Not For Girls

by Marianne Bowser in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

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Not For Girls; A documentary exploring what it takes to be a female skater!

by Marianne Bowser in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom


Not For Girls, A documentary exploring what it take to be a female skater?

Kellesse is a 9-year-old skateboarder from London who has her own company making merchandise that empowers women, as well as teaching girls and women how to skate at skate parks across London.

Nefarious Skate crew, noted in i-D vice, as one of the all- girl skate crew you need to follow on Instagram, they are a talented skate crew. Some members have travelled to places such as Palestine making sure there is always a place for female skateboarders to skate.

Like most sports, the funding for female projects is slacking. This documentary shows what it takes to be a female athlete, female skateboarders don’t complain, they do!

Female skateboarding through the years!

In May 1965 Patti  McGee was on the cover of LIFE magazine and was the first female pro skateboarders and was sponsored by 'Hobie'. Peggy Oki the female member of Z-boys shedding it with the guys in 1970s. In 1989 Cara Burnside was photographed in Thrasher Magazine wearing pink and rocking a ponytail. All these pioneers of skateboarding and yet there is still a lack of funding in female skateboarding. In 2011 X-games cancelled its female vert competition, for most female skateboarders pro and amateur the competition is were where they have the opportunity to get money. 

Meet the team 

The Director/Producer 

Hi My name is Marianne Bowser I'm a skateboard nerd and documentary filmmaker.
Documentaries are an entertaining way of capturing an audience attention to a subject that you need to expose. Skateboarding is a sport that... and while it does provide some great opportunities for women there isn't enough funding compared to the male skateboarders.
As female skateboarders we don't complain we do! Some like Kellesse set up companies to represent themselves. Others like Nefarious skate crew travel to places like Palestine to make sure there is always a place for girls to skate.
This documentary shows who female skateboarders are through real stories.

The Associate Producers


Izzy Peters 

I am excited to be a part of this film as we follow the inspirational stories of young women making a name for themselves, in a usually male dominant industry. This documentary gives an insight into an otherwise overlooked area of the skating community. I am personally interested in showing the strength, creativity and enterprising skills of the young women currently featuring in the U.K skating industry.

Linda Dorigo

Im excited to be apart of this documentary and its main purpose is to showcase young female skateboarders. Being a part of this film means being a supporter and a cheerleader to young girls that want to follow their dreams, no matter how hard the competition or struggle. Being a woman in the skateboarding “world” means being discriminated against and overshadowed by men, something that happens in most sports and fields. In the 21st century, it is not only important, but it is crucial that women are equal to men, and that their commitment and presence is as credited as theirs. A woman’s first supporter should be other women, and I am proud to say that with this documentary, we are not only giving support to young women all over the world but we can strive to give more power to the female voice.

The Cinematographer 


Hi I'm Charlotte Hewitt the cinematographer. I currently study documentary cinematography at the Arts University Bournemouth and have worked on multiple student documentaries and fiction films in the camera department. I am really excited to work on the project because there are so many amazing female skateboarders who just don't get enough appreciation. It will hopefully encourage girls to skate and allow people to see some brilliant and passionate female skateboarders!

The Editor

Leia Sinha

I’m excited to work on the film for a lot of reasons - it’s dynamic, topical and bold. Kellesse is inspirational, she's not your average nine year old its going to be exiting to see her journey. It’s also a field I want to expand my knowledge on; I’m looking forward to learning more as I go.

The sound recordist

Amanda Chinembiri

I am looking forward to working on this documentary film as I feel this documentary will make an impact on the way female skaters are looked at in that industry. I love the fact that the film will give the girls a voice and a chance to show the world how capable they are. I feel that the documentary will also encourage young girls to achieve their dreams no matter what the world tells them which very inspiring.

The Sound Designer 

Rebecca Alvaro

I am excited to be a part of a documentary about a young girl that is pushing boundaries in a "world" dominated by the opposite gender. I feel inspired by her determination and passion for what she does and I think she represents today's women despite her young age.


"I asked Kellesse if she wanted to try skateboarding, she said yes as long as she could do it in a tutu."- Trinity, Kellesse's Mum.

My Company Like A Girl® is a self-development and empowerment company for woman and girls. We run workshops and activities to support women and girls to love being themselves, through online courses, projects or sporting activities. I think that it very important to raise the profile and awareness of female athletes worldwide, so that generations of girls to come are inspired to do the things that they want to do, to try different sports, to go on adventures and love life.


The documentary will be film across London and we are a Bournemouth based crew. Most of our budget is going towards transport and we still need money for the technical side of filming to capture the soul of the documentary.


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