North Ayrshire Labour - keep North Ayrshire red!

by Cunninghame South CLP in Irvine, North Ayrshire Council, United Kingdom

North Ayrshire Labour - keep North Ayrshire red!
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On 19th April 2022 we successfully raised £1,285 with 36 supporters in 69 days

North Ayrshire's Labour Council is pursuing one of the most ambitious and radical political programmes in the UK - help us keep NA red

by Cunninghame South CLP in Irvine, North Ayrshire Council, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Every penny raised will be spent on the campaign to keep North Ayrshire Council under Labour control

North Ayrshire's Labour council has pursued a radical, visionary policy agenda that is not only delivering for the people and communities of North Ayrshire but has influenced national policy. We were:

North Ayrshire Labour has the most ambitious council house building programme in the country - building 1625 new council houses across every part of North Ayrshire. We are upgrading every sheltered housing complex in the area and retrofitting over 6000 existing council houses with solar panels (reducing our housing stocks C02 emissions by over 6000 tonnes per year and cutting tenants energy bills by an average of £117 per year).

The Labour Council is transforming our two former landfill sites into council-owned solar farms - generating almost two-thirds of the Councils energy needs, cutting our carbon emissions by 850 tonnes per year and provide a financial return of £25million to be reinvested in North Ayrshire.

Our Community Wealth Building strategy seeks to use every resource at our disposal - finances, physical assets, and people—to repurpose the local economy so that it works for local people and protects the environment. It supports democratic ownership of the economy through co-operatives and worker owned businesses, the divestment of our public pension fund, the creation of a mutually owned community bank, recruitment policies that are targetted to groups who struggle in the labour market such as single parents and those with disabilities, and the use of publicly owned for the common good.

We are placing power in the hands of local people. We are the only Scottish Council not only meeting but exceeding the target to distribute 1% of the Council's budget through Participatory budgeting. And, our £6million Community Investment Fund has devolved funds to communities, supporting community-led projects that are regenerating towns and allowing the community to take ownership of local assets and bring them back into productive use for the community.

Every year our Labour Council pays its staff the new Living Wage rate five months early and we have been insourcing contracts, including social care contracts, improving the pay and terms and conditions of some of the lowest paid public service workers.

The movement for a Right to Food is growing and in North Ayrshire we have been putting it into practice. We have been tackling ‘holiday hunger’ for years with a holiday meal club “Wrap, Run and Fun”. During the first Covid lockdown we distributed over 1.5million meals to local families - meals packed with fresh fruit, veg and meat. Our holiday meal provision during the pandemic has been £4 per day per child - the highest spend per child in Scotland. And we have launched a network of food larders and pantry's across North Ayrshire as part of our Fairer Food strategy - each one offering residents access to low cost food.

There is hope for a better future being shown in the policies that we are delivering in North Ayrshire and it’s time for Unity and Solidarity from socialists across the UK to return Scotland's Socialist Council. Whatever you can do - whether it be phonebanking; visiting North Ayrshire to campaign or donating a few pounds to the cause - we would appreciate your support.

Donations to a political party are regulated by the Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act 2000. By making a donation to this campaign, you are accepting the following terms and conditions:

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Promoted by Christopher Rimicans on behalf of Cunninghame South CLP, both at Nelson Mandela Cottages, 17 Townhead, Irvine, KA12 0BL

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