were killed in the UK in the few months between these two women becoming the victims of such violence.

We’re hearing the media talk a lot right now about cultures of misogyny in institutions, victim blaming in the language that’s used around cases of sexual violence, and finally a recognition that the most seriously violent crimes against women are usually the end of a chain of violent or abusive actions by men that have not been adequately stopped from escalating to such a tragic end. 

The Solution

Whilst every political commentator talks of ‘wanting’ to make women and girls safer, the real solutions are complex, requiring action that builds trust in the police, brings about faster criminal convictions, educates young people, enables people to ‘call out’ problem behaviours, supports the women affected to recover, and a recognition that, while we may not be able to prevent every case of violence/ abuse, if it’s dealt with early enough, we can stop it from escalating.


At LAWC, we’re providing high-impact frontline projects that help protect women and girls from situations involving violence/ abuse and support them through their recovery. That might involve being there for them through criminal proceedings, helping them to access housing, providing counselling and mental health support or offering training so they can achieve greater independence and opportunity.

With every woman who comes to us, we’re committed to making sure she knows that what’s happened to her is NOT HER FAULT and that she stays protected over the rest of her life.

Visit our website to find out more about this vital work.

Your Donation

It costs us around £400 to help each woman who needs our support. The COVID pandemic has led to record high demand for our services and, with grant funding in ever shorter supply, your donation will play a vital role in making sure we’re able to help as many women in Luton as possible. Please donate:

  • £13 – this is £1 for every Domestic Abuse crime recorded in Luton each day
  • £22 – that’s £1 for the 22% of Domestic Abuse victims who experience this form of violence repeatedly in Luton
  • £33 – this is £1 for each of the 33 out of 1000 Luton residents who become victims of violent and sexual offences.
  • Any other amount you can spare!

Making Your Donation Go Further

If you are one of at least 25 people who donate individually to this Crowdfunder, we could be able to double your donation with match funding from the Net Emergency Trust/ Crowdfunder Local Action Fund. With up to an extra £10,000 available, this could make a huge difference to our work. 

Thank you!

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