No Safety, No Work! Campaign

by No Safety No Work in United Kingdom

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Our aim is to support those who are fighting back against unsafe work environments due to Covid 19 by providing resources and solidarity.

by No Safety No Work in United Kingdom

No Safety, No Work campaign is a joint effort of a number of organisations and groups. This is a campaign to be led by workers trying to keep themselves and others safe at work in the time of Covid 19. We know that the working class cannot rely on employers or the government to keep us safe.

Tens of thousands of people have died in this pandemic, and additionally many die in the work place every year. None of these deaths were inevitable but were the results of the greed of the bosses and the rulers of our society. As more and more people are returning to work, the government has not passed a single law guaranteeing workers safety but has issued guidance to employers. This is not enough to keep us safe.

The money raised will be to produce material for the campaign such as stickers, leaflets and posters as well as resources to support workers who are defending themselves against unsafe work. 

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