North Norfolk: Getting to Win

by Steffan Aquarone in North Walsham, Norfolk, United Kingdom

We did it
On 6th June 2024 we successfully raised £15,220 with 132 supporters in 14 days

I'm Steff and I'm standing to be the next Liberal Democrat MP for North Norfolk.

by Steffan Aquarone in North Walsham, Norfolk, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

With the extra money, we'll be able to put out a leaflet via Royal Mail to the entire constituency, at a time when our deliverers will likely be feeling incredibly tired!

• Six years ago I pivoted my career from technology into politics

• I was frustrated by the absence of real-world experience in Westminster, the vested interests, and the lack of imagination for how to shape our society for the better

• Last year over 100 people generously donated to help my campaign get off to a flying start

• Now the General Election has been called, we need your help again, to fund our programme of literature, our social media campaign, and to get to win here in North Norfolk

Why do we think this is possible?

• North Norfolk had a much-loved Lib Dem MP, Sir Norman Lamb, for nearly 20 years until 2019

• Norman is my political mentor, and has been my friend since before I started in politics

• A local Tory councillor won the seat in 2019 on the back of Brexit, but he’s since followed the party line in every vote: allowing sewerage to continue to be dumped into the sea, telling us to "trust Truss", and voting the way his party tells him - without exception


What do we need to do?

There is a clear path to winning.  But to get over the line, we need to communicate a lot with voters, explain that the choice is between us and the Conservatives (as polls this year have put us neck and neck), and campaign on the issues that matter to people - including and especially health care, the cost of living and local issues like sewerage in the sea.


We were already speaking to over 2,000 voters and delivering leaflets and direct mail to doors every month.  Now we need to close the gap in our funds, and make sure we can resource the intensity of the next six weeks.

Please, if you feel moved, consider chipping in and helping.


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Signed posterboard panel

Named, posterboard panels are about to be put up on stakeboards in gardens North Norfolk - and I will personally sign and send you one after the election!

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North Norfolk's Blue Brick

I won this at auction back when Ed Davey knocked down the "blue wall" - and this is a signed, original blue brick as seen on TV.

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