£11,000?! Here's What Scotland Matters Could Do.

by Scotland Matters Crowdfunder in Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, United Kingdom

£11,000?! Here's What Scotland Matters Could Do.

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Here's how Scotland Matters could spend £11k: 350k leaflets,15 advan days, 10 billboards for a week. DONATE TODAY TO MAKE THE SNP GO AWAY!

by Scotland Matters Crowdfunder in Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

More of everything. More billboards. More YouTube videos. More campaigning!!  It would also allow us to do more forward planning for the election next year.

The SNP are not working. They have damaged our economy, bogged businesses down, let our urban centres go to ruin and have presided over a rampant drug culture. We are all poorer and less secure than we were 15 years ago. You don't need to take our word for it; just look outside.

We can't just ignore the consequences and watch our nation decline. And Scotland Matters hasn't. 

With your help, we can finally get rid of them!

Donate to the campaign to highlight the many failures of the SNP and reclaim the Scotland we knew. 

We are the most persistently active pro-UK group operating in Scotland. 

We have reached over 900,000 people since 2019, through our website, newsletters, and YouTube channel.

We have been active during the Holyrood 2021 election, COP26, and the local elections last year. 

We work in conjunction with other affiliated groups, including UKunionVoice and the Glasgow Cabbie

With a general election next year, we have a chance to send a clear message to the SNP. 

Please help us do this by donating to our Crowdfunder. 

NB: Donations of £500 or less are not considered as reportable political donations under the Electoral Rules and donors' identities are not reported or published. 

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